The Simpsons—Season 15

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Consistently a great show

Not as sharp as some of the earlier seasons

simpsons season 15 episode 22 fraudcast news couch gag anime

The Simpsons go anime!

The Simpsons are back and causing more problems for the people of Springfield.  Whether the town is trying to ban babies or outright ban the Simpsons, Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie seem to find themselves in the middle of the storm.  The Simpsons are always the center of attention, and things are heating up!

The Simpsons—Season 15 aired from November 2, 2003 to May 24, 2004 on Fox.  The season won a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance for Dan Castellaneta (“Today I Am A Clown”) with nominations for Outstanding Animated Program for Programming less than One Hour (“The Way We Weren’t”), Outstanding Music Composition for a Dramatic Underscore Series  (“Treehouse of Horror XIV”), and Outstanding Music and Lyrics (“The President Wore Pearls”).

simpsons season 15 episode 8 angry maggie

Don’t mess with Maggie

The Simpsons is always solid.  The series might be a bit long in the tooth, but it continues on because of great writing, attainable characters, and stories that are both pertinent and uplifting.  The series started out as a controversial “anti-family” series, but now, The Simpsons is one of the most positive family dramas on TV.

The series has smart writing and is (almost) always true to the characters.  The episodes which deal with real issues usually end up being the better episodes, but sometimes the lighter “first season” episodes are a fun break from cartoon that always have to be “issue” based.

One particular episode is interesting in retrospect. “Bart-Mangled Banner” has the Simpsons being branded “un-American” when Bart is accused of desecrating the flag.  When the Simpsons try to defend him, they are all banded un-American.  It was a period where being critical of the government was a big no-no.  The Dixie Chicks (who were the representation of anti-American at the time by objecting to Bush and the war after 9-11) appear, but now, the idea of objecting to the government is one again in vogue…so it is interesting to see how times change.

simpsons season 15 episode 1 treehouse of horror xiv peanuts

Are the Simpsons as wholesome as Peanuts?

The cast is still excellent.  Not only has everyone nailed their characters, but the multiple performances by the cast shows their adept nature.  I also like to see what guest stars will be on during the season…it is usually a strange blend of fandom and homage (with people you can tell the writers have always enjoyed).

The Simpsons are an institution.  Even a bad season of The Simpsons is better than most of TV comedies.  Unlike something like Family Guy which goes for a laugh a minute, The Simpsons goes for the smarter and crafted stories.  This season (like most seasons) has its ups and downs but I still find it a nice comfort to know The Simpsons are there.

The Simpsons—Season 15 Complete Episode Guide:

simpsons season 15 episode 1 treehouse of horror xiv reaper madness death

“Treehouse of Horror XIV”

15.1     Treehouse of Horror XIV Airdate:  11/02/03

Reaper Madness—When Death comes for Bart, Homer kills him and the world needs a new Death…and finds Homer.  Frinkenstein—Professor Frink wins the Nobel Prize and wishes that he could share it with his father.  Reanimating his scientist father, Frink Sr. sets out to replace his damaged body.  Stop the World, I Want to Goof Off—Bart and Millhouse order a stopwatch that can stop time and cause problems around Springfield.  Guest-stars:  Oscar De La Hoya, Jennifer Garner, Dudley Hershback, and Jerry Lewis

simpsons season 15 episode 2 my mother the carjacker homer

“My Mother the Carjacker”

15.2     My Mother the Carjacker Airdate:  11/09/03

Marge wins an Oops Patrol shirt from the news, and Homer sets out to win his own.  Scouring the papers, Homer finds a message from his fugitive mother Mona Simpson, but Mona is forced to face trial when captured by the police.  Mona is cleared of charges, but Burns isn’t ready to let Mona go free…leading Homer to make a drastic decision.  Guest-stars:  Glenn Close

simpsons season 15 episode 3 the president wore pearls lisa

“The President Wore Pearls”

