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Meet George Jetson!

George Jetson lives a middleclass life in the far flung future.  Working for Spacely Sprockets, he and his wife Jane and their children Judy and Elroy enjoy the benefits of the future and all the technology that can make their world better.  The future is now, and the Jetsons are just an everyday family living it!

The Jetsons—Season 1 is a science-fiction animated comedy.  The season aired from September 23, 1962 to March 3, 1963 on ABC.

The Jetsons were created as the flipside to The Flintstones.  While The Flintstones flew, The Jetsons kind of fizzled.  I never could get as into The Jetsons as I did The Flintstones and rewatching the series, I think I can tell a bit better why.

jetsons season 1 episode 20 miss solar system comet art

I wish more Jetsons visuals played with this style

The Jetsons is best when it deals with the sci-fi clichés.  The Flintstones have unavoidable dinosaurs and throwback technology, but the Jetson’s technology is as limited as the creator’s minds…and they don’t push it as far as possible.  While there is plenty of sci-fi elements to explore, the Jetsons’ use of it is almost gimmicky and in passing reference more so than the Flintstones’ anchoring to the Stone Age.  There are some plots that circle around the technology (like George shrinking or the flying suit), but often the stories are basic human stories that don’t tap deep enough into the idea of a family of the future…there are a ton of “robber” episodes which almost feels like the go-to of The Jetsons this season…it starts to feel a bit lazy.

The character also doesn’t do as smart of a job evening out the cast.  George is the lead which isn’t surprising, but there is no “best friend”.  He’s much more connected to Janet who plays the stock footage housewife from the 1960s who shops, complains, and can’t drive and mocks her for it (meals are made by machines and she still talks about being exhausted…it is kind of a backhand insult to the modern audience).  Judy is completely underdeveloped as the teen daughter, and Elroy gets to at least demonstrate the advances in education.  Rosey and Astro aren’t very big roles, and George’s boss Mr. Spacely provides most of the foil/companionship to George.  It isn’t expansive.

Cogswell…he was an obnoxious boss and he didn’t even have half the technology dreamed up today

The Jetsons is also visually best when it takes cues from science fiction.  The designs that dip into classic Buck Rogers or Weird Science looks really create a nice contrast to the “average citizen” feel that the series is trying to create.  The Googie look of the buildings combines with Neo-Futurism and that all works, but I just wish the plots were stronger.  The series does smartly dip into classic Hanna-Barbera by referencing The Flintstones and Yogi Bear…it just needs more of it.

The Jetsons was cancelled after one season and didn’t have the long run that The Flintstones had (t faced off against Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color and Dennis the Menace).  The characters didn’t die and even as a kid, the series reran frequently.  In 1985, the second season of the series launched in syndication and helped cement The Jetsons as classic by boosting the number of episodes.  The Jetsons is enjoyable, but give me The Flintstones any day.

The Jetsons—Season 1 Complete Episode Guide:

jetsons season 1 episode 1 rosey the robot mr spacely

“Rosey the Robot”

1.1       Rosey the Robot Airdate:  09/23/62

Jane’s feeling up to her ears in housework and hires a robot maid named Rosey…but a maid might sabotage George’s attempts to ask Mr. Spacely for a raise.

jetsons season 1 episode 2 a date with jet screamer eep opp ork ah ah song

“A Date with Jet Screamer”

1.2       A Date with Jet Screamer Airdate:  09/30/62

Jane wants to win a date with Jet Screamer, but George’s attempt to sabotage her with Elroy’s song “Eep, Opp, Ork, Ah-ah” backfires.

jetsons season 1 episode 3 the space car robbers jane george

“The Space Car”

1.3       The Space Car Airdate:  10/07/62

The Jetsons are on the market for a new car, but when they accidentally take a car used in a robbery, the police and the robbers come looking for them.

jetsons season 1 episode 4 the coming of astro

“The Coming of Astro”

1.4       The Coming of Astro Airdate:  10/14/62

When Astro follows Elroy home, Jane, Judy, and Elroy hope to convince George to let them keep him…but George’s attempt to bring in Lectronimo and a cat burglar could jeopardize Astro’s chance at a new home.

jetsons season 1 episode 5 jetsons nite out mr spacely

“Jetson’s Nite Out”

1.5       Jetson’s Nite Out Airdate:  10/21/62

Spacely wants to go to the big game, and George could be the answer.  With George using Spacely to get out of a parent-teacher night at Elroy’s school, George and Spacely might be able to pull off the con…if Mrs. Spacely and Jane don’t find out.

jetsons season 1 episode 6 the good little scouts

“The Good Little Scouts”

1.6       The Good Little Scouts Airdate:  10/28/62

George finds himself responsible for taking Elroy’s scout troop to the moon, but when George and Mr. Spacely’s son become lost, George realizes he could face death…or even worse, firing.

jetsons season 1 episode 7 the flying suit george jane judy elroy

“The Flying Suit”

1.7       The Flying Suit Airdate:  11/04/62

Cogswell plans to put Spacely Sprockets out of business with their new flying suit, but when a mix-up at the cleaner puts the suit in George Jetson’s hands, George believes Elroy’s experimental pills could be making human flight possible.

