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the office season 2 episode 21 conflict resolution cast

Another happy day at The Office!

The people of Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton branch continue to serve their clients…if it doesn’t get in the way of serving themselves.  Michael Scott (Steve Carell) keeps a loose hold on his team…less is more.  Dwight (Rainn Wilson) finds a possible romance with someone in the office, and Michael finds a surprising “one night stand” that he can’t give up on…but it also could put his career in jeopardy.  Jim (John Krasinski) discovers that Pam (Jenna Fischer) and Roy (David Denman) are planning their wedding and it could lead to one last attempt to change things.

the office season 2 episode 16 valentines day dwight bobblehead rainn wilson

Get your Dwight Bobblehead!

The Office—Season 2 aired from September 20, 2005 to May 11, 2006 on NBC and received stronger ratings and reviews than the previous short season.  The success led to an early renewal and a Prime Time Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series with nominations for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series (Carell), Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series (“Christmas Party”), Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing for a Comedy Series (“Booze Cruise” and “Christmas Party”).

When the U.S. version of The Office was announced, I was pretty nervous.  I loved the U.K. Office and felt that a lot wasn’t transferable.  The first season of The Office didn’t help much.  The English humor was put into the series and didn’t quite work…the season began to balance itself out at the end of the short season, but it could go either way.  Fortunately, The Office transformed into a great comedy.

the office season 2 episode 9 email surveillance michael improve group kim jeong steve carell

He says he has a gun

The Office hits its stride quickly this season.  The short six episodes set the ground work so this season is all about developing the case.  The series is a show that benefits from multiple viewings because you see more in-jokes…especially earlier episodes where some of the supporting characters are already starting to develop and first time viewers might not see that.

The series survives through the supporting characters.  While John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, Rainn Wilson, and Steve Carell hold the series together, it is the work of the supporting actors that make the series real.  They add depth and provide foils for the characters.  This season also sees guest appearances by Amy Adams as Jim’s girlfriend (reprising her appearance from the first season), Tim Meadows, Rob Riggle, Ken Howard, Conan O’Brien, Nancy Carell, and Ken Jeong.

the office season 2 episode 22 casino night jim and pam kiss michael krasinski jenna fischer

The Kiss…

The series’ style was also at its tops at the time.  The documentary format was relatively new to network TV and The Office really helped enterprise it.  The show’s popularity led to multiple copycats, but The Office utilized it right.

The Office—Season 2 shows The Office at some of its best moments.  I actually forget when rewatching it how early things began to develop (like Dwight and Angela).  The season essentially ends with a cliffhanger that has you scrambling for season 3 quickly (which was kind of a painful wait for viewers back when it originally aired).  Where does The Office—Season 3 go after the big kiss?  Hint:  The Office—Season 3 doesn’t disappoint.

The Office—Season 2 Complete Episode Guide:

the office season 2 episode 1 the dundies chilis pam beesley jenna fischer john krasinski

“The Dundies”

2.1       The Dundies Airdate:  09/20/05

It’s the Dundies and the office is getting ready for them.  Dwight (Rainn Wilson) learns that someone has written something in the women’s bathroom about Michael (Steve Carell) and sets out to find the person responsible.  With Chili’s hosting, the Dundies are on…despite corporate’s refusal to fund it.  A fight with Roy (David Denman) has Pam (Jenna Fischer) celebrating on her own and giving Jim (John Krasinski) some one-on-one time with her.

the office season 2 episode 2 sexual harassment jim halpert sex doll john krasinski

“Sexual Harassment”

2.2       Sexual Harassment Airdate:  09/27/05

The firing of the CFO leads Dunder-Mifflin to refresh the rules on sexual harassment.  Despite orders from Toby (Paul Lieberstein), Michael continues the jokes…leading to a meeting with Jan Levinson (Melora Hardin) and the company’s lawyers.  Todd Packer (David Koechner) could test the limits of the sexual harassment rules and make Michael choose a side.  Pam has a visit from her mother (Shannon Cochran).

the office season 2 episode 3 office olympics dwight michael jim john krasinski steve carell rainn wilson

“Office Olympics”

2.3       Office Olympics Airdate:  10/04/05

Michael is getting into real estate and getting a condo…but Dwight has him second guessing his decision.  Jim learns that everyone has office games, and Jim organizes the Dunder-Mifflin Olympics.  Pam learns that Angela (Angela Kinsey) has her own game involving Jim.

the office season 2 episode 4 the fire ryan dwight kevin bj novak rainn wilson brian baumgartner

“The Fire”

2.4       The Fire Airdate:  10/11/05

Dwight finds he’s jealous of Michael’s relationship with Ryan (B.J. Novak).  A fire alarm at the office pushes everyone out into the parking lot…leading to some thought provoking questions.  Pam finds she’s jealous of Jim’s new girlfriend Katy (Amy Adams).

the office season 2 episode 5 halloween steve carell creed bratton2.5       Halloween Airdate:  10/18/05

It’s Halloween and everyone is dressing up…unfortunately Michael must fire one of the employees by Jan’s orders.  Pam tries to push Jim to go for a better job that’s out of state.

the office season 2 episode 6 the fight dwight vs michael steve carell rainn wilson

“The Fight”

2.6       The Fight Airdate:  11/01/05

Dwight has gotten a new belt at the dojo…leading Jim and Pam to convince Michael to fight him.  Michael puts off signing important papers as Ryan finds giving Michael his telephone number might be a mistake.

the office season 2 episode 7 the client michael jan tim meadows steve carell melora hardin

“The Client”

2.7       The Client Airdate:  11/08/05

Michael and Jan try to land a big government client (Tim Meadows) and Jan finds that Michael might know more about the art of the sale than he implies…leading to a big surprise.  Pam discovers Michael’s secret script Threat Level Midnight which leads to a performance by the office.

