The Santa Clause 2 (2002)

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Movie Name: The Santa Clause 2

Studio: Walt Disney Pictures

Genre(s): Comedy/Family/Seasonal

Release Date(s): November 1, 2002

MPAA Rating: G


So how do you feel about fat old men in red?

Santa Claus is going strong at his new job, and Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) is loving the new work.  His son Charlie (Eric Lloyd) isn’t taking it as well and has landed himself on the Naughty List.  What Santa tries to deal with his family’s problems, elves Bernard (David Krumholtz) and Curtis (Spencer Breslin) have found a new problem…Calvin can’t continue to be Claus because of the Mrs. Clause stipulated in the contract.  Now Scott has to save his family and find a wife before the holidays…and a new Santa robot created by Curtis isn’t helping the problem.

The Santa Clause 2 (sometimes known as The Santa Clause 2:  The Mrs. Clause) was directed by Michael Lembeck and a follow-up sequel to the original The Santa Clause was released eight years earlier.  It was relatively low budget but did make a nice profit at the box office.


Man, that Burger King guy is everywhere!

The Santa Clause 2 is pretty harmless.  There are no real stand-out moments in it nor are there any parts that just make you groan.  It is just a very average film to a little above average original film.  The movie does continue the story and advance it so that is a plus.

The problem with The Santa Clause 2 is the same problem with the first one…it is based on a kind of creepy premise.  Calvin accidentally killed Santa Claus to become Santa Claus…leading to the idea that in the future he will die and someone else will become Santa Claus.  With the Mrs. Clause in effect, it makes you wonder what happened to the first Mrs. Claus when Santa took his unfortunate dive off the roof. Was she killed at his death or just ordered out of the North Pole to die alone by the elves?  Elisabeth Mitchell from TV’s ER, Lost, and V should have maybe gone over that contract before becoming involved in the shotgun wedding to Santa…will she get old looking too?



It is kind of interesting in how the filmmakers deal with the “is Santa real” question with Calvin’s son and how he deals with the fact his dad is Santa Claus.  That is the real story of the movie and in a perfect world, this would be a dark, dark comedy…Which I think both films would have been pretty good.

It is really surprising that The Santa Clause 2 was a major release. This just screams straight-to-DVD, and it should have been.  It isn’t an awful film…kids will like it…probably, but it just shows how desperate companies are for holiday films.  Even more amazing that The Santa Clause 2 was followed by The Santa Clause 3:  The Escape Clause which also made it theaters.

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