The Transformers—Season 2

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Teams that don't work together well

Poor use of characters

transformers season 2 episode 44 war dawn orion pax ariel optimus prime elita one

To appeal to the younger audience, the hipster Optimus Prime and his girlfriend

Both the Autobots and the Decepticons have set up Earth as their home, and now the battle over the planet (and its energy) continues.  As Megatron continues to stop uprisings from Decepticons like Starscream, Astrotrain, Blitzkrieg, and the Insecticons, Optimus Prime has his own problems with Autobots like the Aerialbots and Dinobots…plus, a trip into the past shows how the war between the Decipticons and Autobots began!

The Transformers—Season 2 ran in syndication from September 9, 1985 to January 9, 1986.  The season was released in a two set collection along with a complete series.  The season also served as a lead in to The Transformers:  The Movie which was released August 8, 1986.

transformers season 2 episode 46 kremzeek

Who doesn’t love Kremzeek and his wacky screaming?

The Transformers was an after school institution.  Along with Masters of the Universe and G.I. Joe, The Transformers not only used toys that everyone had (or wanted), but it also had a large collection of episodes.  You could often get home, watch Transformers, and find you hadn’t seen the episode.  Pre-DVD and binge watching, cartoons were just something you saw if they happened to be on.

As a result, rewatching The Transformers is both fun nostalgia and somewhat tedious.  The episode plots are rather redundant, formulaic, and predictable and strictly for kids (unlike a lot of more modern cartoons).  That being said, it is fun to go back and remember some of the episodes.

transformers season 2 episode 29 the secret of omega supreme

I love seeing my toy Omega Supreme…until I was reminded by the show that Omega Supreme is lame

Part of the fun of Transformers was all the characters, but it also poses a problem for the series.  I remember being so excited when an episode would come up that had something I had.  The series doesn’t seem to make very good use of characters.  The Dinobots and Insecticons virtually disappear, and the series becomes very Aerialbots/Combaticon heavy near the end of the season.  I will say that one good thing that The Transformers did do involving their characters is make some members of both the Decepticons and Autobots have their own agenda…it wasn’t always Starscream causing the problems.

Visually, the series is a cheap syndicated show.  The show creators often didn’t pay much attention to framing and utilizing the space of the screen.  It also (for speed) often reused shots…which means episodes aren’t very distinctive.

The Transformers—Season 2 is the longest season of the series.  The series takes a radical change after this with the events of the movie and the series just never seemed the same.  The Transformers—Season 2 was probably The Transformers at their peak.  Despite the big money involved, I’d rather watch these Transformers than the Transformers of the big screen movies.

The Transformers—Season 2 Review and Complete Episode Guide:


“Autobot Spike”

2.1       Autobot Spike (Episode #17) Airdate:  09/23/85

When Spike is injured in a Decepticon attack, Wheeljack is forced to transfer Spike’s mind into a makeshift Autobot X but discovers it has affected Spike’s mind…leaving the Decepticons a chance to gain a new ally.

transformers season 2 episode 2 the immobilizer ironhide carlee

“The Immobilizer”

2.2       The Immobilizer (Episode #18) Airdate:  09/24/85

Wheeljack creates a device called the Immobilizer that can immobilize anything.  When the Decepticons steal the Immobilizer as Ironhide deals with a girl named Carlee, Ironhide questions if he should remain on active duty…and Carlee decides she has to amend for her actions.


“Dinobot Island—Part 1”

2.3       Dinobot Island—Part 1 (Episode #19) Airdate:  09/24/85

Powerglide and Bumblebee discover an island of dinosaurs.  When the Autobots decide that the Dinobots need a new place to live, they decide Dinobot Island will be perfect, but the Decepticons have their eyes on Dinobot Island as well.


