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Welcome to Oz

The survivors are tired of running.  When they discover an abandoned prison, it appears that will not have to run anymore.  Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) find the baby rapidly approaching and raising a child as the dead walk the earth will be a challenge if the baby even survives.  Meanwhile, Andrea (Laurie Holden) and the mysterious sword wielding Michonne (Danai Gurira) have spent the winter on the run, and Andrea’s about to have a reunion with Merle (Michael Rooker).  Merle is part of a group living in the town of Woodbury run by a man called the Governor (David Morrissey).  The Governor and the people of Woodbury learn that someone is inhabiting the nearby prison…and they aren’t happy about it.


Rick’s not having the best of years…

The Walking Dead—Season 3 aired from October 14, 2012 to March 31, 2013 on AMC.  The series continues to set records and was paired with The Talking Dead which aired after the each show to discuss the shows events.  A webisode called “Cold Storage” was released before season 3 aired.

The Walking Dead continues to impress.  After a rather slow paced season 2 (the farm killed many’s will to live), the third season did pick up the pace.  With the appearance of comic book favorites Michonne and the Governor, the series did add some depth to the dwindling cast.

I have read a good chunk of The Walking Dead comic book, and I’m constantly amazed by how the show can change the story of the comic so much, but still manage to stick to it.  Characters like Daryl and Merle didn’t exist…but feel perfectly at ease in stories that are part of the comic book world.


I took “Pose Striking 101” in college!

Fortunately, the show toned down the comic book feel of the Governor who I feel never really fit (and still to some extent doesn’t).  I liked Morrissey in his appearance in Doctor Who:  The Next Doctor who it is good to see him in a genre show again.  Michonne also feels too much like a comic book character in a real world show.  Despite this, both characters add some excitement to the story and are portrayed well.

*****Spoiler Alert***** The season had a lot of deaths, but also like the story, the show switches it up.  The biggest surprise death has to be Lori who dies during childbirth.  Lori’s end is tragic, but her ending in the comic was even more horrific (she and the baby are killed in the Governor’s raid of the prison).  The second surprise is Andrea whose death ends the season.  With all the death and destruction, I found this death a little anticlimactic.

The Walking Dead—Season 3 keeps the story moving.  I enjoy the show, but don’t have the rabid love that many have for it.  It is a tense and sometimes scary show, but I think the characters logic base often fails and contradicts itself in ways that aren’t in line with how they are portrayed.

The Walking Dead—Season 3 Complete Episode Guide:



3.1       Seed Airdate:  10/14/12

After a winter on the run, the survivors find themselves low on food and exhausted.  When Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Daryl (Norman Reedus) discover a fortified prison, it could be the salvation they are seeking.  Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) finds herself getting closer to birth and reveals her fears of what could happen to Hershel (Scott Wilson).  As the survivors work to reclaim the prison from the zombies inside, a new threat could be unexpected.  Plus, Andrea (Laurie Holden) is tended to by Michonne (Danai Gurira), but they both find time is running out as the zombie horde gets closer and closer.



3.2       Sick Airdate:  10/21/12

Hershel is bitten which forced Rick to perform an impromptu amputation of his leg, and now he’s fighting for his life.  Rick, Daryl, and T-Dog (IronE Singleton) deal with the new threat of the inmates found in the jail and reach a compromise…but if the inmates can be trusted is yet to be seen.  Lori continues to struggle with Carl (Chandler Riggs), and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) questions if she can say goodbye to her father.  With the danger of Hershel dying, Carol (Melissa McBride) realizes that she might have to perform a delivery on her own…and has a different approach on how to prepare for it.


“Walk with Me”

3.3       Walk with Me Airdate:  10/28/12

A military helicopter crash attracts the attention of Adrian and Michonne and leads Adrian to an unpleasant reunion with Daryl’s brother Merl (Michael Rooker).  Taken to a protected city called Woodsbury, Michonne and Adrian find a world that is too good to be true.  A man called the Governor (David Morrissey) reveals that he is in charge of Woodbury and that he’ll search for the other missing soldiers…but Michonne begins to suspect that the Governor’s actions might not be entirely altruistic.


“Killer Within”

3.4       Killer Within Airdate:  11/04/12

Rick and the other survivors must decide what to do with Axel (Lew Temple) and Oscar (Vincent Ward) as living in their cellblock begins to become unbearable.  When the zombies of the jail are freed under mysterious circumstances, the survivors find themselves scattered within the jail and hunted by the undead.  Bitten, T-Dog sets out to protect Carol while Carl, Maggie, and Lori find themselves forced to deliver Lori’s baby.  With Rick trying to get the prison under control, the source of the attack is revealed and tragedy follows.  Meanwhile, Michonne and Andrea find themselves at odds over the situation at Woodbury, and Michonne questions their future together.


“Say the Word”

3.5       Say the Word Airdate:  11/11/12

Michonne discovers secrets about Woodbury and the Governor which leads her to set out on her own.  Rick struggles to cope with Laurie’s death by reentering the zombie infested prison as Maggie and Daryl make a desperate attempt to find food for the new baby.  Andrea is invited to the Woodbury festivities and uncovers what the people of Woodbury do for fun.



