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Welcome to a dimension filled with goofy aliens

You’ve entered another dimension of space and time and a world that is like our world, yet different.  It is a world where ventriloquist dolls can come alive, little boys can be the world’s biggest danger, robots can replace grandmothers, and loyalty to dog might be all that stands between a man and the gates to Hell.  You’ve crossed over into the Twilight Zone!

The Twilight Zone—Season 3 aired on CBS on Friday nights from September 15, 1961 to June 1, 1962.  The series continued to garner praise from critics and the series won a Primetime Emmy in 1961 for Outstanding Writing Achievement in Drama and Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography.


Hell is being trapped with a clown for eternity…

The Twilight Zone is my favorite television series and brings back good memories of holiday weekends where marathons would often stretch from morning to night.  In a time before videos and TV on video, these marathons were often the only way to see The Twilight Zone in big bulks…which led to primarily the “big” episodes being played.  What is so good about The Twilight Zone is that even the smaller episodes that “fail” still are better than a lot of the shows that were on at the time.

The stories for this season are strong.  Rod Serling had cut back on his writing at this point, but the show still boasts some great episodes.  A lot of the episodes played on fears of Communism, nuclear war, and fallout from World War II and it is always the sign of a good science-fiction story to be relevant when it is being made.  Stories like “It’s a Good Life”, “Five Characters in Search of an Exit”, “To Serve Man”, “Little Girl Lost”, “The Little People”, “The Dummy”, and “I Sing the Body Electric” soar while some like “The Gift”, “The Changing of the Guard”, “Piano in the House”, or comedy ventures like “Showdown with Rance McGrew” seem to fizzle…but still are interesting.  Episode #101 “Cavender Is Coming” with Jesse White and Carol Burnett was made as a backdoor pilot for a Cavender series (which never happened).


Who is the dummy?

The cast of the series is a who’s who of actors.  Serling always seemed to go back to favorites like Jack Klugman and others, but the series featured appearances by Robert Redford, Buster Keaton, Cloris Leachman, Charles Bronson, Elizabeth Montgomery, Jonathan Winters, Cliff Robertson, and Donald Pleasance among others…it is kind of a game to see what actors you recognize each episode.

Visually, The Twilight Zone was also always an experimental show.  The series pushed the boundaries of TV at the time and it did it on a budget.  The show was sometimes very visual (like in “Little Girl Lost”), but often, the series made best out of what it had…something like “The Dummy” was able to be creepy with just a puppet.


Beware of the dreaded harmonica!!!

The Twilight Zone was an institution growing up.  It was the show that seemed to fill empty slots on TV station’s playlist and therefor you saw The Twilight Zone a lot…and that was a good thing.  The series has held up though the twists are predictable and the show often doesn’t surprise like it intends to.  “Kick the Can”, “A Quality of Mercy”, and “It’s a Good Life” were featured in Twilight Zone:  The Movie in 1983, and “It’s a Good Life” featured a sequel episode in The Twilight Zone relaunch in 2002 with most of the cast returning for “It’s Still a Good Life”.  If you’ve never seen The Twilight Zone, you must and if you only visited it once or twice, you have to enter the fifth dimension again.

The Twilight Zone—Season 3 Complete Episode Guide:



3.1       Two (Episode #66) Airdate:  03/15/61

In a warring world, few have survived the battle.  A man (Charles Bronson) has discovered a woman (Elizabeth Montgomery) is the only other living being in a vast city…but unfortunately the two are on other sides of the battle.

"The Arrival"

“The Arrival”

3.2       The Arrival (Episode #67) Airdate:  09/22/61

A plane lands with no crew or passengers, and Grant Sheckly (Harold J. Stone) is out to find out how.


“The Shelter”

3.3       The Shelter (Episode #68) Airdate:  09/29/61

Nuclear war is imminent and Bill Stockton (Larry Gates), Grace (Peggy Stewart), and their son Paul (Michael Burns) have prepared.  When an alert goes out that the bombs are coming, a fight for Bill’s fallout shelter could show the true darkness in Bill’s family and friends.