15.3     The President Wore Pearls Airdate:  11/16/03

It’s Casino Night at Springfield Elementary School, and Martin is forced to resign the school presidency when the night goes wrong.  Lisa finds herself beating Nelson for the presidency but discovers that being president might mean big changes for her.  When Skinner uses her as a puppet president, Lisa finds everyone turning against her and stages a revolution.  Guest-stars:  Michael Moore and Marcia Wallace

simpsons season 15 episode 4 the regina monologues bart lisa english candy trainspotting

“The Regina Monologues”

15.4     The Regina Monologues Airdate:  11/23/03

Mr. Burns loses a thousand dollar bill, and Bart finds it.  Bart loses the bill back to Burns but makes $3,000 in the process.  The Simpsons find themselves headed to England and explore London.  When Homer strikes Queen Elizabeth’s car, he goes on trial.  Guest-stars:  Tony Blair, Jane Leeves, Evan Marriott, Sir Ian McKellen, and J.K. Rowling

simpsons season 15 episode 5 the fat and the furriest homer vs bear

“The Fat and the Furriest”

15.5     The Fat and the Furriest Airdate:  11/30/03

It is Mother’s Day and the Simpsons are celebrating by getting Marge the “Kitchen Carnival”.  Homer makes a giant candy ball but finds himself branded a coward when he flees a grizzly bear.  To get his courage back, Homer must face his fears.  Guest-stars:  Charles Napier

simpsons season 15 episode 6 today im a clown krusty father

“Today I’m a Clown”

15.6     Today, I Am a Clown Airdate:  12/07/03

Krusty discovers he never had a bar mitzvah and sets out to finish the ceremony.  With Krusty out, Homer steps in to host his show…and becomes a hit!  Guest-stars:  Jackie Mason and Mr. T

simpsons season 15 episode 7 home grinch christmas

“‘Tis the Fifteenth Season”

15.7     ’Tis the Fifteenth Season Airdate:  12/14/03

Homer’s greed threatens to destroy the Simpsons’ Christmas.  When Homer vows to turn over a new leaf, Flanders discovers that he might no longer be the nicest man in Springfield.

simpsons season 15 episode 8 marge vs singles seniors childess couples and teens and gays roofi concert

“Marge vs Singles, Seniors, Childless Couples and Teens, and Gays”

15.8     Marge vs. Singles, Seniors, Child;ess Couples and Teens, and Gays Airdate:  01/04/04

When a Roofi concert for children goes wrong, Springfield turns against the family unit and tries to take back its world from children…leading to a showdown with Marge!  Guest-Stars:  Marcia Wallace

simpsons season 15 episode 9 i annoyed grunt bot battlebots

“I, (Annoyed Grunt)-Bot”

15.9     I, (Annoyed Grunt)-Bot Airdate:  01/11/04

In order to impress Bart, Homer and Bart form a Battle-Bot team…unfortunately, Homer is secretly the “bot”.  After a tragic accident, Lisa finds replacing Snowball II might be harder than she thought.

simpsons season 15 episode 10 diatribe of a mad housewife marge book homer whaler

“Diatribe of a Mad Housewife”

15.10   Diatribe of a Mad Housewife Airdate:  01/25/04

When Homer is fired from the nuclear power plant and buys an ambulance, Marge decides to write which leads to a shocking tell-all novel that has the town of Springfield talking!  Guest-stars:  Tom Clancy, Ashley Olsen, Mary-Kate Olsen, and Thomas Pynchon

simpsons season 15 episode 11 margical history tour bart lisa sacagawea

“Margical History Tour”

15.11   Margical History Tour Airdate:  02/08/04

A trip to the library finds no books, and Marge tells Milhouse, Lisa, and Bart about the “true” histories of Henry VIII, Sacagawea, and Mozart.

simpsons season 15 episode 12 milhouse doesnt live here anymore cool milhouse

“Milhouse Doesn’t Live Here Anymore”

