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The characters some times seem to be written out of character, slower paced than previous season


Seems like everyone wants a piece of the Walking Dead!

Things are getting worse for the survivors.  Trapped by a swarm of walkers, Sophia (Madison Lintz) runs off into the woods with Rick (Andrew Lincoln) going after her. The search for Sophia leads to a near death experience for Carl (Chandler Riggs) and the discovery of the farm of Hershel Greene (Scott Wilson).  With an uneasy alliance with the Greenes, the relationship between Rick and Shane (Jon Bernthal) continues to decline as Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) learns she is pregnant.  With the danger of the walkers growing, the farm might be the safest place to be…but the discovery of a potential rival group of survivors causes the group to make decisions that will change them forever.

The Walking Dead—Season 2 aired from October 16, 2011 to March 18, 2012 and drew record crowds to AMC and cable.  The season received three Emmy nominations for Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup, Outstanding Special Visual Effects, and Outstanding Sound Editing.


Hey Dumb Carl…do you really think this is going to turn out well?

Adapting Robert Kirkman’s comic book is a tricky one since there are two ways of doing it…a straight forward adaptation where everyone knows what’s going to happen or changing the characters that potentially pisses off fanboys which make up a good portion of the show’s following.  Smartly, the series does both.  The basic plotlines are there from The Walking Dead comic, but they are skewered in ways that make the show original and shocking.

*****Spoiler Alert***** This season, the series broke one of the classic horror movie clichés by doing the unthinkable and killing Sophia.  In the comic, her character isn’t killed.  The events from the first season also leave Shane alive at Hershel’s farm…something that didn’t happened either.  Other little aspects include Michonne showing up earlier in the story and the lack of Tyrese and his group of survivors while developing Daryl who never was a character in the comic.  The biggest change however had to be the killing of Dale which really changed the whole make-up of what can occur in the future (I also kind of wonder if Dale’s death had to do with Frank Darabont’s departure since he and Jeff DeMunn were frequent collaborators).


If you’re going to keep a zombie as a pet you have to promise to walk it.

The look and style of The Walking Dead continues to grow as well.  This season’s zombies look even better probably due to more money flowing into the project.  It is nice that the series also left the streets of Atlanta for a more pastoral setting though everyone seems to just go out in the woods over and over again…to death.

There were complaints by some critics that the tension of the first season wasn’t as present this season with a slow start.  I like the slower paced beginning of the series because my favorite aspect of The Walking Dead is day-to-day life, but the events from “Pretty Much Dead Already” on are fun and exciting since they feel like a new direction.


Trust me…you’re not all walking away from this…

The Walking Dead continues to impress and I enjoyed this season more than the previous one.  I had issues with the final episode of The Walking Dead—Season 1, but they are redeemed here.  I do something question the petty arguments that occur in the show when there are much bigger problems for the survivors (the final argument with Rick in the season finale seems a bit forced and an unrealistic turn for some of the characters).  I do look forward to The Walking Dead marching on…or at least lumbering.

The Walking Dead—Season 2 Complete Episode Guide:


“What Lies Ahead”

2.1       What Lies Ahead Airdate:  10/16/11

After the disaster at the Center for Disease Control, the survivors decide to head to Fort Benning.  A breakdown on a highway leads to an encounter with a group of walkers, and Sophia (Madison Lintz) fleeing into the nearby woods.  When Rick (Andrew Lincoln) goes after Sophia, he accidentally loses her while leading away the dead.  Now the group is in a desperate search for Sophia, and Rick feels he is too blame.  Meanwhile, the disagreement between Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) and Shane (Jon Bernthal) has led to Shane deciding to secretly leave the group.  The decision by Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn) to force Andrea (Laurie Holden) to leave the CDC has driven a wedge between them and has Andrea wanting to strike out on her own also.  A tragic event in the forest leads to a new group of survivors.



2.2       Bloodletting Airdate:  10/23/11

Carl (Chandler Riggs) has been accidentally shot by a man named Otis (Pruitt Taylor Vince), and a veterinarian named Hershel Greene (Scott Wilson) and his family work to save his life.  With Rick being the only source for blood, he is unable to leave his bedside as Otis and Shane go for medical supplies.  The survivors debate leaving the road as T-Dog (IronE Singleton) gets worse from his infection, and Carol (Melissa McBride) worries about abandoning Sophia.  Carl continues to worsen when the supply mission suffers a setback.


“Save the Last One”

2.3       Save the Last One Airdate:  10/30/11

Otis and Shane find themselves trapped by walkers at a school as the need for Carl’s surgery increases. Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Andrea set out on patrol for Sophia and debate the merits of living in a world of death.  Carl continues to get worse, and Lori and Rick debate whether he should be saved.  Glenn (Steven Yeun) questions faith and finds a friend in Hershel’s daughter Maggie (Lauren Cohan).  Shane and Otis prepare for a last stand and Shane is forced to make a big decision.


“Cherokee Rose”

2.4       Cherokee Rose Airdate:  11/06/11

Shane deals with killing Otis to save himself as the survivors try to settle in to living on Hershel’s farm.  As Shane, Rick, T-Dog, and Carl recover from their injuries, Daryl continues the search for Sophia.  A discovery in Hershel’s well leads to a close call for Glenn, but a trip into town with Maggie provides a bigger surprise.  A secret pick-up for Lori reveals a secret that she’s been dreading.



