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Goodbye, Michael Scott

The Search Committee

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The Office is changing again!

Jo Bennett (Kathy Bates) continues to own the office with Michael Scott (Steve Carell) running it, but things are going to change.  When Toby (Toby Flenderson) is called away on the Scranton Strangler Trial, Michael’s love Holly Flax (Amy Ryan) is brought back to fill in.  Can Michael and Holly finally be together and what does it mean for the office if their love works out?

The Office—Season 7 ran on NBC from September 9, 2010 to May 19, 2011.  It was nominated for four Primetime Emmys Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series (Steve Carell), Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series (“Goodbye, Michael”), and Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Comedy or Drama Series (“Andy’s Play”).

the office season 7 episode 18 garage sale michael proposal holly amy ryan steve carell kiss

Michael takes the leap!!!

This season was a bit better than Season 6, but still not to the level of the earlier seasons.  The season is a bit unbalanced and it relies too heavily on guest-stars.  This is especially seen in the “Search Committee” episode that had appearances by Jim Carrey, Ray Romano, Will Arnet, Warren Buffett, Catherine Tate, and James Spader.  While Catherine Tate and James Spader do return the next season, the other characters just felt shoved in for a big blow-out.

It doesn’t make sense to have a big blow-out episode when the really well done “Goodbye, Michael” episode a few episodes before the finale had much more resonating effect on the series.  It was sentimental, sad, and funny at the same time.  It just doesn’t make sense to have this big episode not be the season finale since it almost felt like a series finale.

the office season 7 episode 21 goodbye michael scott leaves steve carell

Abandoning a sinking ship?

The episodes leading up to Michael’s departure were great and reminded me why I loved The Office.  The “Garage Sale”, “PDA”, and “Threat Level Midnight” are what are best about The Office and why it is a great series.  The writers did a nice job wrapping up some of the threads that needed to be worked on while Michael was around.  Once Michael leaves, although it was intended as a short guest stint, Will Ferrell just tries too hard as the boss.  There are moments that are funny, but for the most part it is painful. On a side note in the “” episode (which is one of the better episodes) it kind of bugs me that none of the characters (including Dwight) and no one the props or writing staff knows the difference between hay and straw.

the office season 7 episode 24 search committee robert california james spader

Robert California…the future of The Office?

Another “big fail” was the long awaited appearance by Ricky Gervais’ “David Brent” appearance.  As a producer of the series, and such a great character in the original Office, I expected more than a pre-credit cameo (and an appearance in the “Search Committee” episode).  I waited six and a half years for a minute appearance.  It feels like a bit of a cheat to fans.

Michael Scott came a long way over seven years.  The first season found the character just trying to find himself and separate from the British Office.  Carell helped make The Office…Anything past Season Seven is going to have a hard time beating Carell’s run…but The Office sometimes can surprise and thrive.

The Office—Season 7 Complete Episode Guide:

the office season 7 episode 1 nepotism michael spanks nephew evan peters steve carell


7.1       Nepotism Airdate:  09/23/10

Dunder-Miflin is back and now Dwight (Rainn Wilson) owes the building and Jim (John Krasinski) is using it to his advantage.  Gabe (Zach Woods) and Erin (Ellie Kempler) are dating, and Andy (Ed Helms) wonders how he can get her back.  Michael (Steve Carell) finds he has to defend his nephew Luke (Evan Peters) when everyone in the office turns on him.  When Pam (Jenna Fischer) ruins Jim’s joke, she tries to get back at Dwight by tampering with the elevator.

the office season 7 episode 2 counseling michael toby flenderson steve carell


7.2       Counseling Airdate:  09/30/10

Michael is forced to undergo counseling for spanking his nephew and learns he has to do the counseling with Toby (Paul Lieberstein).  Pam discovers she’s struggling as a salesperson and tries to set herself up at the office administrator.  Dwight finds himself slighted at the mall, and Jim and Andy (Ed Helms) decide to get revenge.

the office season 7 episode 3 andys play sweeney todd ed helms

“Andy’s Play”

7.3       Andy’s Play Airdate:  10/07/10

Andy is part of a local performance of Sweeney Todd and tries to woo Erin back by inviting everyone in the office…but a problem arises when Jim and Pam need a babysitter.  Michael finds he’s jealous of the actor playing Sweeney Todd since he wasn’t asked to audition.

the office season 7 episode 4 sex ed herpies ed helms oscar nunez john krasinski

“Sex Ed”

7.4       Sex Ed Airdate:  10/14/10

Michael comes to work with a sore on his lip and fears it is herpies which leads to a quest to track down his old girlfriends.  When Michael talks to Holly (Amy Ryan), he learns that he might have misunderstood their relationship and goes to see Jan Levinson (Melora Hardin), Helene (Linda Purl), and Carol Stills (Nancy Carell).  Andy tries to give the office a sex talk to find out what going on between Erin and Gabe.

