The Flintstones—Volume 1

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A surprisingly fun take on the classic series

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Comic Info

Comic Name:   The Flintstones

Publisher:   DC Comics

Writer:   Mark Russell

Artist:   Steve Pugh

# of Issues:  6

Release Date:  2017

flintstones #4 cover review marriage issue

The Flintstones #4

Reprints The Flintstones #1-6 (September 2016-February 2017).  Fred and Wilma Flintstone are the modern Stone Age family!  The idea of a civilized world is a new concept, and Bedrock is a new idea with the Flintstones and their neighbors the Rubbles leading the way.  Be it the concept of marriage and monogamy, Fred and Barney’s coping with their part in the Paleolithic Wars, invading aliens, or a potentially world ending asteroid, the Flintstones will face it all…and the world will never be the same!

Written by Mark Russell, The Flintstones—Volume 1 is based off the hit Hanna-Barbera TV series which first aired in 1960.  The series is part of DC Comics’ Hanna-Barbera Beyond line of comics and features art by Steve Pugh.

I grew up on The Flintstones like many people (literally if you ate Fruity Pebbles and took your Flintstones Vitamins).  When I first saw concept art for this series I thought it was rather groan-worthy and another attempt to rape and pillage memories of childhood for a cheap attempt at profit…then I read The Flintstones.

flintstones #3 cover variant fred dino

The Flintstones #3 Variant

The Flintstones turned out to be a lot of fun and quite smart.  By putting the comic in “early civilization”, the series was able to poke fun and critique today’s social issues.  It looks at marriage equality, science, religion, and even the plight of veterans…while still having that same Flintstones’ style that made the original show popular.  It combines comedy with sly social commentary.

The series also puts the Flintstones under the microscope.  One of the fun continuing jokes of the series is the situation of the “appliances” in the Flintstones’ home.  You have Dino treated like a dog but vacuum cleaners, bowling balls, and hedge trimmers treated like tools…the animals don’t understand what is going on and why there is a disparity between their treatment.

The Flintstones has tons of possibilities.  The series (like most satire) is a great way to look at modern civilization from a distance while saying things that might not be entirely politically correct (and getting a pass for it).  Even if you thought you knew what The Flintstones was going to be like, the series exceeds expectations.  Check out The Flintstones and have a Yabba-Dabba-Doo time!  The Flintstones—Volume 1 was followed by The Flintstones—Volume 2 which wrapped up the series.

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