The Giant Gila Monster (1959)

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Goofy low budget film

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Movie Name:  The Giant Gila Monster

Studio:  Hollywood Pictures Corporation (II)

Genre(s):  Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy/B-Movie

Release Date(s):  June 25, 1959

MPAA Rating:  Not Rated

giant gila monster attacks train mexican beaded lizard

Don’t be afraid…I’m actually a Giant Mexican Beaded Lizard!

When a young couple disappears, the local sheriff named Jeff (Fred Graham) and hot-rod tow-truck operator named Chase Winstead (Don Sullivan) question if they could have possibly run away.  Unfortunately, the truth is much more dangerous and horrifying.  The dusty town is being menaced by a monster…a giant gila monster!  The massive poisonous lizard is hungry and only Chase can stop it!

Directed by Ray Kellogg, The Giant Gila Monster is a B-Movie sci-fi horror film.  The low budget film was panned upon release.  The movie has gained a cult following over the years and was feature on Mystery Science Theater 3000’s fifth season (MST3K 5-2).

The Giant Gila Monster is one of those films you go into knowing it is bad, so you hope it is fun-bad.  Fortunately, the movie is.  With a really slow, big lizard crawling over scale models, the movie is cheesy goodness.

giant gila monster teen party chase winstead don sullivan

This is one swinging party, Daddy-O!

The story has a lot of stuff going on.  The movie can’t decide if it is a hot-rod movie or a horror film (plus, music built in).  Apparently the people of Texas just think every time there is a car wreck, everyone just wanders off from the wreck, but they are pretty quick to believe in a gila monster growing to gigantic size and menacing the town.  I also enjoy in the film how the character are rather unaffected by the death of their friends and loved ones…beside one or two lines of sadness, they’re over it!

The cast is made up of largely unknown actors.  Fred Graham who played the sheriff in the film had appeared in a few other movies in supporting roles including Vertigo (where he fell to his death at the beginning of the film).  Ken Knox plays Steamroller Smith and was an actual DJ in the area and worked for the executive producer Gordon McLendon (who also supplied family members for the film).

giant gila monster movie mexican beaded lizard

I’ve come here to eat teenagers!

The special effects for the movie are also horrible (but expected).  The movie just involves said giant monster walking over a set and attacking small scale model set.  The sets aren’t very good and gila monsters aren’t the fast creatures around…but most report that this isn’t even a gila monster but a Mexican beaded lizard (if you can’t believe a B-Movie title, what can you believe?!?)

The Giant Gila Monster is a great movie to watch with a group and make fun of throughout.  It was the perfect choice for Mystery Science Theater 3000 because despite being bad, it is still a fun film.  The movie is in public domain and often available in multi-movie packs, but also has been released as an individual film on DVD.

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