The Simpsons—Season 2

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The Simpsons get classy!

The Simpsons are back for fun and facing new challenges.  Homer gets hair, the Simpsons introduce the Treehouse of Horror, a three-eyed fish named Blinky is born, Bart vs. Springfield Gorge, Marge takes on cartoon, Homer steals cable, Marge turns to painting, Bart faces being held back, Lisa finds a substitute teacher who understands her, and Bart, Millhouse, and Martin make a pact…over a Radioactive Man comic.

The Simpsons—Season 2 aired from December 11, 1990 to July 11, 1991.  The season marked the Simpsons first full season due to the shortened first season.  The show won a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program (For Programming One Hour or Less) for the episode “Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment” with the episode also receiving a nomination for Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Comedy Series or a Special.


I’d buy a Homer!

The first season of The Simpsons was a nice start but rough.  This season starts to show the show’s true potential and smooth out some of the sharp edges.  Watching season two, you can see a number of episodes that are considered classics.

The season has a number of first appearances and introduces the Treehouse of Horrors.  Kent Brockman appears in “Bart vs. Thanksgiving”, Dr. Julius Hibbert “Bart the Daredevil”, Groundskeeper Willie “Principal Charming”, Professor Frink “Old Money”, a Beatle (Ringo in “Brush with Greatness”), Radioactive Man and Fallout Boy and Comic Book Guy “Three Men and a Comic Book”, and fan favorite Ralph Wiggum in “Lisa’s Substitute”.  Most of these first appearances are pretty unassuming and is amusing when the characters become popular.


Still frightening…20 years later

The series still isn’t what it is today and it is interesting to go back to see its origins.  Homer’s voice levels out this season and gets to where it is today.  The animation also is a big throwback.  It is traditional animation, sometimes uneven, and less dynamic.  This is amusing because I remember thinking how edgy and great it was.  The show does experiment with different styles and that is one of the show’s high points.

The Simpsons is a comedy staple and it is nice to go back to its origins.  It is ironic that the show received such criticism from family groups since the basic message is positive (something that isn’t normal in today’s series).  The sometimes topical series might go over the heads of newer viewers (like Wonder Years references).  The Simpsons has had a long run and from The Simpsons—Season 2, you can see why it deserves it.

The Simpsons—Season 2 Complete Episode Guide:


“Bart Gets an ‘F'”

2.1       Bart Gets an “F” Airdate:  10/11/90

Bart is failing at school and facing being held back in the 4th grade.  Bart finds that he has to turn to Martin for help…but finds he’s a bigger influence on him.


“Simpson and Delilah”

2.2       Simpson and Delilah Airdate:  10/18/90

Homer has found the cure for baldness…at only a $1,000 a bottle.  When he secretly charges it to the company insurance, Homer finds hair leads to success at work…but it could be the rise before the fall.  Guest-stars Harry Fierstein


“Tree House of Horror”

2.3       Treehouse of Horror Airdate:  10/25/90

It’s the Tree House of Horrors and the Simpsons are telling stories.  Bad Dream House—The Simpsons get a house for a steal but find it haunted.  Hungry are the Damned—Kang and Kodos come to the Simpsons…but is their message for Earth an honest one?  The Raven—Lisa relays the story of Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven.  Guest-stars James Earl Jones


“Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish”

2.4       Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish Airdate:  11/01/90

When Bart catches a three-eyed fish nicknamed Blinky, it could hinder Montgomery Burns’ political run.  Forced to eat dinner with the Simpsons, Burns’ going to have a make it or break it moment.


“Dancin’ Homer”

2.5       Dancin’ Homer Airdate:  11/08/90

Homer chronicles his rise to fame as Dancin’ Homer for the Springfield Isotopes.  When Homer is called up to the big leagues of Capital City, the Simpson might have made it.  Guest-stars Tony Bennett and Tom Poston


“Dead Putting Society”

2.6       Dead Putting Society Airdate:  11/15/90

Homer and Flander are at odds.  When they learn about a contest at the local miniature golf round, Homer and Flanders pit Bart against Todd.


“Bart vs. Thanksgiving”

2.7       Bart vs. Thanksgiving Airdate:  11/22/90

Bart destroys Lisa’s homemade centerpiece for Thanksgiving and refuses to apologize.  Running away with Santa’s Little Helper, Bart finds life on the street is harder than he expected.


“Bart the Daredevil”

2.8       Bart the Daredevil Airdate:  12/06/90

When the Simpsons see a daredevil at a truck show, Bart decides he wants to be a performer.  Bart decides to jump over Springfield Gorge…and only Homer can stop him!