“The Passerby”

3.4       The Passerby (Episode #69) Airdate:  10/06/61

The Civil War has ended and the soldiers of the South are headed home.  Stopping at a house, a Confederate sergeant (James Gregory) finds shelter with a woman named Lavinia Godwin (Joanne Linville) who lost her husband in battle…but the road and soldiers passing by might not be as they suspect.


“A Game of Pool”

3.5       A Game of Pool (Episode #70) Airdate:  10/13/61

Jesse Cardiff (Jack Klugman) dreams of being the best pool player but knows he can never attain the title because the legendary Fats Brown (Jonathan Winters) has already died.  When he is faced by Fats Brown, Jesse is given the chance to play Fats for his life…and it could mean immortality.


“The Mirror”

3.6       The Mirror (Episode #71) Airdate:  10/20/61

Ramos Clemente (Peter Falk) and his allies have overthrown what they believe is a corrupt government.  The former dictator De Cruz (Will Kuluva) tells Clemente that he has a cursed mirror that will show a person’s assassins, Clemente begins to question those around him.


“The Grave”

3.7       The Grave (Episode #72) Airdate:  10/27/61

The man Conny Miller (Lee Marvin) has chased for years is dead, but everyone in town still questions if Conny was afraid of him.  A challenge to go to the dead man’s grave to prove his courage could prove to be Conny’s undoing.


“It’s a Good Life”

3.8       It’s a Good Life (Episode #73) Airdate:  11/03/61

The town of Peaksville, Ohio might be the last city on Earth.  In the city lives a monster in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fremont (John Larch and Cloris Leachman) and the monster controls the city…but this monster is their young son Anthony (Bill Mumy).


“Deaths-Head Revisited”

3.9       Deaths-Head Revisited (Episode #74) Airdate:  11/10/61

A  Nazi torturer named Captain Lutz (Oscar Beregi, Jr.) has returned to the Dachau concentration camp to relive his glorious past.  When he finds himself haunted by Becker (Joseph Schildkraut) and the ghosts of the Jews he killed, the War returns to life.


“The Midnight Sun”

3.10     The Midnight Sun (Episode #75) Airdate:  11/17/61

The Earth has dripped out of its orbit and is getting closer to the sun.  A painter named Norma (Lois Nettleton) is trying to keep cool as the cities become ghost towns.  With her neighbor Mrs. Bronson (Betty Garde) fights to stay alive in a world where the sun barely sets.


“Still Valley”

3.11     Still Valley (Episode #76) Airdate:  11/24/61

A Confederate soldier named Sergeant Joseph Paradine (Gary Merrill) discovers a city frozen in time.  When an old man named Teague (Vaugh Taylor) reveals how he did it, Paradine learns he could end the war…but it means being in league with the Devil.


“The Jungle”

3.12     The Jungle (Episode #77) Airdate:  12/01/61

Alan Richards (John Dehner) and his wife Doris (Emily McLaughlin) have returned from Africa after a business trip.  With plans to develop African land, Alan realizes his company could face a curse if they move forward with the project…and he could be the first victim.


“Once Upon a Time”

3.13     Once Upon a Time (Episode #78) Airdate:  12/15/61

Woodrow Mulligan (Buster Keaton) longs to get away from hustle and bustle of Harmony in 1890.  Stealing a time helmet, Woodrow ends up in 1960s Harmony, Woodrow wants home.


“Five Characters in Search of an Exit”

3.14     Five Characters in Search of an Exit (Episode #79) Airdate:  12/22/61

A major (William Windom) wakes up in a place he doesn’t recognize surrounded by a clown (Murray Matheson), a ballerina (Susan Harrison), a bagpiper (Clark Allen) and a tramp (Kelton Garwood)…and no one knows who they are, why they are there, or even where they are.  A desperate attempt to escape will reveal the horrifying truth.