“Dinobot Island—Part 2”

2.4       Dinobot Island—Part 2 (Episode #20) Airdate:  09/25/85

The Decepticons actions on Dinobot Island could destroy the world as time portals begin opening up all over the planet.  As the Autobots fight to contain the timewarps, the Dinobots battle Megatron for their new island.



2.5       Traitor (Episode #21) Airdate: 09/27/85

When Cliffjumper discovers stolen energy cells in an area patrolled by Mirage, he suspects Mirage is a traitor…and sets out to prove it to Optimus Prime and the Autobots!


“Enter the Nightbird”

2.6       Enter the Nightbird (Episode #22) Airdate:  09/30/85

Humans create a ninja robot called Nightbird which is promptly stolen by the Decepticons.  Now, with Nightbird under Megatron’s control, the Autobots must free her before Megatron unleashes his plans.


“Changing Gears”

2.7       Changing Gears (Episode #23) Airdate:  10/01/85

Megatron seeks to harness the energy of the sun and needs create a solar needle.  Capturing Gears for his specialized circuit, the Autobots set out to rescue Gears and stop the Decepticons from destroying Earth.

transformers season 2 episode 8 a prime problem optimus clone

“A Prime Problem”

2.8       A Prime Problem (Episode #24) Airdate:  10/02/85

The Decepticons discover a stash of Chormonium Crystals that could be used to destroy the Autobots.  Cloning Optimus Prime, Megatron sets to use the cloned Autobot to lead the Autobots into the trap…but the return of the real Optimus Prime could through a wrench in his plans.

transformers season 2 episode 9 atlantis arise megatron king nergill

“Atlantis, Arise!”

2.9       Atlantis, Arise! (Episode #25) Airdate:  10/03/85

Atlantis is uncovered by the Decepticons and an alliance is struck between the Decepticons and King Nergill.  With the Atlanteans, the Decepticons raid Washington, D.C., but King Nergill has his own plans.

transformers season 2 episode 10 attack of the autobots optimus prime bumblebee2.10     Attack of the Autobots (Episode #26) Airdate:  10/04/85

Megatron installs a personality destabilizer in the Autobots’ rechargers which puts them all under the control of Megatron.  With only Jazz and Bumblebee free, the Autobots must be stopped!

transformers season 2 episode 11 microbots brawn perceptor bumblebee


2.11     Microbots (Episode #27) Airdate:  10/07/85

When the Heart of Cybertron is discovered by archeologists, Megatron realizes it can provide him with unlimited power.  Shrinking to miniature size, Brawn, Perceptor, and Bumblebee shrink to secretly enter Megatron’s body to stop the Heart of Cybertron from destabilizing.

transformers season 2 episode 12 teh master builder hoist grapple

“The Master Builder”

2.12     The Master Builder (Episode #28) Airdate:  10/08/85

Hoist and Grapple create a solar energy tower but find Optimus Prime cannot approve the device.  When the Constructicons come to Hoist and Grapple to help them, Hoist and Grapple form an uneasy alliance…despite the danger.

transformers season 2 episode 13 the insecticon syndrome shrapnel bombshell kickback

“The Insecticon Syndrome”

2.13     The Insecticon Syndrome (Episode #29) Airdate:  10/09/85

The Insecticons have teamed up with the Insecticons to raid Iron Mountain.  When the Insecticons ingest unstable power, they become ticking time bombs that the Autobots must defuse.


“Day of the Machines”

2.14     Day of the Machines (Episode #30) Airdate:  10/10/85

The Decepticons take control of a supercomputer called TORQ III and begin to build their own weapons to battle the Autobots.


“Megatron’s Master Plan—Part 1”

2.15     Megatron’s Master Plan—Part 1 (Episode #31) Airdate:  10/14/85

Shawn Berger seeks glory after losing an election and finds himself teamed with the Decepticons when he is tricked by Megatron into believing that the Autobots are actually evil.