“Itchy & Scratchy & Marge”

2.9       Itchy & Scratchy & Marge Airdate:  12/20/90

Maggie tries to kill Homer with a mallet, and Marge realizes she recreating an Itchy & Scratchy cartoon.  When Marge sets out to ban violence in cartoons, she might take it too far.  Guest-Starring Alex Rocco


“Bart Gets Hit by a Car”

2.10     Bart Gets Hit by a Car Airdate:  01/10/91

Bart is struck down by Mr. Burns while on his skateboard.  When Lionel Hutz enters the picture, a million dollar lawsuit might divide the family.  Guest-Starring Phil Hartman


“One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish”

2.11     One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish Airdate:  01/24/91

A trip to a sushi restaurant turns tragic when Homer accidentally consumes poisonous blowfish.  With only twenty-four hours to live, Homer tries to live his life to the most.  Guest-Starring Larry King, George Takei, and Sab Shimono


“The Way We Was”

2.12     The Way We Was Airdate:  01/31/91

It is story time at the Simpsons home when the TV breaks, and Homer and Marge tell about the first time they met in high school.  Guest-Starring Jon Lovitz


“Homer vs Lisa and the 8th Commandment”

2.13     Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment Airdate:  02/07/91

Homer gets free cable, and Lisa worries that Homer and the family will go to Hell when she learns about it in Sunday school.  Guest-Starring Phil Hartman


“Principal Charming”

2.14     Principal Charming Airdate:  02/14/91

When Marge demands Homer set up Selma with a date, Homer enlists Principal Skinner…unfortunately Skinner has eyes for Patty.


“O Brother, Where Art Thou?”

2.15     Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? Airdate:  02/21/91

A heart attack forces Grandpa Simpson to reveal that Homer has an older half-brother.  Homer tracks down Herbert Powell to Detroit where he learns Herbert is a multimillionaire car designer.  When Herbert hires Homer create the ultimate car, the Homer could change the automobile.  Guest-Starring Danny DeVito


“Bart’s Dog Gets an ‘F'”

2.16     Bart’s Dog Gets an “F” Airdate:  03/07/91

When Santa’s Little Helper continues to cause problems, he must go to obedience school.  Santa’s Little Helper and Marge’s family quilt meet and it could mean Santa’s Little Helper has to go.  Guest-Starring Tracey Ullman


“Old Money”

2.17     Old Money Airdate:  03/28/91

When Grandpa Simpson meets a woman named Bea at the nursing home, it is love at first sight.  Bea dies while Grandpa is forced to go with the Simpsons, but Grandpa learns that he is the inheritor of Bea’s fortune…which he decides to give away.  Guest-Starring Audrey Meadows


“Brush with Greatness”

2.18     Brush with Greatness Airdate:  04/11/91

The Simpsons go to Krusty’s Mount Splashmore leading Homer to block the tube slide.  As Homer goes on a diet, and Marge decides to go to art school to develop her talent…gaining the attention of Montgomery Burns.  Guest-Starring Ringo Starr and Jon Lovitz


“Lisa’s Substitute”

2.19     Lisa’s Substitute Airdate:  04/25/91

Miss Hoover has Lyme disease, and Lisa’s got a substitute named Mr. Bergstrom…whom she quickly gets a crush on.  Bart runs for class president and faces off against Martin.  Guest-Starring Dustin Hoffman (credited as Sam Etic)


“The War of the Simpsons”

2.20     The War of the Simpsons Airdate:  05/02/91

When Homer gets drunk at the Simpsons’ classy party, Marge decides things have to change and signs them up for a church’s couple retreat…but Homer has dreams of fishing Catfish Lake for General Sherman.  Grandpa is left at home babysitting Bart, Lisa, and Maggie and finds himself taken advantage of.


“Three Men and a Comic Book”

2.21     Three Men and a Comic Book Airdate:  05/09/91

Bart wants Radioactive Man #1…unfortunately, it is $100.  When he teams with Millhouse and Martin to buy it, Bart, Martin, and Millhouse find sharing might be tough.  Guest-Starring Cloris Leachman and Daniel Stern


“Blood Feud”

2.22     Blood Feud Airdate:  07/11/91

Mr. Burns is dying and needs a rare blood type to save his life.  It turns out only Bart Simpson can save him…When Burns doesn’t give Bart a reward, Homer’s angry letter to Burns could end Homer’s career.

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