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The Simpson–Season 14…and going strong!

The Simpsons are at it again.  They are living in a Victorian home, rocking out with celebrity rock stars, running the church, running the power plant, go to a dude ranch, use Moe as a babysitter, and are saved by Sideshow Bob?!?

The Simpsons—Season 14 ran from November 3, 2002 to May 18, 2003 on the FOX Network and continues to receive awards and accolades.  “Three Gays of the Condo” won a Primetime Emmy and Hank Azaria won an Emmy for his work on “Moe Baby Blues” and the song “Everybody Hates Ned Flanders” was also nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Music and Lyrics.


It’s the Pre-Teen Braves Vs. the Calvary Kids!!!

I have loved the Simpsons from their early days on The Tracie Ullman Show and they continue to amaze me by being fresh and current.  With so much more competition from edgier shows, it is an accomplishment for them to stay as relevant as they do.  In this season, they even nod to the pretty early episodes of South Park in “The Bart of War”.

While most shows are criticized for bringing in guest-stars, the guest-stars are a great addition to The Simpsons, because The Simpsons writers know how to use them.  Sometimes they appear as themselves and sometimes they have bit parts.  It is a big honor in Hollywood to be asked to be on The Simpsons so it is now relatively easy to get picked to be on the show.  This season also is loaded with guest-stars including Elvis Costello, Mick Jagger, Lenny Kravitz, Tom Petty, Keith Richards, Brian Setzer, Tony Bennett, Burt Ward, Adam West, Little Richard, Elliot Gould, blink—182, Tony Hawk, George Plimpton, Marcia Tomei, Eric Idle, David Byrne, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, and Stacy Keach.


Best Venus Flytrap on planet!

The Simpsons still is a great show after fourteen years and continues to go strong.  What started out as an “edgy” series attacked by parent groups is now sort of a nostalgic kind show that always ends with the family keeping together.  It has been a long road from “Underachiever and Proud of It” Bart Simpson T-Shirts being banned from schools and attacks from Bill Cosby, but after fourteen seasons, The Simpsons is quite the family show.

The Simpsons—Season 14 Complete Episode Guide:


“Treehouse of Horrors XIII”

14.1     Treehouse of Horror XIII Airdate:  11/03/02

Send in the Clones—Homer gets a magic hammock that creates clones of himself.  The Fright to Creep and Scare Harms—Lisa find a tombstone asking for a world without guns and doesn’t realize that it is a plot by Billy the Kid to take over Springfield with his zombie gang.  The Island of Dr. Hibbert—The Simpsons go to Dr. Hibbert’s island and find Hibbert is experimenting with DNA splicing.


“How I Spent My Strummer Vacation”

14.2     How I Spent My Strummer Vacation Airdate:  11/10/02

When Homer admits that he sometimes misses that he never had the life he dreamed about on Springfield’s Taxi Cab Confessions, Home gets a chance to spend time at Rock-N-Roll camp, but can he be a rock star?  Guest Stars:  Marcia Wallace, Elvis Costello, Mick Jagger, Lenny Kravitz, Tom Petty, Keith Richards, and Brian Setzer.


“Bart Vs. Lisa Vs. the Third Grade”

14.3     Bart Vs. Lisa Vs. the Third Grade Airdate:  11/17/02

When the Simpsons get satellite, Bart forgets to study for his achievement test.  When Lisa tests out of second grade and Bart fails out of fourth grade, they both end up in third grade.  Guest Stars:  Marcia Wallace and Tony Bennett


“Large Marge”

14.4     Large Marge Airdate:  11/24/02

When Marge tries to get liposuction to impress Homer, Marge is accidentally given breast implants.  When Bart and Millhouse imitate a Krusty the Clown prank from the old Batman show, Krusty becomes a target.  Guest Stars:  Baha Men, Jan Hooks, Burt Ward, and Adam West


“Helter Shelter”

14.5     Helter Shelter Airdate:  12/01/02

The Simpsons’ home gets termites and the Simpsons are forced to move out.  When the Simpsons are hired for a reality show, they are forced to live in a Victorian home.  Guest Stars:  Larry Holmes and David Lander


“The Great Louse Detective”

14.6     The Great Louse Detective Airdate:  12/15/02

When someone attempts to kill Homer at a health spa, Chief Wiggam realizes that he’ll need another criminal to capture the attempted killer.  Sideshow Bob is brought in to find the suspect before he finds Homer.  Guest Stars: Kelsey Grammer


“Special Edna”

14.7     Special Edna Airdate:  01/05/03

Mrs. Krabappel gets tired of Skinner putting his mother before her and Bart nominates her for teacher of the year.  When the Simpsons and Krabappel are sent to Epcot Center in Orlando for the competition, Skinner decides he has to win Mrs. Krabappel back.  Guest Stars:  Little Richard and Marcia Wallace.


“The Dad Who Knew Too Little”

14.8     The Dad Who Knew too Little Airdate:  01/12/03

Lisa accuses Homer of not knowing anything about her, and Homer decides to hire a private detective to find information on her.  When Homer refuses to pay the bill, Homer and Lisa are forced to go on the run from the law.  Guest Stars:  Elliott Gould


“Strong Arms of the Ma”

14.9     Strong Arms of the Ma Airdate:  02/02/03

Marge is mugged at the Kwik-E-Mart and refuses to leave the house.  When she discovers weightlifting, Marge turns to steroids to win a competition.  Guest Stars:  Pamela Reed.