the office season 2 episode 8 performance review suggestion box steve carell kate flannery melora hardin rainn wilson

“Performance Review”

2.8       Performance Review Airdate:  11/15/05

Michael tries to figure out what his relationship with Jan is after their night together…leading Michael’s reviews to determine what Jan might be thinking.  When Jan comes to the office, things get out of control.

the office season 2 episode 9 email surveillance islands in the stream michael jim steve carell john krasinski

“Email Surveillance”

2.9       Email Surveillance Airdate:  11/22/05

Michael gains access to the office’s email and learns that Jim is throwing a party…that he’s not invited to.  Pam and Jim suspect that Dwight and Angela might have a relationship.

the office season 2 episode 10 christmas party shots michael meredith phylis kevin

“Christmas Party”

2.10     Christmas Party Airdate:  12/06/05

It’s Christmas and Michael is boosting the party due to his big holiday bonus.  Jim gets Pam in Secret Santa, but his plans for a sentimental gift backfire when Michael suggests a “Yankee Swap”…and Michael’s iPod becomes the big hit.

the office season 2 episode 11 booze cruise amy adams john krasinski

“Booze Cruise”

2.11     Booze Cruise Airdate:  01/05/06

Michael plans a cruise for a motivational speech and a corporate employee is going with them to monitor the situation.  Jim finds his relationship with Katy is in trouble but a decision to go after Pam could be threatened by an announcement by Roy.

the office season 2 episode 12 the injury dwight doctor rainn wilson david doty

“The Injury”

2.12     The Injury Airdate:  01/12/06

Michael suffers a tragic injury.  He’s burned his foot on his George Foreman Grill and demanding everyone’s attention.  Pam and Jim realize that Dwight could be the one in trouble when he suffers an injury by having an accident while running to Michael’s aid.

the office season 2 episode 13 the secret michael jim hooters steve carell john krasinski

“The Secret”

2.13     The Secret Airdate:  01/19/06

Jim realizes that telling Michael about his feeling for Pam might have been a mistake.  Oscar (Oscar Nunez) calls in sick and Dwight is assigned to find out why…leading to a discovery.

the office season 2 episode 14 the carpet michael roy david denman steve carell

“The Carpet”

2.14     The Carpet Airdate:  01/26/06

Michael arrives at work to find out that someone went to the bathroom in his office.  Now, the quest is on to find out who is responsible.  Jim finds himself kicked out of his desk by Michael and feeling awkward about his relationship with Pam.  Kelly Kapoor (Mindy Kaling) tries to find out if Ryan likes her.

the office season 2 episode 15 boys and girls jan levinson melora hardin cast

“Boys and Girls”

2.15     Boys and Girls Airdate:  02/02/06

Jan has come to Scranton to run a Women in Business seminar for the women at the office…much to Scott’s chagrin.  Michael finds himself shuttled to the warehouse to host his seminar for the men but accidentally starts talk of a union with Darryl Philibin (Craig Robinson) and his men.  Pam learns about a work sponsored art class in New York City.

the office season 2 episode 16 valentines day jan michael david wallace andy buckley steve carell melora hardin

“Valentine’s Day”

2.16     Valentine’s Day Airdate:  02/09/06

Michael is headed to New York City for a corporate meeting and his night with Jan could become a problem with their new CFO David Wallace (Andy Buckley).  Phyllis (Phyllis Smith) reaps in the rewards of dating Bob Vance (Robert R. Schafer) and makes the other women in the office jealous.

the office season 2 episode 17 dwights speech rainn wilson

“Dwight’s Speech”

2.17     Dwight’s Speech Airdate:  03/02/06

Dwight is the Saleman of the Year for the region and expected to give a speech.  When Dwight is forced to face his fears both Michael and Jim have suggestions on how to do it.  Jim debates a vacation that could take him away during Pam’s wedding.

the office season 2 episode 18 take your daughter to work day toby paul lieberstein

“Take Your Daughter to Work Day”

2.18     Take Your Daughters to Work Day Airdate:  03/16/06

It is take Your Daughter to Work Day and the office is participating despite Michael’s dislike.  Pam tries to get a kid to like her.  Meredith (Kate Flannery) brings her son to work to deal with a suspension.  A flashback from Michael’s past recalls

the office season 2 episode 19 michaels birthday skating brian baumgartner steve carell

“Michael’s Birthday”

2.19     Michael’s Birthday Airdate:  03/30/06

It’s Michael birthday and Michael is ready to celebrate…but Kevin (Brian Baumgartner) is waiting to see if he has skin cancer which puts a damper on Michael’s plans.  A trip to the skating rink has Michael running into his real estate agent Carol (Nancy Carell).

the office season 2 episode 20 drug testing joint rainn wilson

“Drug Testing”

2.20     Drug Testing Airdate:  04/27/06

The discovery of a joint in the parking lot has Dwight searching for the culprit and Michael fearing that he could test positive due to an Alicia Keys concert.

the office season 2 episode 21 conflict resolution pam jim angela kinsey john krasinski jenna fischer

“Conflict Resolution”

2.21     Conflict Resolution Airdate:  05/04/06

Michael learns about Toby’s complaint box and decides to resolve problems with the office.  Pam learns that someone complained about her wedding preparations and suspects Angela.  Dwight learns his complains about Jim have gone unheard, and Jim wonders if it is time for a change.

the office season 2 episode 22 casino night carol jan michael steve carell melora hardin nancy carell

“Casino Night”

2.22     Casino Night Airdate:  05/11/06

It’s a charity casino night at the office and the party is happening.  Michael finds he has two “dates” when Carol and Jan both agree to come to night.  Jim debates transferring to another branch, but a moment after the party could change everything.

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