“Megatron’s Master Plan—Part 2”

2.16     Megatron’s Master Plan—Part 2 (Episode #32) Airdate:  10/15/85

The Autobots have been banished from Earth with Megatron programming the jet to head into sun.  As the Decepticons are celebrated on Earth, Megatron plots his next attack.


“Auto Berserk”

2.17     Auto Berserk (Episode #33) Airdate:  10/16/85

When Inferno abandons his location, Red Alert is damaged in a Decepticon attack.  As Megatron tries to claim the Negavator, Starscream secretly manipulates Red Alert to give him access to the Autobot base.

transformers season 2 episode 18 city of steel optimus prime decapitated

“City of Steel”

2.18     City of Steel (Episode #34) Airdate:  10/17/85

The Decepticons are targeting New York City and have transformed it into New Cybertron. With Optimus Prime as his hostage, the Autobots must go on a secret rescue mission.

transformers season 2 episode 19 desertion of the dinobots part 1 grimlock slag sludge swoop

“Desertion of the Dinobots—Part 1”

2.19     Desertion of the Dinobots—Part 1 (Episode #35) Airdate:  10/21/85

The Dinobots are damaged during a Decepticon attack and set out on their own when they refuse to work for the Autobots. Unfortunately for both the Autobots, the lack of Cybertonium on Earth is affecting the Transformers…and the Dinobots could be the Autobots’ only hope.

transformers season 2 episode 20 desertion of the dinobots swoop carly spike

“Desertion of the Dinobots—Part 2”

2.20     Desertion of the Dinobots—Part 2 (Episode #36) Airdate:  10/22/85

Carly and Spike have traveled to Cybertron to try to convince the Dinobots to return to Earth with Cybertonium to help the Autobots.

transformers season 2 episode 21 blaster blues autobot boombox

“Blaster Blues”

2.21     Blaster Blues (Episode #37) Airdate:  10/23/85

The Decepticons steal a device which scrambles communications on Earth. The Autobots must stop the device and Blaster could be the key.

transformers season 2 episode 22 a decepticon raider in king arthurs court starscream

“A Decepticon Raider in King Arthur’s Court”

2.22     A Decepticon Raider in King Arthur’s Court (Episode #38) Airdate:  10/24/85

Starscream, Rumble, Ravage, and Ramjet find themselves transported back in history to the time of Camelot. When Spike, Hoist, and Warpath pursue the Decepticons, they find they must stop the Decepticons from taking over the past.

transformers season 2 episode 23 the god gambit cosmos ufo

“The God Gambit”

2.23     The God Gambit (Episode #39) Airdate:  10/28/85

When Cosmos crashes on Saturn’s moon Titan, he and the Decepticons pursuing him are mistaken for a god by creatures who inhabit it. With Astrotrain, Starscream, and Thrust using the situation to their advantage, the Autobots find they must rescue Cosmos and free the Titans.

transformers season 2 episode 24 the core devastator constructicons

“The Core”

2.24     The Core (Episode #40) Airdate:  10/29/85

Megatron is trying to drill into the core of the Earth despite Starscream’s warnings. When the Autobots take control of Devastator, he could be the best hope at stopping Megatron’s plans.

transformers season 2 episode 25 make tracks raoul

“Make Tracks”

2.25     Make Tracks (Episode #41) Airdate:  10/30/85

Tracks finds himself trapped in car form and stolen by Raoul.  When Raoul fixes Tracks, Tracks uncovers a car theft ring led by the Decepticons.

transformers season 2 episode 26 the autobot run

“The Autobot Run”

2.26     The Autobot Run (Episode #42) Airdate:  10/31/85

The Autobots participate in a charity race but find themselves trapped in vehicle form by Megatron.

transformers season 2 episode 27 the golden lagoon beachcomber

“The Golden Lagoon”

2.27     The Golden Lagoon (Episode #43) Airdate:  11/04/85

Beachcomber discovers a spring of electrum.  Unfortunately when Thrust leads the Decepticons to the electrum, the Decepticons could become invincible.

