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Comic Name:  The Star Wars

Publisher:  Dark Horse Comics

Writer:  J.W. Rinzler

Artist:  Mike Mayhew

# of Issues:  8

Release Date: 2014


The Star Wars #2 (Variant)

Reprints The Star Wars #1-8 (September 2013-May 2014).  A war is being waged in a star system where a power hungry Empire is oppressing the people.  When a young Jedi padawan named Annikin Starkiller, a Jedi called Luke Skywalker, and a pilot called Han Solo team-up to rescue Princess Leia and her brothers Windy and Biggs, the battle against the Empire takes a new turn as the Empire’s giant satellite base could mean a death to the revolution unless it is stopped.

Written by J.W. Rinzler with art by Mike Mayhew, The Star Wars is Dark Horse Comics’ adaptation of George Lucas’ original script for the space fantasy classic.  The eight issue series was released in a standard version and a deluxe hardcover which also included bonus art from The Star Wars #0.

I had never read the original rough draft of Star Wars though it has floated around for years.  Part of the reason is that Star Wars was such an integral part of my childhood, and I didn’t want it tainted…the second reason is that I’ve never particularly enjoyed reading scripts.  Dark Horse’s adaptation allowed a more visual telling the story, and it did prove something—rewrites are good thing.


The Star Wars #8

Most point out that The Star Wars is much closer to the inspiration for Star Wars which is the Akira Kurosawa 1958 film The Hidden Fortress.  I had heard the comparisons and saw some similarities while watching The Hidden Fortress, but the adaptation makes much more sense here…it just doesn’t mean it is good.

The story is much more hardcore fantasy than Star WarsStar Wars is a space opera and not science fiction (unlike Star Trek) and this story is filled with fantasy creatures with weird names.  The story doesn’t flow and there are way too many characters and a lot of the human characters (like Kane Starkiller and Luke Skywalker) look alike.  It doesn’t help the overall story and since you kind of know where the story goes from the movie, it isn’t the most compelling narrative since many of the changes were for the better.

The art is sometimes interesting in that it was based on a lot of the concept designs for the movie instead of the movie’s actual art.  There are moments however where characters (especially background characters) are movie characters.  The bounty hunters who capture Princess Leia resemble most of the bounty hunters seen in Star Wars:  The Empire Strikes Back.  It is a bit of an Easter egg for readers, but it doesn’t make sense with the throwback concept of the book.

The Star Wars is an interesting read despite its flaws, and it is unique to get to see a classic in its early stages.  While The Star Wars was being released, Dark Horse Comics lost their longstanding contract to publish Star Wars comics and the comics reverted back to Marvel making this one of Dark Horse’s last titles.  It is somewhat sad, but it could reinvigorate a rather stagnant comic franchise.

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