“A Quality of Mercy”

3.15     A Quality of Mercy (Episode #80) Airdate:  12/29/61

A young gung-ho lieutenant Katell (Dean Stockwell) seeks to make a big move on a cave where Japanese are held up during World War II.  When a Sgt. Causarano (Albert Salmi) arrives, Katell finds himself facing off against Causarano about their next move.  When the roles are suddenly reversed, Katell finds himself in his enemies’ shoes.


“Nothing in the Dark”

3.16     Nothing in the Dark (Episode #81) Airdate:  01/05/62

Wanda Dunn (Gladys Cooper) has lived a long life, and she knows Death is coming for her because she’s seen him.  Locking herself away in a dark apartment, Wanda doesn’t go out.  When a young officer named Harold Beldon (Robert Redford) is shot and seeking help, Wanda questions if it is another of Death’s tricks.


“One More Pallbearer”

3.17     One More Pallbearer (Episode #82) Airdate:  01/12/62

An eccentric rich man named Paul Radin (Joseph Wiseman) is out to enact revenge on those he felt wronged him by leading a trick to make them beg him…but a cruel man finds that life and death don’t mean as much as respect for humanity.


“Dead Man’s Shoes”

3.18     Dead Man’s Shoes (Episode #83) Airdate:  01/19/62

Nate Bledsoe (Warren Stevens) finds the shoes of a man killed by the mob.  When he wears the shoes, he finds himself possessed by the former owner and forced to avenge his death.


“The Hunt”

3.19     The Hunt (Episode #84) Airdate:  01/26/62

Hyder Simpson (Arthur Hunnicutt) nd his dog Rip are inseparable.  When Rip goes into the water after a raccoon, Hyder must follow him.  Unfortunately, the consequences are deadly, and Hyder and Rip find themselves wandering the afterlife together.


“Showdown with Rance McGrew”

3.20     Showdown with Rance McGrew (Episode #85) Airdate:  02/02/62

Rance McGrew (Larry Blyden) is the hottest thing on TV.  His sheriff always getting out of scrapes…often at the cost of the famous outlaws of history.  When Rance’s ego gets too big, the real Jesse James (Arch Johnson) decides to come teach him a lesson.


“Kick the Can”

3.21     Kick the Can (Episode #86) Airdate:  02/09/62

Growing old is hard and the people of Sunnyvale Rest Home find the process painful as they remember the energy of their youth.  When Charles Whitley (Ernest Truex) organizes a late night game of kick-the-can, his fellow roommate Ben (Russell Collins) learns that magic can happen.


“A Piano in the House”

3.22     A Piano in the House (Episode #87) Airdate:  02/16/62

A player piano plays music forcing those that hear it to reveal their deepest secrets.  Critic Jerry Fortune (Barry Morse) decides to use this to his advantage to throw a party…but this party might backfire.


“The Last Rites of Jeff Myrtlebank”

3.23     The Last Rites of Jeff Myrtlebank (Episode #88) Airdate:  02/23/62

Jeff Myrtlebank (James Best) has escaped the grave by returning to life at his own funeral.  With the town questioning what brought Jeff back and if he is still even human, Jeff finds he must fight for the girl he loves and to stay in the town he grew up in.


“To Serve Man”

3.24     To Serve Man (Episode #89) Airdate:  03/02/62

When aliens called Kanamits arrive on Earth, it appears that they only want to aid humanity.  With a book that translates as “To Serve Man”, the Kanamits seem to just want to help people, but the Kanamits have a secret.


“The Fugitive”

3.25     The Fugitive (Episode #90) Airdate:  03/09/62

Old Ben (J. Pat O’Malley) is a favorite of all the kids and especially little Jenny (Susan Gordon).  Ol Ben has powers that he hides from everyone else, but Old Ben’s past is about to catch up with him, and Jenny could be caught in the middle.