the office season 7 episode 5 the sting danny corday timothy olyphant

“The Sting”

7.5       The Sting Airdate:  10/21/10

Dwight and Michael try a big sales pitch to a client and learn that Danny Corday (Timothy Olyphant) is trying to get the business also.  When Michael tries to seal the deal, Dunder-Mifflin is under sold by Corday…leading Dwight and Michael on a mission to find out how Corday sells to clients.  Andy learns a former classmate is getting famous from a radio ad and forms a band to try to make his own commercial.

the office season 7 episode 6 costume control gabe lewis lady gaga zach woods

“Costume Contest”

7.6       Costume Contest Airdate:  10/28/10

It is Halloween at Dunder-Mifflin, and the office is competing for a Scranton coupon book.  Michael learns Darryl (Craig Robinson) went over his head with an idea for corporate.  The office questions if they can accept Danny Corday since he once dated Pam.

the office season 7 episode 7 christening john krasinski jenna fischer


7.7       Christening Airdate:  11/04/10

Cece is getting christened and the office has all come to see it.  Michael deals with not being Cece’s godfather, and Jim and Pam find they are having a problem when the church announces that they are having an open reception.  Michael and Andy decide to join a youth service trip to Mexico from the church while Jim loses Cece and questions if Angela (Angela Kinsey) could have taken her.

the office season 7 episode 8 viewing party beer me jim rainn wilson john krasinski jenna fischer

“Viewing Party”

7.8       Viewing Party Airdate:  11/11/10

The search for the Scranton Strangler might finally be over, and Dunder-Mifflin might get a first hand view.  Gabe and Erin invite the office to a Glee showing party, and Michael learns that the staff thinks Gabe has more power than him…leaving to a stand-off with Gave over Glee.  Andy tries to find a way to impress Erin, and Jim and Pam find a surprising person can keep Cece from crying.

the office season 7 episode 9 ryan bj novak steve carell oscar nunez


7.9 Airdate:  11/18/10

Ryan (B.J. Novak) is trying to get WUPHF to take off but realizes that it is going to go bust if it doesn’t sell quickly.  Jim is on a hot streak but learns that there is a commission cap stopping his sales profit.  Dwight has a hay festival in the parking lot, and Angela meets State Senator Rob Lipton (Rob Coleman).

the office season 7 episode 10 china dwight drinks coffee with feet rainn wilson


7.10     China Airdate:  12/02/10

The office grows tired of Dwight’s cutbacks in the building, and Pam threatens to move the company to another location.  Darryl finds Andy’s texting irritating and threatens to block him.  Michael grows scared when he reads a Newsweek article that China is rising in power, and Oscar (Oscar Nuñez) feels threatened when Michael is more educated on China.

the office season 7 episode 11 classy christmas dwight snowman john krasinski

“Classy Christmas”

7.11     Classy Christmas Airdate:  12/09/10

It’s Christmas time at the office, and everyone is celebrating.  Jim starts a war with Dwight over the first snow, and Dwight might just get the best of him.  Toby is selected for the Scranton Strangler trial, and Michael learns Holly Flax is going to be filling in for Toby…leading Michael to blow-up the Christmas party into a formal affair.  Holly comes back to Scranton but Michael finds that it is not all good news.  Darryl tries to celebrate Christmas with his daughter but finds she doesn’t want to be with him while Angela deals with dating a senator…that Oscar believes has secrets of his own.

the office season 7 episode 12 ultimatum holly ring fingers amy ryan


7.12     Ultimatum Airdate:  01/20/11

Michael waits to find out if Holly’s ultimatum to her boyfriend has worked and Erin continues to distrust her.  Pam decides to have the office set New Year’s resolutions, and Michael uses it as a means to get at Holly.  Andy and Dwight vow to find women while Darryl tries to read more for his New Year’s resolution.

the office season 7 episode 13 the seminar michael scott david brent ricky gervais steve carell

“The Seminar”

7.13     The Seminar Airdate:  01/27/11

Michael encounters a fellow paper salesman named David Brent (Ricky Gervais).  Andy’s sales are down and hosts a seminar to try to drum up business.  Michael and Holly join the seminar as a Greek couple for fun while Jim hides from a guy he has a past with.  Erin challenges Gabe to Words with Friends and is helped by Pam and Oscar.

the office season 7 episode 14 the search dwight erin ellie kemper rainn wilson

“The Search”

7.14     The Search Airdate:  02/03/11

Michael tries to get Holly to take the next step in their relationship and is sent on a sales call with Jim.  Pam starts a caption contest, and Gabe imposes rules.  When Jim gets an emergency call from their sitter, Jim is forced to abandon Michael at a gas station.  Holly, Erin, and Dwight set out to track Michael when he goes missing.

