The Prophecy II (1998)

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Movie Name: The Prophecy II

Studio: Dimension Films/NEO Motion Pictures/Overseas FilmGroup

Genre(s): Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Release Date(s):  January 20, 1998

MPAA Rating: R

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Someone’s back from Hell

When nurse Valerie Rosales (Jennifer Beals) strikes a man (Russell Wong) who seems to come out of nowhere with her car, she finds herself drawn to him…and quickly pregnant.  Gabriel (Christopher Walken) has been sent to Earth once more to kill Valerie because the man she was with is Danyael and an angel.  Gabriel recruits a suicidal young woman named Izzy (Brittany Murphy) to help his quest to hunt down and kill Valerie before the nephilim can be born…and the war in Heaven could claim another win.

Directed by Greg Spence (who also wrote the screenplay with Matt Greenberg), The Prophecy II is a fantasy horror movie.  Following The Prophecy in 1995, the film was released direct-to-video.

I wasn’t a huge fan of The Prophecy (I saw it years after its release).  Walken is fun and good in his role, but the weakness of a story that has such potential leads to disappointment.  The Prophecy II is like The Prophecy, and though he still has a starring role, it feels like less weird Walken than the first movie (which is a downgrade).

prophecy ii angel sex visions

Danyael’s pick-up line:
“Girl, sex with me is so good you’ll see angels”

The story is essentially something like The Terminator again.  A woman is targeted by _____ for carrying the _____ who could change the course of the world.  It isn’t very original and the movie doesn’t have enough fun with it.  The big plus for this movie is a relatively short runtime so commitment isn’t that big of a deal.

Christopher Walken had a ton of fun with his role as Gabriel in the first movie.  He still is having fun here and it seems like he probably had free rein of a lot of how his character is played.  I always like seeing Flashdance’s Jennifer Beals show up and with such a short list of credits, it is too bad that Brittney Murphy’s suicide character isn’t better used because she does a decent job in her scenes.  Eric Roberts appears as the archangel Michael and Seinfeld semi-regular Steve Hytner returns as the guy who is actually putting the pieces together about the war in Heaven.

prophecy ii danyael valerie church jennifer beals russell wong

So I knocked you up with an angel baby…should have used protection

While it didn’t feel like The Prophecy had a huge budget, this feels like a real step down.  The locations and shooting of the movie just doesn’t look as slick and polished as the first movie which isn’t saying a lot.  The lack of style adds to the less than interesting story for a so-so result.

The Prophecy II feels like just one of those movies that is just there.  It doesn’t have much that is memorable and it isn’t very fun.  While Christopher Walken is fun, he isn’t enough to save this movie from being a real snoozer.  When talking about angels and the Apocalypse, you’d think “dull” isn’t a word that would be attached to a film…but it is suitable here.  The Prophecy II was followed by The Prophecy 3:  The Ascent in 2000.

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