The Invaders Classic—Volume 2

invaders classic volume 2 cover trade paperback
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Fun combination of classic Golden Age comics and '70s Marvel

Doesn't contain some of the reprint material from the original comics

Comic Info

Comic Name:  Invaders

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writer:  Roy Thomas/Ed Summer/Stan Lee

Artist:  Frank Robbins/Jim Mooney/Alex Schomburg/Don Rico/Lee Elias/Al Avison

# of Issues:  12

Release Date:  2008


Invaders #12

Reprints The Invaders #10-21 and Annual #1 (November 1976-October 1977). The Invaders battle with Baron Blood is over and as a result Spitfire is born and the Invaders lose Union Jack. The Invaders face off against another superhero team called the Crusaders which reveals a secret of the Falsworths. Traveling deep into Nazi territory, the Invaders face Hitler himself and find themselves in their most perilous situation as a new Union Jack is born.

Written by Roy Thomas with Stan Lee and Ed Summer also contributing, The Invaders Classic—Volume 2 contains a number of shortened issues (due to reprints contained within the issues) and an issue that incorporates part of an original Captain America tale.

The Invaders is still a fun comic. Tapping into the Golden Age of comics this collection feels like even more of a throwback with an out-and-out reprint in The Invaders #10 (November 1976) which recounts Captain America and Bucky’s battle with the Reaper and The Invaders Annual #1 (January 1977) (falling between issues #15 and #16) which tells Captain America, Human Torch, and Sub-Mariner’s battle with classic villains the Hyena, the Shark, and Agent Axis. Unfortunately the collection doesn’t contain the reprints of The Invaders #20 and The Invaders #21 which reprinted Namor’s first appearance in Marvel Comics #1 and his adventure from Marvel Mystery #10.


Invaders #17

Like The Invaders Classic—Volume 1, The Invader Classics 2 also introduces a “new” team of World War II heroes. In Volume 1, the Liberty Legion was introduced (and promptly fizzled), here you get the Crusaders (which were based on DC’s Freedom Fighters), but they made even fewer waves and are rarely seen again (except Dyna-Mite who becomes a regular character in Invaders).

I have a soft spot for the Falsworths and Union Jack so I’m glad to see Union Jack “reborn” in a younger, more proactive version. The original Union Jack was a necessary evil in the story just to give the character history, but with Brian Falsworth taking the reins in The Invaders #19 (August 1977).  Brian continues as a regular player in the Invaders following this volume.

The Invaders Classic—Volume 2 is a worthwhile read. It is a fun series that might read a little heavier than modern comics, but does a nice job blending ’70s Marvels with the classic Golden Age series. The Invaders Classic—Volume 2 was followed by The Invaders Classic—Volume 3 which contains the next issues of The Invaders.

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