transformers season 2 episode 28 quest for survival morphobots

“Quest for Survival”

2.28     Quest for Survival (Episode #44) Airdate:  11/05/85

An attempt to stop the Insecticons leads the Autobots to create an insecticide.  Unfortunately, a trip to get the ingredients bring a dangerous parasite called Morphobots to Earth.

transformers season 2 episode 29 the secret of omega supreme constructicons

“The Secret of Omega Supreme”

2.29     The Secret of Omega Supreme (Episode #45) Airdate:  11/06/85

The Constructicons mine an asteroid for Megatron and Optimus Prime realizes Omega Supreme could be the key to stopping them.  Unfortunately, Omega Supreme’s past friendship with the Constructicons on Cybertron could cause a problem…especially due to their betrayal at Crystal City.

transformers season 2 episode 30 childs play starscream

“Child’s Play”

2.30     Child’s Play (Episode #46) Airdate:  11/07/85

Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Inferno, Perceptor, Soundwave, Ravage, Starscream, and Thrust are accidentally transferred to an alien planet by the space bridge…only to find they are toy size there.

transformers season 2 episode 3 the gambler smokescreen

“The Gambler”

2.31     The Gambler (Episode #47) Airdate:  11/11/85

The Autobots attempt to reach home leads them to a planet where gambling could be their only way off the planet.

transformers season 2 episode 32 the search for alpha trion elita one optimus prime

“The Search for Alpha Trion”

2.32     The Search for Alpha Trion (Episode #48) Airdate:  11/12/85

Elita One helps lead a raid on Cybertron but is captured.  Used as bait to lure Optimus Prime to Cybertron, Elita One could threaten the Autobots’ mission.

transformers season 2 episode 33 auto bop tracks nightclub


2.33     Auto-Bop (Episode #49) Airdate:  11/13/85

Tracks’ friend Raoul is back when a strange nightclub in New York City seems to be hiding a secret…and a Decepticon plot!

transformers season 2 episode 34 prime target lord chumley

“Prime Target”

2.34     Prime Target (Episode #50) Airdate:  11/14/85

An English collector named Lord Chumley has a new prey in sight…the Transformers.  Targeting the Autobots, Optimus Prime has become his ultimate goal.

transformers season 2 episode 35 the girl who loved powerglide astoria

“The Girl Who Loved Powerglide”

2.35     The Girl Who Loved Powerglide (Episode #51) Airdate:  11/18/85

Powerglide rescues Astoria who is a jinx for machines.  Astoria is kidnapped by the Decepticons for a formula created by her father and only Powerglide can rescue her.

transformers season 2 episode 36 triple takeover astrotrain blitzkrieg

“Triple Takeover”

2.36     Triple Takeover (Episode #52) Airdate:  11/19/85

When Starscream plots to overthrow Megatron with the Triple Changers Astrotrain and Blitzwing, Starscream is betrayed by the Triple Changers who try to take over the Decepticons themselves.  Astrotrain and Blitzwing find leading the Decepticons is harder than it looks.

transformers season 2 episode 37 sea change seaspray

“Sea Change”

2.37     Sea Change (Episode #53) Airdate:  11/20/85

The Autobots find themselves involved in a war on an alien planet when trying to help mermaid aliens out from Decepticon rule.  When Seaspray falls for one of the aliens, he must help save her people but might undergo the biggest transformation of all.

transformers season 2 episode 38 hoist goes hollywood movie

“Hoist Goes Hollywood”

2.38     Hoist Goes Hollywood (Episode #54) Airdate:  11/21/85

Hoist saves men from a wreck on a Hollywood set and is hired to be in the movie.  Joined by Tracks, Sunstreaker, Powerglide, and Warpath, the Autobots discover Dirge and the Decepticons have their own plans…which have been caught on a real of film.

transformers season 2 episode 39 the key to vector sigma part 1 megatron

“The Key to Vector Sigma—Part 1”

