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The Ghostbusters are back…for real!

The Ghostbusters are back!  Ray, Egon, Peter, and Winston aren’t finished rounding up ghosts.  With help from their friend Slimer and their receptionist Janine, the Ghostbusters find that ghosts are in all shapes and sizes.  It is up to the Ghostbusters to stop the flow of ghosts and goblins and protect the world from the danger.

The Real Ghostbusters—Season 1 aired from September 13, 1986 to December 13, 1986 on ABC Saturday mornings.  The serial was a spin-off of the popular 1984 film Ghostbusters and became “The Real” Ghostbusters to avoid conflict from Filmation’s Ghostbusters franchise which originally appeared in 1975 and was revamped in 1986 for syndication.  Some versions of the Real Ghostbusters early seasons have been redubbed by David Coulier and Kathy Souice who took over as Peter and Janine in later seasons.

real ghostbusters season 1 episode 6 the boogieman cometh monster

Nope…nothing terrifying about this

Ghostbusters came out in 1984 and Ghostbusters the TV series waited two years to capitalize on it.  While I still loved Ghostbusters when The Real Ghostbusters started, I did already feel it was a little dated.  The first season of Ghostbusters is more interesting than some of the other season.

The stories are pretty typical of Saturday morning cartoons.  They are less “dangerous” than the movie and the ghosts aren’t horribly frightening (though the Boogieman is pretty creepy).  The series also hits on the typical cartoon events with Halloween and Christmas episodes.  It is also notable that TV and comic book writer J. Michael Straczynski was the writer and editor on many of the episodes.

The reason the first season of Ghostbusters stands out is that it is slightly more tied to the film.  “Take Two” has the Ghostbusters going to Hollywood as the story of their formation is made…and clips of the actual films are used at the end of the episode (implying that the film was made after many adventures).  “Citizen’s Ghost” tells how Slimer joined the Ghostbusters and takes place immediately after the events of the movie.

real ghostbusters season 1 episode 11 citizen ghost ray egon winston peter

It’s the ghost Ghostbusters!

The animation is slightly better than some of the other TV series.  Like many cartoons, it is often inconsistent.  Some of the animation is very good and some of it is so-so.  It is the inconsistency that it probably more frustrating.  I wish that the art kept a higher quality consistently.

The Real Ghostbusters will be entertaining for those wanting a Saturday morning throwback.  It isn’t the best series, but this is a stronger season.  After this season, The Real Ghostbusters went into syndication for the second season.

The Real Ghostbusters—Season 1 Complete Episode Guide:

real ghostbusters season 1 episode 1 ghosts r us first episode

“Ghosts R Us”

1.1       Ghosts R Us Airdate:  09/13/86

Slimer accidentally releases three ghosts from the containment unit and the ghosts decide to set-up their own company.  The Ghostbusters face off against Ghost R Us, but the release of a ghost named Turloc could mean trouble for Ghostbusters and Ghosts R Us.

real ghostbusters season 1 episode 2 killerwatt


1.2       Killerwatt Airdate:  09/20/86

A ghost named Killerwatt takes over New York City’s electrical grid and it is up to the Ghostbusters to stop him.

real ghostbusters season 1 episode 3 mrs rogers neighborhood peter possessed

“Mrs. Roger’s Neighborhood”

1.3       Mrs. Roger’s Neighborhood Airdate:  09/27/86

The Ghostbusters are called into a haunted house and find it is the home of a little old lady named Mrs. Roger.  As the Ghostbusters battle the beasts of What at the house, Janine finds herself entertaining Mrs. Rogers at the headquarters, but Mrs. Rogers isn’t all she seems.

real ghostbusters season 1 episode 4 slimer come home

“Slimer Come Home”

1.4       Slimer, Come Home Airdate:  10/04/86

When Slimer ruins Winston’s surprise birthday party, Peter forces Slimer to run away.  A group of roaming poltergeists could cause Slimer to finally go evil.

real ghostbusters season 1 episode 5 troll bridge disco peter

“Troll Bridge”

1.5       Troll Bridge Airdate:  10/11/86

Trolls take over the Queensboro Bridge when one of their trolls goes missing.  It is up to the Ghostbusters to find the troll before the city is destroyed!

real ghostbusters season 1 episode 6 the boogieman cometh egon

“The Boogieman Cometh”

1.6       The Boogieman Cometh Airdate:  10/18/86

The Ghostbusters are hired by children to eliminate the Boogieman from their closet and the Ghostbusters find they are telling the truth.  With the Boogieman haunting children all over the world, Egon is forced to face his childhood nightmare.

real ghostbusters season 1 episode 7 mr sandman dream me a dream

“Mr. Sandman, Dream Me A Dream”

1.7       Mr. Sandman, Dream Me a Dream Airdate:  10/25/86

The Sandman is attacking the city and the Ghostbusters find that dreams are coming to life…but so are nightmares!

real ghostbusters season 1 episode 8 when halloween was forever samhain slimer

“When Halloween Was Forever”

1.8       When Halloween Was Forever Airdate:  11/01/86

Ancient Irish relics lead to a boost in paranormal activity as Halloween approaches.  When Halloween night refuses to let go, the Ghostbusters must restart time by defeating Samhain.

real ghostbusters season 1 episode 9 look homeward ray winged puma

“Look Homeward, Ray”

1.9       Look Homeward, Ray Airdate:  11/08/86

Ray returns home to be the grand marshal in his hometown parade.  When Ray accidentally unleashes ghosts, Ray finds he is no longer the hometown hero.

real ghostbusters season 1 episode 10 take two movie episode

“Take Two”

1.10     Take Two Airdate:  11/15/86

The Ghostbusters are headed to Hollywood when a version of their story prepares to hit the big screen…but the studio is haunted.

real ghostbusters season 1 episode 11 citizen ghost slimer origin

“Citizen Ghost”

1.11     Citizen Ghost Airdate:  11/22/86

Peter is interviewed by a reports and reveals how Slimer came to be a member of team after the battle with Gozer…and what happened when their uniforms absorbed their extra energy from Gozer’s attack.

real ghostbusters season 1 episode 12 janines genie

“Janine’s Genie”

1.12     Janine’s Genie Airdate:  12/06/86

When Janine bags her first ghost while on a mission with the Ghostbusters, Janine is given a lamp as her reward…and finds a real genie inside.

real ghostbusters season 1 episode 13 xmas marks the spot christmas carol episode

“Xmas Marks the Spot”

1.13     Xmas Marks the Spot Airdate:  12/13/86

When Janine bags her first ghost while on a mission with the Ghostbusters, Janine is given a lamp as her reward…and finds a real genie inside.

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