15.12   Milhouse Doesn’t Live Here Anymore Airdate:  02/15/04

Milhouse is moving to Capitol City and leaving Bart alone.  Lisa and Bart bond, but when Milhouse returns, it could drive a wedge between Bart and Lisa.  Guest-stars:  Nick Bakay, William Daniels, Isabel Sanford, Dick Tufeld, and Marcia Wallace

simpsons season 15 episode 13 smart and smarter lisa maggie

“Smart & Smarter”

15.13   Smart & Smarter Airdate:  02/22/04

Lisa finds that she isn’t the smartest Simpson when Maggie is accepted into a prestigious academy.  Guest-stars:  Simon Cowell

simpsons season 15 episode 14 the ziff who came to dinner artie ziff embezzlement homer

“The Ziff Who Came to Dinner”

15.14   The Ziff Who Came to Dinner Airdate:  03/14/04

The Simpons discover Artie Ziff hiding in their attic.  When Homer wins a majority of Arite’s company in a poker game, Homer finds himself taking the fall for Ziff’s embezzlement crimes.  Guest-stars:  Jon Lovitz

simpsons season 15 episode 15 co dependents day homer marger wine

“Co-Dependent’s Day”

15.15   Co-Dependent’s Day Airdate:  03/21/04

Angry about the latest Cosmic Wars, the Simpsons head to California so Bart and Lisa can talk to the director.  With Bart and Lisa occupied, Homer and Marge go to a winery and find a new hobby.  Guest-stars:  Brave Combo and Marcia Wallace

simpsons season 15 episode 16 the wandering juvie gina bart

“The Wandering Juvie”

15.16   The Wandering Juvie Airdate:  03/28/04

When Bart’s prank goes too far, he ends up in juvie, but a girl named Gina has other plans which puts Bart on the run!  Guest-stars:  Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jane Kaczmarek, Charles Napier, and Marcia Wallace

simpsons season 15 episode 17 my big fat geek wedding mrs crabappel comic book guy skinner

“My Big Fat Geek Wedding”

15.17   My Big Fat Geek Wedding Airdate:  04/18/04

Ms. Krabappel and Principal Skinner are finally tying the knot…but when Skinner gets cold feet, Edna has second thoughts leading to a whirlwind romance with Comic Book Guy.  Guest-stars:  Matt Groening and Marcia Wallace

simpsons season 15 episode 18 catch em if you can homer marge vacation

“Catch ‘Em If You Can”

15.18   Catch ’Em if You Can Airdate:  04/25/04

Marge and Homer want some alone time.  When they take an impromptu vacation without Bart and Lisa, Bart and Lisa set out to make them pay!

simpsons season 15 episode 19 simple simon pie man cupcake boy

“Simple Simpson”

15.19   Simple Simpson Airdate:  05/02/04

When Homer must find a disguise to defend Lisa at the fair, the Pie Man is born!  A deliverer of justice, the Pie Man becomes the hero of Springfield…until Mr. Burns learns his secret!  Guest-stars:  Nichelle Nichols

simpsons season 15 episode 20 the way we werent homer marge camp kiss

“The Way We Weren’t”

15.20   The Way We Weren’t Airdate:  05/09/04

Homer and Marge’s tales of their first kisses reveals a long hidden secret about their pasts…and reopens old wounds for Marge.

simpsons season 15 episode 21 bart mangled banner moons flag

“Bart-Mangled Banner”

15.21   Bart-Mangled Banner Airdate:  05/16/04

An accident at school leads Bart to be photographed mooning the flag and having the Simpsons being branded “un-American”.  Now, the Simpsons are public enemy #1 and may lose their home forever!  Guest-stars:  Marcia Wallace

simpsons season 15 episode 22 fraudcast news evil ponies lisa

“Fraudcast News”

15.22   Fraudcast News Airdate:  05/23/04

The collapse of Geezer Rock inspires Lisa to publish but makes her a target of Mr. Burns who has vowed to destroy the media of Springfield to avenge his bad name.

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