the office season 7 episode 15 pda holly michael amy ryan steve carell


7.15     PDA Airdate:  02/10/11

It is Valentine’s Day and the office is dealing with Michael and Holly’s public displays of affection now that they are dating.  Jim and Pam go to a romantic lunch but come back tipsy.  Erin and Andy work together to find Gabe’s Valentine gift to Erin.  When Jim and Pam learn almost everyone has had sex in the office, they decide to try to find a place to do it.  Michael and Holly admit their feelings for each other but are faced with a new problem.

the office season 7 episode 16 threat level midnight michael movie speed skating oscar nunez steve carell

“Threat Level Midnight”

7.16     Threat Level Midnight Airdate:  02/17/11

Michael has completed his movie Threat Level Midnight and the office prepares to see it.  The office worries that they will laugh when they see it and hurt Michael’s feelings.  Michael Scarn must stop Goldenface.  When Holly sees the movie, Michael finds she doesn’t love it.

the office season 7 episode 17 todd packer holly michael david koechner amy ryan steve carell

“Todd Packer”

7.17     Todd Packer Airdate:  02/24/11

Todd Packer (David Koechner) returns to the office and begins to insert himself into the office.  Pam gets Erin a new computer for reception and causes a problem among the other employees.  Jim and Dwight find they are on the same side of the battle and consider a team-up to get rid of Packer.  Holly finds herself at odds with Michael over Todd Packer.

the office season 7 episode 18 garage sale proposal holly amy ryan

“Garage Sale”

7.18     Garage Sale Airdate:  02/24/11

The office is having a garage sale, and Dwight is out to swap his way to the best item.  Michael prepares to make a big jump in his relationship with Holly.  Andy and Darryl have an intense game of Dallas.  Holly gets bad news from home that could change Michael’s plans.

the office season 7 episode 19 training day new boss deangelo vickers will ferrell steve carell

“Training Day”

7.19     Training Day Airdate:  04/14/11

Michael is leaving the office and a new boss is being trained named Deangelo Vickers (Will Ferrell).  The office prepares to meet Deangelo, and everyone is out to impress him.  Michael starts to get jealous of all the attention Deangelo is getting and begins to butt heads with him.

the office season 7 episode 20 micahels last dundies deangelo vickers michael scott will ferrell

“Michael’s Last Dundies”

7.20     Michael’s Last Dundies Airdate:  04/21/11

It’s Dundies time and Michael is initiating Deangelo to his tradition and slighting Dwight.  Erin makes a decision about her relationship with Gabe.

the office season 7 episode 21 goodbye michael scott hugs pam jenna fischer steve carell

“Goodbye, Michael”

7.21     Goodbye, Michael Airdate:  04/28/11

Michael says goodbye to the office but decides he has to leave before his going away party.  Gabe deals with his break-up with Erin and threatens Andy.  When Michael finds that Pam is out for the day, his last goodbye may never happen.

the office season 7 episode 22 the inner circle deangelo vickers will ferrell zach woods john krasinski

“The Inner Circle”

7.22     The Inner Circle Airdate:  05/05/11

Deangelo is in charge of the office and has formed an inner circle causing problems with the office since the women think he’s sexist.  Deangelo tries to connect with Dwight, but Dwight rejects his attempts at friendship.  Ryan pretends to be the boss of Kelly (Mindy Kaling) to impress Deangelo.  Jordan tries to prove he’s not sexist by bringing in a new assistant named Jordan (Cody Horn).

the office season 7 episode 23 dwight k schrute acting manager rainn wilson

“Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager”

7.23     Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager Airdate:  05/12/11

Deangelo has been hospitalized and Dwight finds himself as acting manager when Jim passes over the opportunity.  The office is miserable, and Jim tries to find a way to oust Dwight when Jo Bennett (Kathy Bates) comes to visit.

the office season 7 episode 24 search committee merv bronte ray romano

“Search Committee”

7.24     Search Committee Airdate:  05/19/11

Creed (Creed Bratton) is in charge of the office while the search committee made up of Gabe, Toby, and Jim looks at potential managers.  Outside interviews come from Fred Henry (Will Arnett), Warren Buffett, Robert California (James Spader), Merv Bronte (Ray Romano), David Brent, Nellie Bertram (Catherine Tate), and the Finger Lakes guy (Jim Carrey) with inside interviews come from Darryl, Andy, and Kelly.  Phyllis (Phyllis Smith) and Erin learn that they could be mother and daughter and wait for the results.  Dwight continues to slack after begin passed up for the job and threatens to leave until he gets an interview.  Angela’s state senator makes a proposal, but the office debates telling her about his secret lifestyle.  It’s decision time…who will be the new boss of the office?

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