3.6       Hounded Airdate:  11/18/12

Michonne finds herself pursued by Merl and his men and learns leaving Woodbury might be more difficult than she believed.  Andrea questions her commitment to Woodbury after discovering the fights but grows closer to the Governor.  Rick receives mysterious phone calls in the prison from someone who seems to know who he is.  A trip to get supplies leads to an accidental run in with Merle for Maggie and Glenn (Steven Yeun), and a change of fortune for Michonne.  Daryl makes a discovery in the prison.


“When the Dead Come Knocking”

3.7       When the Dead Come Knocking Airdate:  11/25/12

Daryl reveals that Carol has survived, and Carol learns Lori’s fate.  Merl tortures Glenn for information on the survivors’ camp while the Governor takes a different approach with Maggie.  Andrea finds herself teamed with Woodbury’s doctor Milton (Dallas Roberts) in an attempt to see if the dead retain any of their knowledge.  Michonne comes to the prison with word of Maggie and Glenn’s capture and Michonne, Rick, Daryl, and Oscar (Vincent Ward) lead an expedition to Woodbury to rescue them.


“Made to Suffer”

3.8       Made to Suffer Airdate:  12/02/12

Back at the prison, Carl finds himself in charge and discovers survivors led by Tyreese (Chad Coleman) and his sister Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) have found their way into the prison.  Rick, Daryl, Oscar, and Michonne raid Woodbury in their attempt to find Glenn and Maggie and run into trouble when Glenn and Maggie plot their own escape.  Michonne sets out on her own in Woodbury for revenge against the Governor and uncovers the Governor’s daughter Penny.  Daryl’s attempt to locate his brother Merle leads to danger for both of them as Woodbury prepares for war.


“The Suicide Kings”

3.9       The Suicide King Airdate:  02/10/13

Daryl and Merle are pitted against each other in Woodbury which leads to a drastic rescue mission and an ultimatum to Daryl from Rick.  Andrea tries to keep the Governor sane as Woodbury begins to panic from the attacks.  Glenn and Maggie try to deal with their encounter in Woodbury, and Glenn finds he can’t talk to Maggie.  As the group returns to the prison, Rick finds he now has to make a decision about Tyreese and his group as he begins to see visions of Lori again.



3.10     Home Airdate:  02/17/13

Rick finds himself cracking up as seem to see Lori everywhere.  As Daryl and Merle argue about their next course of action, the Governor secretly plots behind Andrea’s back to get revenge against the survivors at the prison.  Glenn finds himself as the leader of the group but struggles to maintain balance as the Governor makes his assault…and not everyone will survive.


“I Ain’t No Judas”

3.11     I Ain’t a Judas Airdate:  02/24/13

The survivors find themselves with a problem in Merle’s joining of the group and question if he can be trusted.  Andrea learns about the attack at the prison and decides she has to try to meet with Rick and the others before the war between the prison and Woodbury escalates.  Turning her allegiance to Milton, Andrea plots to sneak away but doesn’t know where Milton’s loyalties truly lie.  The survivors at the prison cope with the aftermath of the attack and Axel’s death while debating if they should run or fight.  After a chance encounter in the woods with Milton and Andrea, Tyreese, Sasha, and their group could lead to trouble for Rick’s survivors.



3.12     Clear Airdate:  03/03/13

Rick and the survivors prepare for the worst from Woodbury, and Rick sets out for supplies with Carl and Michonne.  Travelling to his home town, Rick has an unexpected surprise when he encounters Morgan Jones (Lennie James), the man who saved his life.  Meanwhile, Michonne and Carl set out on a secret mission that Carl tries to do alone.


“Arrow on the Doorpost”

3.13     Arrow on the Doorpost Airdate:  03/10/13

A meeting between the Governor and Rick has been called by Andrea.  A neutral location is picked as the two groups try to iron out a truce between the prison and Woodbury.  Back at the prison, Merle finds himself at odds with the other survivors on his insistence of a preemptive strike.  With the Governor’s demand of Michonne, it could mean that the survivors are going to war.



3.14     Prey Airdate:  03/17/13

Andrea learns of the Governor’s plans for Michonne and her friends and sets out on a desperate attempt to warn them of the danger.  Andrea’s leaving puts Tyreese and Sasha at odds with the Governor, but the Governor learns he might have also lost Milton as an ally.  Andrea’s attempts to reach the prison could be in jeopardy when the Governor himself sets off after her.


“This Sorrowful Life”

3.15     This Sorrowful Life Airdate:  03/24/13

Rick debates the Governor’s offer and considers turning Michonne in.  With Rick unable to make a decision, Merle takes matters into his own hands and strikes out to finish the deal with Michonne as his prisoner.  Plus, Glenn makes a big decision about his relationship with Maggie.


“Welcome to the Tombs”

3.16     Welcome to the Tombs Airdate:  03/31/13

The Governor makes his move on the prison but doesn’t know that he’s walking into a trap by Rick and the other survivors.  Carl is faced to make a big decision when faced with a boy from Woodbury.  When the raid fails, the Governor takes matters into his own hands.  Andrea finds herself bound and trapped in a room with a dying Milton.  Rick and the survivors must decide what is to be done with Woodbury and set out to rescue Andrea.

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