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K9…you were a pretty crappy dog…

Sarah Jane (Elisabeth Sladen) and her son Luke (Tommy Knight) and his friends Rani (Anjli Mohindra) and Clyde (Daniel Anthony) are back!  When Luke decides to head off to college early, Sarah Jane finds her life changing again, but the Earth still needs her.  With Rani and Clyde still helping, Sarah Jane finds herself facing Androvax again, trying to stop the collapse of time, and a personal attack by a woman named Ruby White (Julie Graham).  When Sarah Jane is faced by the death of the Doctor (Matt Smith), she teams with one of the Doctor’s oldest companions in Jo Grant-Jones (Katy Manning).

The Sarah Jane Adventures—Season 4 aired from October 11, 2010 to November 16, 2010.  The series targeting younger views had a crossover with the mega popular Doctor Who in the two episode “The Death of the Doctor” in which Elisabeth Sladen’s met the eleventh Doctor Matt Smith and featured the return of Jon Pertwee’s costar Katy Manning.


I like the red Transformer the best!!!

Though it is much more basic than Doctor Who, I still enjoy The Sarah Jane Adventures.  It feels like episodes could push the barrier more, but often ease off just when they are getting interesting.  An example of this is the “Lost in Time” episode which starts to explore changes in race relations over the years with a few comments, but doesn’t really get into it…it feels like it either shouldn’t have been brought up or should have been explored more, but with two episode arcs it isn’t always possible.

It starts to get a little weird here on the show with the leaving of Luke (Tommy Knight).  Knight makes cameo appearances (much like Yasmin Paige who was on the show previously as Maria Jackson).  It makes it hard and odd to have Sarah Jane hanging out with Clyde and Rani…something the show tries to remedy with Sky in Season 5.


I don’t care what he says Jo…he liked me better…

The best episode of this series (probably like last season) is the crossover with Doctor Who.  Sarah Jane is what she is because of the Doctor and it is always good to see her interact with him.  As with the return of the Brigadier in The Sarah Jane Adventures—Season 2, it is great to see Jon Pertwee’s flaky companion Jo Grant (Katy Manning) return.  I always felt her leaving of Doctor Who was pretty weak (she met a guy and married him in the same episode).  I like that this is referenced and it is good to see how the Doctor does keep tabs on his companions (plus there are some companion updates mentioned in the show).


That is one vulture who knows how to rock a harp!!!

With Elisabeth Sladen’s passing, it is sad to think that this meeting with the Doctor is her last meeting with Doctor.  I am glad she got to meet Matt Smith and have a little resolution, but I would love to see a future Doctor Who episode dive into the loss of one of his favorite companions.  I think the makers of Doctor Who owe it to Elisabeth Sladen, the fans of this show, and it is a good demonstration that the Doctor cannot save everyone (and that he does leave people behind).

The Sarah Jane Adventures—Season 4 continues to be a fun, quick companion piece to Doctor Who.  It is a bit fluffy and lacks some substance, but it is worth checking out if you always passed it…with developing plotlines however, viewers are advised to start from the beginning instead of just skipping to important episodes like “Death of the Doctor”.

The Sarah Jane Adventure—Season 4 Complete Episode Guide:


“The Nightmare Man: Part 1”

4.1       The Nightmare Man:  Part 1 Airdate:  10/11/10

Luke (Tommy Knight) has tested out of school early and is headed to Oxford much to the regret of Sarah Jane (Elisabeth Sladen), Rani (Anjli Mohindra), and Clyde (Daniel Anthony).  As the day rapidly approaches, Luke begins suffering his first nightmares and finds himself haunted by the Nightmare Man (Julian Bleach) who preys upon his fears.  Luke confronts the Nightmare Man but discovers that he cannot talk about him.


“The Nightmare Man: Part 2”

4.2       The Nightmare Man:  Part 2 Airdate:  10/12/10

The Nightmare Man reaches Earth from Luke’s dreams, and Luke is trapped in sleep.  When Sarah Jane learns that Luke’s Nightmare Man is an alien, and Luke must wake up to free Clyde and Rani from their personal nightmares.