“Pray Anything”

14.10   Pray Anything Airdate:  02/09/03

Homer learns praying can get him things and begins to pray for everything.  When Homer is given the church due to a lawsuit against the church, Lovejoy is forced out on the street.  Guest Stars:  Ken Burns and Lisa Leslie.


“Barting Over”

14.11   Barting Over Airdate:  02/16/03

Bart learns that Homer used him for a commercial when he was little and spent the money.  Bart is emancipated and moves into a loft below Tony Hawk.  Guest Stars:  blink—182, Tony Hawk, Jane Kaczmarek, and Marcia Wallace


“I’m Spelling as Fast as I Can”

14.12   I’m Spelling As Fast As I Can Airdate:  02/16/03

Lisa gets a chance to compete in the National Spelling Bee but learns that she must throw it.  Meanwhile Homer discovers a limited edition sandwich has hit Krusty Burger.  Guest Stars:  George Plimpton


“A Star Is Born Again”

14.13   A Star Is Born-Again Airdate:  03/02/03

Ned Flanders finds love with Sarah Sloane and tries to cope with her celebrity status.  Guest Stars:  Jim Brooks, Helen Fielding, Marisa Tomei, and Marcia Wallace


“Mr. Spritz Goes to Washington”

14.14   Mr. Spritz Goes to Washington Airdate:  03/09/03

The Simpsons find the landing pattern of the airport has been rerouted over their home and realize they will have to go to Congress to get the route changed.  The Simpsons realize that their only hope is to get Krusty the Crown elected to stop the planes.  Guest Stars:  Joe Mantegna



14.15   C.E.D’Oh Airdate:  03/16/03

Homer tries to find a way to spice up his love life but ends up a “how-to-succeed” class.  When Homer applies what he’s learned to the nuclear power plant, Homer ends up inheriting the plant from Burns…but running a company is harder than Homer thought.



“‘Scuse Me While I Miss the Sky”

14.16   ‘Scuse Me While I Miss the Sky Airdate:  03/30/03

A documentary filmmaker comes to Springfield to make a documentary of Springfield Elementary.  Bart questions if he is still cool when he is humiliated in the documentary and tries to find a way to regain his “cool”.  Lisa learns that her life lacks direction and wonders if it will hold her back.  When Lisa decides to be an astronomer, Lisa finds that light pollution is stealing the stars of Springfield. When Lisa gets Mayor Quimby to turn down the lights, it has unplanned consequences.  Guest Stars:  Eric Idle, Joe Mantegna, and Marcia Wallace


“Three Guys of the Condo”

14.17   Three Guys of the Condo Airdate:  04/13/03

The Simpson set out to complete a massive puzzle, and Homer finds evidence that Marge only married him because she was pregnant.  Deciding to move out, Homer moves in with two gay men to find himself and reassess his relationship.  Guest Stars:  Ben Schatz, Scott Thompson, and “Weird Al” Yankovic


“Dude, Where’s My Ranch?”

14.18   Dude, Where’s My Ranch? Airdate:  04/27/03

It’s Christmas and the Simpsons are celebrating.  When Homer sets out to make a Christmas song, he ends up making a hate song toward Ned Flanders.  When the song becomes a hit, the Simpsons go to a dude ranch to get away from the song.  Lisa gets a boyfriend and Homer tries to liberate the land for the Native Americans.  Guest Stars:  David Byrne, Andy Serkis, and Jonathan Taylor Thomas


“Old Yeller-Belly”

14.19   Old Yeller-Belly Airdate:  05/04/03

When Bart’s tree house is destroyed, the Amish rebuild it.  A fire breaks out at the premiere party, and Homer is left for dead by Santa’s Little Helper.  When Snowball II saves Homer, Santa’s Little Helper finds himself ousted from the house and society.  A chance photograph makes Santa’s Little Helper a Duff’s spokesdog and an international hit.  When Santa’s Little Helper’s original owner comes for Santa’s Little Helper, the Simpsons might lose Santa’s Little Helper forever.  Guest Stars:  Stacy Keach


“Brake My Wife, Please”

14.20   Brake My Wife, Please Airdate:  05/11/03

An accident at the aquarium with Bart forces Homer to get a cellphone.  When Home has an accident, he loses his license.  Homer takes up walking, but Marge finds herself having to drive everyone.  When Marge hits Homer with the car, Marge questions if she hates Homer.  Guest Stars:  Jackson Browne, Steve Buscemi, Jane Kaczmarek, and Marcia Wallace


“The Bart of War”

14.21   The Bart of War Airdate:  05/18/03

Bart and Millhouse break into the Flander’s home while chasing a fly and are busted by the police.  When Marge forces Bart to join the Pre-Teen Braves, his group finds him in competition with Millhouse’s Calvary Kids.


“Moe Baby Blues”

14.22   Moe Baby Blues Airdate:  05/18/03

The Simpsons and the town of Springfield enjoy the blooming of a corpse plant and is caught in a traffic jam to get away from the smell.  When Maggie is save from a car accident by Moe, Moe finds direction in his life.  Maggie starts like Moe more than Marge and Homer, the Simpsons end the relationship.  Guest Stars:  Joe Mantegna

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