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Bedrock welcomes you!

Fred Flintstone is a modern man.  Spending his days at the rock quarry and his evenings hanging out with his wife Wilma and his neighbors Betty and Barney, Fred seemed to find trouble.  Fred is notoriously stingy and always has a money-making scheme.  Be it hunting snorkasauruses for discount meat, opening a drive-in, becoming a teen idol, or even filling in for his duplicate J.L. Gotrocks, Fred’s plans always seem to backfire and often with help from his friend Barney.  As Wilma and Betty try to keep an eye on their husbands, Fred and Barney just hope to survive the Stone Age.

The Flintstones—Season 1 aired from September 30, 1960 to April 7, 1961.  The series was originally called The Flagstones and premiered in a short.  The primetime series was a new attempt at animation to appeal to adults and kids.  The series became an instant hit despite original criticism.

flintstones season 1 episode 4 no help wanted first dino jump on fred

…and Dino has his first of many attacks on his master

The Flintstones was a staple growing up.  With six seasons and hundreds of episodes, The Flintstones seemed to be on a continue rotation on TV.  The Flintstones were just a part of childhood from vitamins to Fruity Pebbles, and the cartoons were just icing on the empire.  Going back and watching The Flintstones from the beginning shows how the characters developed.

The first season of The Flintstones is pretty episodic and takes its format from The Honeymooners.  The series as a whole was episodic, but continuing gags and the growing families of the Flintstones and the Rubbles showed more range and story ideas develop for the characters.  The biggest surprise this season includes the introduction of Dino who can speak and gets the best of Fred and Barney in his first official appearance…but later reverted to normal “dog” dinosaur.

flintstones season 1 episode 15 the girls night out fred hi fye

No one knows how to rock like Fred…I mean Hi-Fye

As much as the art and style of The Flintstones is identifiable, so are the voice actors.  Alan Reed provides the gravelly voice of Fred Flintstone and Jean Vander Pyl provides the voice of his understanding wife.  Fred’s dim neighbor Barney is voiced by Mel Blanc, and Betty is voiced by Bea Benaderet.

The art for The Flintstones is solid but seems to evolve for later seasons in its animation.  The colors get brighter and the art gets a bit cleaner.  The early seasons are pretty raw, but they still work.  One of the best parts of The Flintstones is the crazy inventions involving dinosaurs and that also is more lacking this season.

The Flintstones changed television.  Shows like The Simpsons would never had existed without The Flintstones and The Flintstones operates a lot like The Simpsons.  Fred often seems obtuse and “wrong” in his action, but in the end Fred always makes the right choice for his family.  The Flintstones are work watching from the beginning and are a staple that changed the face of television.

The Flintstones—Season 1 Complete Episode Guide:

flintstones season 1 episode 0 the flagstones pilot original art

“The Flagstones”

1.0       The Flagstones Airdate: 05/01/60

Barney’s attempt at spearfishing backfires when he uses the pool as his pond.


“The Flintstone Flyer”

1.1       The Flintstone Flyer Airdate: 09/30/60

Fred tries to deal with his neighbor Barney and finds Barney has invented a flying machine.  When Barney’s machine injures Fred, Fred and Barney decide to use the injury as an excuse to get out of going to the opera.  When Wilma and Betty almost catch Fred and Barney at the bowling alley, Fred and Barney’s lie might be exposed.

flintstones season 1 episode 2 hot lips hannigan fred singing

“Hot Lips Hannigan”

1.2       Hot Lips Hannigan Airdate: 10/07/60

Fred learns that he has to perform for the Loyal Order of Dinosaurs and tries to come up with an act.  When he makes Wilma and Betty “disappear”, Fred and Barney realize they can use the opportunity to see Fred’s former bandmate Hot Lips Hannigan perform at the Rockland Dance Hall…leading Betty and Wilma to some undercover work.

flintstones season 1 episode 3 the swimming pool fred

“The Swimming Pool”

