The Immortal Hulk 6: We Believe in Bruce Banner

immortal hulk volume 6 we believe in bruce banner cover trade paperback
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Comic Info

Comic Name: The Immortal Hulk

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writer: Al Ewing

Artist: Joe Bennett/Tom Reilly/Matias Bergara

# of Issues: 5

Release Date: 2020

immortal hulk #26 cover alex ross

The Immortal Hulk #26

Reprints The Immortal Hulk #26-30 (January 2020-March 2020).  Shadowbase has been taken down, and now the Hulk has a new goal in his sites…saving the world from humanity.  Hulk’s plans for saving the world have divided the population and set the world in a tailspin.  With Hulk’s increased pressure Roxxon has decided that Hulk’s become their biggest threat and stopping the Hulk is the only way to stop their downhill financial slide.  The Hulk has a lot of problems, and he just keeps adding to his plate.

Written by Al Ewing, The Immortal Hulk Volume 6:  We Believe in Bruce Banner is a Marvel Comics superhero comic book collection.  Following The Immortal Hulk Volume 5:  Breaker of Worlds, the collection features art by Joe Bennett, Tom Reilly, and Matias Bergara.  The issues in the collection were also collected as part of The Immortal Hulk—Volume 3.

The Immortal Hulk has been a crazy rollercoaster ride and this is the next big hill in the attraction.  With the end of the Shadowbase stuff in the previous volume, Hulk’s biggest obstacles are out of his way and now he can actually enact change…which isn’t going to sit well with everyone.

immortal hulk #28 cover alex ross

The Immortal Hulk #28

Like some of the previous collections, this one largely feels like a build-up.  The basic idea is that Hulk is pulling something like Squadron Supreme or The Authority.  He is taking a problem and managing it.  Unlike something like Squadron Supreme or the Authority, Hulk is approaching it like a sledgehammer.  If something is in his way of his goal, he intends to smash it.  The volume did show a small response from Iron Man, but I do kind of question no one standing up to Hulk after making this big announcement (even if he secretly has Namor on his side).

What is interesting about the series in a whole is that Bruce’s mental state is in bigger question than ever before.  The idea that the gamma is an infection and this infection spreads to other “infected” with it like Samson, Rick, Betty, and even She-Hulk is interesting…and add to this that Samson believes that Bruce’s dissociative persona might have already been in place before he became the Hulk leads to a ton of problems…the Hulk is a potential mad tyrant like when he was the Maestro.

The Immortal Hulk continues to be a different take on an old character.  I’m not crazy about the Minotaur and the Roxxon board but any problem I have with them is eliminated by the arrival of Xemnu the Titan (who I have soft spot for).  Regardless what you think of The Immortal Hulk, each issue seems to raise the stakes or tries to…something that not all comics do.  The Immortal Hulk 6:  We Believe in Bruce Banner is followed by The Immortal Hulk 7:  Hulk Is Hulk.

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