The Immortal Hulk 2: The Green Door

immortal hulk volume 2 the green door cover trade paperback
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Comic Info

Comic Name: The Immortal Hulk

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writer: Al Ewing

Artist: Joe Bennett/Lee Garbett

# of Issues: 5

Release Date: 2018

immortal hulk #6 cover review

The Immortal Hulk #6

Reprints The Immortal Hulk #6-10 (November 2018-February 2019).  After his confrontation with Sasquatch, Bruce Banner has noticed a change in the Hulk…something is different and the person wearing the face of his father might be part of some bigger plot.  As Shadow Base seeks to capture and study the Hulk, the Avengers and Captain Marvel find themselves as the means for Gamma Base to succeed, but Gamma Base also might have plans for Hulk that no one knows.  Meanwhile, the Absorbing Man could be the key to discovering what is on the other side of the Green Door!

Written by Al Ewing, The Immortal Hulk Volume 2:  The Green Door is a Marvel Comics superhero comic book collection.  Following The Immortal Hulk Volume 1:  Or Is He Both?, the collection features art by Joe Bennett and Lee Garbett.  The issues in the volume have also been collected as part of Hulk vs. the Avengers and The Immortal Hulk—Volume 1.

The Immortal Hulk is a bright spot in a comic book landscape that has been in flux and changing in the last few years.  The series had rocket success and praise with strong sales and fans everywhere.  I didn’t hop on The Immortal Hulk for a while and questioned the hype.  While the first volume of the series was good, this collection is better…and starts to demonstrate why The Immortal Hulk is different than previous Hulk series.

immortal hulk #8 cover dissected

The Immortal Hulk #8

The series is pretty ruthless and combines aspects of a superhero book with horror.  This volume has Hulk dissected and reassembling himself like the Blob…and even absorbing one of the scientists trying to study him.  These events lead to a fight between Hulk and the Absorbing Man where hulk is emaciated by the Absorbing Man’s new power while the Absorbing Man is literally torn apart by powers he absorbs in a horrific fashion.

These horror storylines are combined with a classic superhero book with both Alpha Flight and the Avengers acting as containment units for the Hulk.  The Avengers are ordered to bring the Hulk in, and Alpha Flight turns into Gamma Flight in an order to determine what the military wants with Hulk.  The blending of the two genres of comic books sometimes doesn’t feel perfect, but The Immortal Hulk often feels like a work in process in the first two volumes.

This collection of The Immortal Hulk has spiked my interest more than the initial rollout.  If I hadn’t already bought volume 2 when I read volume 1, I might have not continued to purchase the series.  Hulk is incredibly difficult to write in a compelling and “new” way, but when it is done well, it is a good book.  Of course, people of a certain age (and probably gender) might be reminded of a different Green Door in a certain movie starring Marilyn Chambers…I don’t think that Hulk will find that behind the door, but we’ll see next volume.  The Immortal Hulk 2:  The Green Door is followed by The Immortal Hulk 3:  Hulk in Hell.

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