2.5       Chupacabra Airdate:  11/13/11

Daryl’s search for Sophia takes a deadly twist when he is injured and faced with visions of his brother Merle (Michael Rooker).  Hershel finds the lines between the people at the farm, and Rick’s survivors is blurring and demands that Rick keep better track of his people.  Lori continues to hide her pregnancy from Rick and questions what to do.  Glenn and Maggie continue their secret romance, but it leads to a discovery inside Hershel’s barn.



2.6       Secrets Airdate:  11/20/11

Daryl’s discovery leads to new hope for Sophia in a nearby subdivision, and Shane and Andrea search as Andrea tries to get her improving gun skills down.  Glenn reveals to Dale about the zombies in Hershel’s barn and Lori’s pregnancy.  Lori’s decision to abort the baby leads to another dangerous trip to town for Glenn and Maggie, and Maggie tells Glenn what she thinks of how he’s treated.  Dale confronts Shane about his growing relationship with Andrea, the events of Otis’ death, and questions if he’d kill Rick.  Rick learns of Lori’s pregnancy as she debates aborting the baby, and Lori reveals the truth about her and Shane.


“Pretty Much Dead Already”

2.7       Pretty Much Dead Already Airdate:  11/27/11

Glenn tells the survivors about the walkers in the barn, and a rift is created between Rick and Shane over what should be done with the others choosing sides.  Dale decides Shane is too unstable and tries to hide the weapons from him which leads to a confrontation.  Daryl tries to convince Carol to not give up on Sophia and that she has to keep the hope alive.  Rick tries to speak to Hershel about staying and reveals to Hershel that Lori is pregnant.  Hershel has Rick help him wrangle new walkers and a final confrontation at the barn reveals the shocking truth.



2.8       Nebraska Airdate:  02/12/12

The group tries to deal with the death of Sophia and Hershel copes with the death of his family.  Dale warns Lori about his fears of Shane and what he thinks Shane did to Otis.  Hershel returns to drinking, and Rick and Glenn are forced to head to town to retrieve him when one of Hershel’s children collapses.  When Lori goes after Rick and Glenn, an accident occurs.  Rick and Hershel debate their life philosophies but Glenn, Rick, and Hershel find themselves in danger when they meet another pair of survivors.



2.9       Triggerfinger Airdate:  02/19/12

Forced to kill the rival survivors, Rick, Glenn, and Hershel discover they’ve been trapped by their friends.  When walkers come, Rick is left with a difficult decision to abandon to take an injured young man named Randall (Michael Zegen) with him.  Lori survives her accident and faces zombies, but is tricked back to the farm by Shane who lies about Rick returning.  Carl learns his mother is pregnant, and Lori learns Shane thinks the baby is his.  Glenn worries over his new relationship with Maggie, and how it could hurt the group.  When Rick, Glenn, and Hershel return, Lori tells Rick that Shane is a danger to him.


“18 Miles Out”

2.10     18 Miles Out Airdate:  02/26/12

Shane and Rick finally have it out about events among the survivors and Shane’s involvement with Lori.  Plans to release Randall away from the farm get complicated when Randall reveals he knows Maggie and her family, and Rick finds himself in a standstill with Shane about what to do.  At the farm, Hershel’s daughter Beth (Emily Kinney) contemplates suicide and Maggie, Lori, and Andrea all give their perspective.


“Judge, Jury, Executioner”

2.11     Judge, Jury, Executioner Airdate:  03/04/12

The survivors learn that Randall’s people are armed and dangerous and decide he must be killed.  The idea of being judge, jury, and execution is on everyone’s minds, and Dale argues that the society can’t continue if the survivors turn on each other.  With Randall’s fate in his hands, Dale sets out to convince the others that they cannot allow the death.  Shane finds himself excluded from the adult decision making and makes a discovery at the river that could change everything for the group.


“Better Angels”

2.12     Better Angels Airdate:  03/11/12

With Dale’s death, Rick and the survivors vow to honor him by sticking to their code of honor and “fixing” the group.  Carl finds himself guilty over the walker that killed Dale and vows to stay away from guns.  Lori tries to make peace with Shane and admits that she doesn’t know who the father of her child is.  As Rick helps organize the effort to fortify the farm, Shane decides to take matters into his own hands involving Randall and kills him.  With Randall dead, Shane sets up that he has escaped and the search for Randall begins.  Glenn and Daryl find Randall and make a shocking discovery about the walkers.  As Rick and Shane search the woods, Shane has other plans for Rick.


“Beside the Dying Fire”

2.13     Beside the Dying Fire Airdate:  03/18/12

Rick and Carl find a plague of walkers have been attracted to Carl’s shooting of Shane and the zombies move in on the farm.  As the walkers overrun the farm, Patricia (Jane McNeil) and Jimmy (James Allen McCune) are killed and the rest of the survivors are scattered as they are forced to flee.  Andrea is accidentally left behind and pursued by walkers into the woods.  Meeting at the highway, the survivors begin to question Rick’s leadership and search for a safe haven when Rick reveals that he learned at the CDC that everyone who dies becomes a walker.  Andrea finds herself low on bullets and is saved by a mysterious sword wielding cloaked woman travelling with zombies.  Rick’s trust is further challenged when he tells how he was forced to kill Shane and his obsession to find a safe haven, but the survivors don’t realize safety could be closer than they thought.

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