The Slime People (1963)

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Story: 2/10
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Cheesy monster movie

Ho-hum plot, bland cast, bad special effects

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Movie Name:  The Slime People

Studio:  Joseph F. Robertson Productions

Genre(s):  Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy/B-Movie

Release Date(s):  September 18, 1963

MPAA Rating:  Not Rated

slime people cast robert hutton

The Slime People take over and everyone thinks they can be on TV

A fog has overtaken the coast and Los Angeles.  Unaware of events occurring, pilot Tom Gregory (Robert Hutton) has made a risky landing in his small plane to find the city abandoned.  He soon learns that a solid wall of fog has blocked off the city and forced an evacuation.  Those trapped by wall are fighting for their lives and desperate to find a way out.  There are creatures in the fog, and the Slime People want humans…and to take over the world!

Directed by Robert Hutton, The Slime People is a sci-fi horror B-Movie.  The film was poorly received and was featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K #2.8).

slime people costume monster fog

Even the Slime People are like “can we cut back on the fog…I can’t see my own people”

When you hear about generic fake horror movies in TV shows and movies, it seems like they are always “Slime” something (like attack of The Slime Men from Mars or the likes).  Slime is such a generic “bad horror” title adjective that The Slime People almost feels like it is destine to be a bad movie…and for the most part it lives up to those expectations.

The story is rather typical of 1950s horror…of course this was made in the 1960s which isn’t a good sign.  The story features a ragtag group of survivors that bumble around the city.  They seem to come up with ideas and plans…then ignore them.  It feels like the Slime People aren’t very threatening, but the survivors battling them keep putting themselves in danger’s place.

Robert Hutton takes up double duties as the director and star of the film.  He has a very bland and emotionless performance, but many of the sci-fi horror performances of the time are like that.  He’s surrounded by a cast that is also rather dull.  The movie was very low budgeted and many of the cast weren’t paid for the work.

slime people monster fog

Sorry…with all this fog, I thought you were someone I knew, lady

The movie’s low budget comes through in the visuals.  There are about three Slime Monster costumes, and they appear very cumbersome for the actors in them.  They don’t come off as threatening.  The movie suffers from overuse of a fog machine.  The Slime Monsters are supposed to use fog to change the atmosphere, and the fog is too much for cameras…you can’t see anything once the fog rolls in.

The Slime People is one of those generic Saturday weekend type movies that feels like you could always find on growing up…back when over-the-air stations were always trying to find cheap ways to fill time.  It isn’t good, but it is what you’d expect from the movie and something of its ilk.  The basic storyline is a solid monster movie, but don’t go into The Slime People expecting high cinema…or even average cinema for that matter.

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