“Vault of Secrets: Part 1”

4.3       Vault of Secrets:  Part 1 Airdate:  10/18/10

Androvax (Mark Goldthorp) is back and claiming that he wants to help save his people that crashed on Earth.  Sarah finds her work complicated by B.U.R.P.S.S. (British UFO Research & Paranormal Study Society) brought in by Rani’s mother Gita (Mina Anwar).  As Sarah Jane researches Androvax’s claims, they encounter Mr. Dread (Angus Wright) and his Men in Black.


“Vault of Secrets: Part 2”

4.4       Vault of Secrets:  Part 2 Airdate:  10/19/10

Androvax has possessed Gita and is trying to free his people.  Pursued by Mr. Dread and the Men in Black, Sarah Jane, Clyde, and Rani must save Antrovax to protect Rani’s mother.  The survival of Androvax’s species however might mean the destruction of Earth.


“Death of the Doctor: Part 1”

4.5       Death of the Doctor:  Part 1 Airdate:  10/25/10

U.N.I.T. comes to Sarah Jane’s home with information that the Doctor has died.  A message from the Shansheeth informs Sarah Jane that the Doctor was killed saving children in space and that his body is being returned to Earth for burial.  Travelling to U.N.I.T. headquarters for the funeral, Sarah Jane meets the Doctor’s old companion Jo Grant-Jones (Katy Manning) and her grandson Santiago (Finn Jones).  Clyde finds himself charged with temporal energy and serving as a channel for the Doctor (Matt Smith).


“Death of the Doctor: Part 2”

4.6       Death of the Doctor:  Part 2 Airdate:  10/26/10

The Doctor, Sarah Jane, and Jo Jones must locate the TARDIS and stop the Shansheeth and rogue agents in U.N.I.T. from their plans to stop death, and Clyde, Rani, and Santiago find themselves on the run in U.N.I.T.


“The Empty Planet:  Part 1”

4.7       The Empty Planet:  Part 1 Airdate:  11/01/10

Rani and Clyde wake up in a world where they are the only people.  Searching for others, Clyde and Rani find a boy named Gavin (Joe Mason) and question if he might be tied to the disappearances.


“The Empty Planet: Part 2”

4.8       The Empty Planet:  Part 2 Airdate:  11/02/10

Gavin, Rani, and Clyde are hunted by strange robots and try to figure out why they were left behind if there was an alien invasion.  As a strange timer keeps ticking down, Rani and Clyde discover that Gavin might have a secret past that not even he knows.


“Lost In Time: Part 1”

4.9       Lost In Time:  Part 1 Airdate:  11/08/10

Investigating reports of aliens at a local shop, Sarah Jane, Clyde, and Rani learn from the shopkeeper (Cyril Nri) that Earth is in danger from objects made from chronosteen lost in time.  Sarah Jane finds herself in a haunted house in 1889 working with a girl named Emily Morris (Gwyneth Keyworth) who believes the home is haunted.  Rani finds herself at the Tower of London in 1553 with Lady Jane Grey (Amber Beattie) who is about to be overthrown by Mary I.  Clyde discovers he is in Norfolk in 1941 battling a secret German invasion with a boy named George Woods (Richard Wisker).


“Lost In Time: Part 2”

4.10     Lost In Time:  Part 2 Airdate:  11/09/10

Emily and Sarah Jane try to work out the mystery of the ghostly sounds in the home and find a story of children killed in a fire.  Rani finds Lady Jane the target of an assassination but realizes she can’t save her from history.  George and Clyde work to stop the Nazis but find traitors within English.  As the time begins to collapse, Sarah Jane, Clyde, and Rani must get the chronosteen back to the shopkeeper.


“Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith: Part 1”

4.11     Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith:  Part 1 Airdate:  11/15/10

Sarah Jane, Clyde, and Rani encounter a woman named Ruby White (Julie Graham) who also is a defender of Earth.  When Sarah Jane discovers she is ill and losing her mental capacities, she decides for the safety of Rani, Clyde, and the world, Ruby must take over.


“Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith: Part 2”

4.12     Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith:  Part 2 Airdate:  11/16/10

Ruby White is revealed to be a Qetesh and has Sarah Jane prisoner.  When Clyde is also captured, Rani must join forces with Luke and K-9 to save Sarah Jane before it is too late.

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