“Little Girl Lost”

3.26     Little Girl Lost (Episode #91) Airdate:  03/16/62

Chris and Ruth Miller (Robert Sampson and Sarah Marshall) wake up to find that their daughter Tina (Tracy Stratford) is missing…but still somewhere in the house.  A dimensional portal has opened in their house, and Tina has fallen into it.


“Person or Persons Unknown”

3.27     Person or Persons Unknown (Episode #92) Airdate:  03/23/62

Dave Gurney (Richard Long) wakes up to discover that the life he thought he knew never existed.  With doctor’s telling him that he’s delusional, David tries to prove his existence.


“The Little People”

3.28     The Little People (Episode #93) Airdate:  03/30/62

Peter Craig (Joe Maross) and William Fletcher (Claude Akins) have a forced landing on an uninhabited planet…or so the think.  When Peter discovers that microscopic aliens live on the planet, Peter is about to discover what it means to be a god.


“Four O’Clock”

3.29     Four O’Clock (Episode #94) Airdate:  04/06/62

Oliver Crangle (Theodore Bikel) spends his day locked up in his apartment passing judgment on people and blackmailing companies into firing employees.  Crangle has plans for four o’clock as he plots to enact his revenge on the evil of the world.


“Hocus-Pocus and Frisby”

3.30     Hocus-Pocus and Frisby (Episode #95) Airdate:  04/13/62

Frisby (Andy Devine) likes to spin tales to his friends.  When a group of aliens believe his stories, Frisby might have the greatest story ever.


“The Trade Ins”

3.31     The Trade-Ins (Episode #96) Airdate:  04/20/62

Elderly couple John and Marie Holt (Joseph Schildkraut and Alma Platt) have learned eternal life could be theirs…for only $10,000.  With only half of the money, John goes on a desperate quest to save their lives.


“The Gift”

3.32     The Gift (Episode #97) Airdate:  04/27/62

A UFO crashes in a small Mexican town and a creature is on the loose.  When the alien (Geoffrey Horne) is comes to a bar for help, he befriends a young boy named Pedro (Edmund Vargas) who seems to understand him…and the alien is bearing a gift.


“The Dummy”

3.33     The Dummy (Episode #98) Airdate:  05/04/62

Jerry Etherson (Cliff Robertson) believes his ventriloquist doll partner Willie is alive.  With his manager Frank (Frank Sutton) angry that Willie can’t get out of the bottle, Jerry decides to try his new dummy Goofy Goggles…and Willie might not like it.

twilight-zone-season-3-34-young-mans-fancy-episode-99-henrietta and alex walker-helen-brown-ricky-kelman-review-guide-list

“Young Man’s Fancy”

3.34     Young Man’s Fancy (Episode #99) Airdate:  05/11/62

Virginia (Phyllis Thaxter) has finally married her boyfriend Alex (Alex Nicol) but still finds herself competing against his dead mother (Helen Brown) as she tries to convince him to sell his mother’s house.


“I Sing the Body Electric”

3.35     I Sing the Body Electric (Episode #100) Airdate:  05/18/62

Widower Mr. Rogers (David White) is criticized by his mother-in-law (Doris Packer) for how he is raising his three children.  When he learns about Facsimile Ltd., he learns a robot caregiver can be made for them.  Grandma (Josephine Hutchinson) can do anything…but winning the heart of Mr. Roger’s oldest daughter Anne (Veronica Cartwright) might be the biggest challenge of all.


“Cavender Is Coming”

3.36     Cavender Is Coming (Episode #101) Airdate:  05/25/62

Harmon Cavender (Jesse White) is an angel who wants his wings.  Assigned to watch klutzy Agnes Grep (Carol Burnett), Cavender might have his hands full.


“The Changing of the Guard”

3.37     The Changing of the Guard (Episode #102) Airdate:  06/01/62

Work is life to Professor Ellis Fowler (Donald Pleasence).  The teacher of poetry loves working at the prep school where he’s taught for over fifty years.  When he learns he’s going to be forced into retirement, Fowler’s former, deceased students might have to stop him from making a drastic decision.

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