The Walking Dead 10: What We Become

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Comic Info

Comic Name:  The Walking Dead

Publisher:  Image

Writer:  Robert Kirkman

Artist:  Charlie Adlard

# of Issues:  6

Release Date:  2008


The Walking Dead #56

Reprints The Walking Dead #55-60 (November 2008-April 2009).  Rick and Carl are back with the group…but Rick is still having problems coping with the death of Lori.  With midnight “calls” on a phone, Rick is haunted by the death and finds himself questioning his sanity.  As Rick begins to crack, he’s challenged by another survivor named Abraham whose own past may force him to kill.  Maggie too is trying to cope with the death of her family and it forces her to make a drastic decision.  When Rick, Carl, and Abraham go on a trip back to Rick’s hometown for supplies, Rick might cross a line that he can never come back from.

Written by Robert Kirkman and illustrated by Charlie Adlard, The Walking Dead Volume 10:  What We Become continues the popular series which launched the hit AMC show.  Following the events of The Walking Dead Volume 9:  Here We Remain, The Walking Dead 10:  What We Become collects the next six issues of the series but this volume has also been collected in other bigger collections like The Walking Dead Book 5.

The Walking Dead continues to morph and change as the series progresses.  What once was “Rick’s book” is quickly becoming an ensemble cast book.  Here, Carl and Abraham feel almost like the leads since Rick is borderline insane.  I do like that The Walking Dead keeps morphing and changing and that is one advantage of having an “unlimited” series in a world filled with zombies…what happens after the invasion?


The Walking Dead #58

Though I like The Walking Dead, I’m finding it more and more depressing.  I’m all for down-on-your-luck people, but The Walking Dead doesn’t let up.  I feel like there have been some “good” moments in The Walking Dead to temper all the horrible stuff that happens, but it has been few and far between in recent collections.  Here we see everyone hating on Rick, Carl revealing a dark side (after almost being raped), and one of the earlier characters Morgan return…only to reveal his son is a zombie.  I need something good to happen to these people soon.

I also still cannot imagine reading this as an individual issue series.  If you look back issue to issue, not much happens in The Walking Dead.  There will be big issues but as an individual issue series, I wouldn’t be able to keep reading.  The collections are definitely the way to go if you want to feel a complete story.

The Walking Dead Volume 10:  What We Become still demonstrates the strength of the series.  It also shows how different the TV series and the comic have evolved, and how both can be enjoyed by fans.  It almost is worth reading the comic to provide more surprise to the series (almost nothing is the same other than basic set-ups).  If you only watched the show, start the comic from the beginning and keep reading!  It is worth it.  The Walking Dead Volume 10:   What We Become is followed by The Walking Dead Volume 11:  Fear the Hunters.

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