jetsons season 1 episode 8 roseys boyfriend mac

“Rosey’s Boyfriend”

1.8       Rosey’s Boyfriend Airdate:  11/11/62

Rosey’s got a boyfriend in Henry Orbit’s helper robot Mac…and it could throw the whole Jetson household in a tailspin.

jetsons season 1 episode 9 elroys tv show george astro elroy

“Elroy’s TV Show”

1.9       Elroy’s TV Show Airdate:  11/18/62

Elroy’s been tapped to be in a TV series Spaceboy Zoom and His Dog Astro with Astro, but George could be the overbearing celebrity dad that producers fear…plus, Mr. Spacely is tasked with getting his son a TV gig.

jetsons season 1 episode 10 uniblab spacely geroge robot


1.10     Uniblab Airdate:  11/25/62

While George expects a promotion and a raise, he learns that Mr. Spacely has other plans in the form of Uniblab.  Uniblab could revolutionize Spacely Rockets…and put George out of a job.

jetsons season 1 episode 11 a visit from grandpa review episode guide list

“A Visit from Grandpa”

1.11     A Visit from Grandpa Airdate:  12/02/62

Grandpa Jetson has come to visit, but when a mix-up occurs, Janet and Jane think that Grandpa is planning a surprise wedding.

jetsons season 1 episode 12 astros top secret cogswell

“Astro’s Top Secret”

1.12     Astro’s Top Secret Airdate:  12/09/62

Spacely and Cogswell are plotting to put each other out of business.  When Cogswell suspects Spacely has new plans, his agent spies on George…and Astro could be the key!

jetsons season 1 episode 13 las venus review

“Las Venus”

1.13     Las Venus Airdate:  12/16/62

George and Jane are on their second honeymoon to Las Venus.  When Mr. Spacely tries to recruit George for business on the vacation, George has to balance Jane and the potential client Gigi Galaxy.

jetsons season 1 episode 14 elroys pal nimbus the great

“Elroy’s Pal”

1.14     Elroy’s Pal Airdate:  12/23/62

Elroy’s favorite character Nimbus the Great is having a contest to meet him, and when Elroy wins, a mix-up could leave Elroy crushed.

jetsons season 1 episode 15 test pilot george

“Test Pilot”

1.15     Test Pilot Airdate:  12/30/62

George learns from his doctor that he is dying, and to ensure the financial future of his family, George decides risks are something he cannot avoid.

jetsons season 1 episode 16 millionaire astro

“Millionaire Astro”

1.16     Millionaire Astro Airdate:  01/06/63

When a man comes to the Jetsons telling the Jetsons that Astro is actually Tralfaz and the property of a millionaire named G.P. Gottrockets.  With no means to move forward, the Jetsons learn that they might lose Astro forever.

jetsons season 1 episode 17 the little man george jane

“The Little Man”

1.17     The Little Man Airdate:  01/13/63

George is accidentally reduced to six inches tall at work, but fixing the machine responsible means stealing a replacement cog from Cogswell.

jetsons season 1 episode 18 janes driving lesson

“Jane’s Driving Lesson”

1.18     Jane’s Driving Lesson Airdate:  01/20/63

Jane is tired of the bus and learning how to drive over George’s objections.  When Jane’s driving school instructor is hijacked by a bank robber, the bank robber might get more than he bargained for.

jetsons season 1 episode 19 gi jetson george uniblab

“G.I. Jetson”

1.19     G.I. Jetson Airdate:  01/27/63

George finds his number has been called up for the space army.  George finds Uniblab has been put in control of the unit by his commanding officer Spacely…and Uniblab is out to sabotage him.

jetsons season 1 episode 20 miss solar system jane costume

“Miss Solar System”

1.20     Miss Solar System Airdate:  02/03/63

George isn’t paying attention to Jane, and Jane plots revenge by entering the Ms. Solar System contest.

jetsons season 1 episode 21 private property cogswell spacely

“Private Property”

1.21     Private Property Airdate:  02/10/63

Cogswell Cogs is building an office right next to Spacely Sprockets putting them at war again.  George discovers a loophole, but the loophole could doom Spacely’s Sprockets.

jetsons season 1 episode 22 dude planet jane helen

“Dude Planet”

1.22     Dude Planet Airdate:  02/17/63

Jane needs a vacation from her life and is visiting the Beta Bar Ranch at Dude Planet with her friend Helen.  Alone, George tries to prove he can make it without Jane, so she doesn’t cut her vacation short.

jetsons season 1 episode 23 tv or not tv robbers

“TV or Not TV”

1.23     TV or Not TV Airdate:  02/24/63

When George and Astro mistake a TV series shoot for a real bank robbery, they realize seeing the crime could endanger the whole family…and decide they must leave for everyone’s safety.

jetsons season 1 episode 24 elroys mob

“Elroy’s Mob”

1.24     Elroy’s Mob Airdate:  03/03/63

Elroy runs away and accidentally finds himself on the most wanted list when he is abducted by Mugsy Megatron and his gang.

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