2.39     The Key to Vector Sigma—Part 1 (Episode #55) Airdate:  11/25/85

Megatron has made the Stunticons as the ultimate weapon to defeat the Autobots.  Unfortunately, he needs Vector Sigma to give the Stunticons life…which means finding the Key to Vector Sigma first.

transformers season 2 episode 40 the key to vector sigmas part 2 superion aerialbots

“The Key to Vector Sigma—Part 2”

2.40     The Key to Vector Sigma—Part 2 (Episode #56) Airdate:  11/26/85

Optimus Prime must counteract Megatron’s Stunticons and has Vector Sigma bring the Aerialbots to life.  Unfortunately, the Key taken by Megatron could doom Earth by turning it into another Cybertron.

transformers season 2 episode 41 aerial assault sphinx

“Aerial Assault”

2.41     Aerial Assault (Episode #57) Airdate:  12/10/85

The Aerialbots investigate smugglers in the Middle East and uncover a terrorist plot with the Decepticons to create a monstrous weapon.  The help of a boy named Hassan could save the Aerialbots from destruction, but Hassan has a secret as well.

transformers season 2 episode 42 masquerade stunticons menasor


2.42     Masquerade (Episode #58) Airdate:  12/16/85

The Stunticons are captured by the Autobots.  Desperate to find out what the Decepticons are planning, Optimus Prime, Jazz, Sideswipe, Windcharger, and Mirage pose as the Stunticons to uncover the plans.

transformers season 2 episode 43 trans europe express race

“Trans-Europe Express”

2.43     Trans-Europe Express (Episode #59) Airdate:  12/23/85

The Autobots enter a European charity race, but quickly discover the Decepticons are manipulating the race.  Facing off against a racecar driver named Augie Canay, win the race could mean losing to the Decepticons.

transformers season 2 episode 44 war dawn aerialbots cybertron

“War Dawn”

2.44     War Dawn (Episode #60) Airdate:  12/25/85

Megatron’s plans to steal energy from Cyberton’s golden age leaves the Aerialbots trapped in the Cybertron’s past.  As the initial war on Cybertron erupts, the Aerialbots find they might be the first line of defense against Megatron’s plans.

transformers season 2 episode 45 cosmic rust megatron rusty

“Cosmic Rust”

2.45     Cosmic Rust (Episode #61) Airdate:  12/26/85

Cosmic Rust arrives on Earth and threatens to destroy the Transformers.  The Transformers only hope could be a cure called Corrostop.

transformers season 2 episode 46 kremzeek electric creature


2.46     Kremzeek! (Episode #62) Airdate:  12/27/85

The Decepticons accidentally release an energy monster named Kremzeek.  Using Kremzeek against the Autobots, Kremzeek’s attacks could keep the Autobots from seeing the Decepticons’ real plans.

transformers season 2 episode 47 starstreams brigade vs megatron

“Starscream’s Brigade”

2.47     Starscream’s Brigade (Episode #63) Airdate:  01/07/86

Starscream is exiled by Megatron, but the his discovery of World War II equipment leads to the creation of the Combaticons.  The Combaticons, Starscream plots his overthrow of Megatron.

transformers season 2 episode 48 the revenge of bruticus cybertron

“The Revenge of Bruticus”

2.48     The Revenge of Bruticus (Episode #64) Airdate:  01/08/86

The Combaticons and Starscream are banished in space.  Returning to Cybertron, Starscream and the Combaticons plot to destroy Earth and Megatron…but when the Combaticons turn on Starscream, it could mean a real threat.

transformers season 2 episode 49 bot robot


2.49     B.O.T. (Episode #65) Airdate:  01/09/86

Combaticons’ control system.  Discovered by three kids working on a science project, the Constructicons’ programming activates their robot called B.O.T.  As Swindle tries to save himself by regaining B.O.T.’s controls, the Autobots learn about a Decepticon plot.

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