The Immortal Hulk 5: Breaker of Worlds

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Ultimate showdown with Fortean, new direction

Tough to decipher The Immortal Hulk #25

Comic Info

Comic Name: The Immortal Hulk

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writer: Al Ewing

Artist:  Joe Bennett/Ryan Bodenheim/German Garcia

# of Issues: 5

Release Date: 2019

immortal hulk #22 cover alex ross

The Immortal Hulk #22

Reprints The Immortal Hulk #21-25 (October 2019- December 2019).  General Fortean is finished playing with the Hulk.  For years, the Hulk has caused disorder, and Fortean sees himself as a means to restore order…at any cost!  Now the Hulk is facing off against Fortean in final battle and he might have some unlikely allies.  Fortean and Hulk are on a collision course and one will surely fall.

Written by Al Ewing, The Immortal Hulk Volume 5:  Breaker of Worlds is a Marvel Comics superhero comic book collection.  Following The Immortal Hulk Volume 4:  Abomination, the collection features art by Joe Bennett, Ryan Bodenheim, and German Garcia.  Issues in the collection were also collected as part of The Immortal Hulk—Volume 3.

Strange uses of characters, strange plots, and obscure references…The Immortal Hulk seems to have a lot of that going for it.  It is a comic book for those who like comics and for those who don’t see comics put out by the current companies as “deep” enough in the sense that they seem to forget history.  The Immortal Hulk is dense and heavy and following along might be harder than you’d expect.

immortal hulk #25 cover breaker of worlds

The Immortal Hulk #25

The battle with General Fortean is rather straight forward.  Through the course of the story, you’ve seen Fortean become more and more corrupt as his attempts to destroy the Hulk become maniacal.  Thunderbolt Ross always seemed to have an inhibitor of life above the mission while Fortean sees the destruction of the Hulk as a goal that the ends justify the means…meaning anyone dying is just casualty of a bigger war.  While the storyline has gone a while, I’m glad to see it kind of wrapping up.

The last issue in the volume is of course the question mark.  It is rather (intentionally) hard to follow and presumably setting up future events of the series.  The story is nonlinear and features characters speaking in sometimes non-existent words (it is meant to be set in the future).  It shows a Hulk that has evolved into an almost Galactus style beast that is kind of the “Omega” when it comes to the end of the universe.  The style reminds me a bit of the Prophet relaunch at Image which required razor focus and deciphering each issue.

The Immortal Hulk once again shows that it is capable of changing.  The horror of the comic swirls around the terrible things happening, and despite Fortean’s apparent demise, the horror doesn’t appear to be stopping.  At the half-way point of the series, the return of Hulk’s dominant villain the Leader could prove an interesting twist on the Hulk’s future.  The Immortal Hulk 5:  Breaker of Worlds is followed by The Immortal Hulk 6:  We Believe in Bruce Banner.

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