1.3       The Swimming Pool Airdate: 10/14/60

When Barney and Fred are at odds, Fred finds himself trying to schmooze Barney when Barney decides to build a pool…leading to an unequal partnership.

flintstones season 1 episode 4 no help wanted barney repo man

“No Help Wanted”

1.4       No Help Wanted Airdate: 10/21/60

When Fred gets Barney fired, he works to get Barney a new job…unfortunately, it causes Barney to become a repo-man…and Fred’s TV is the first assignment.

flintstones season 1 episode 5 the split personality frederick

“The Split Personality”

1.5       The Split Personality Airdate: 10/28/60

Fred is hit in the head at Barney’s house, and “Fredrick” is born.  While Frederick is the perfect husband for Wilma, Barney and the other neighbors find Frederick is ruining their lives.

flintstones season 1 episode 6 the monster from the tar pits hollyrock movie

“The Monster from the Tar Pits”

1.6       The Monster from the Tar Pits Airdate: 11/04/60

Hollyrock is coming to Bedrock!  When a movie called The Monster from the Tar Pits is scheduled to be shot in Bedrock, everyone goes crazy for fame.  Fred learns that he is going to be the star of the film as “the monster” and that he’s going to be starring with people like Gary Granite and Tuesday Wednesday.

flintstones season 1 episode 7 the babysitters barney egbert

“The Babbysitters”

1.7       The Babysitters Airdate: 11/11/60

Fred and Barney’s opportunity to watch the big fight live are sabotaged when Wilma and Betty agree to have them babysit their friend’s baby Egbert…now Fred and Barney must find a place to watch the fight while keeping an eye on the baby.

flintstones season 1 episode 8 at the races dinosaurs

“At the Races”

1.8       At the Races Airdate: 11/18/60

Barney and Fred learn that their local pool hall is up for sale and set out to get the cash to buy it.  They must hit it big at the race track to win the money, but first, they need to hide Fred’s paycheck from Wilma.

flintstones season 1 episode 9 the engagement ring wilma betty rubble

“The Engagement Ring”

1.9       The Engagement Ring Airdate: 11/25/60

Barney finally buys Betty an engagement ring but asks Fred to hide it for him.  When Wilma finds the ring, Wilma thinks the ring is for her, and Barney and Fred must come up with a plan.

flintstones season 1 episode 10 hollyrock here i come fred tv star

“Hollyrock, Here I Come”

1.10     Hollyrock, Here I Come Airdate: 12/02/60

Betty and Wilma win a slogan contest and win a trip for two to Hollyrock.  When Wilma and Betty head out, Fred and Barney decide to surprise them by joining them.

flintstones season 1 episode 11 the golf champion trophy fred barney

“The Golf Champion”

1.11     The Golf Champion Airdate: 12/09/60

A dispute over lodge dues leads Fred and Barney to be at odds when Fred’s win at a golf tournament is rescinded…and Wilma and Betty might also become involved.

flintstones season 1 episode 12 the sweepstakes ticket barney fred

“The Sweepstakes Ticket”

1.12     The Sweepstakes Ticket Airdate: 12/16/60

Fred and Barney have a sweepstake ticket, but when Barney and Fred try to hide the ticket.  Wilma and Betty have their own secret sweepstake ticket which they try to hide.

flintstones season 1 episode 13 the drive in betty barney rubble

“The Drive-In”

1.13     The Drive-In Airdate: 12/23/60

Fred and Barney are both looking for new jobs.  Fred decides to open a restaurant with Barney…without telling Wilma or Betty.

flintstones season 1 episode 14 the prowler fred

“The Prowler”

1.14     The Prowler Airdate: 12/30/60

A prowler is striking the neighborhood, but Fred objects to Wilma taking judo lessons.  When Fred tries to prove that Betty can’t protect Barney, he promises to pay for the judo lessons if she can…but the real prowler has other ideas!

flintstones season 1 episode 15 the girls night out rollercoaster

“The Girls Night Out”

1.15     The Girls Night Out Airdate: 01/06/61

Betty and Wilma demand a night out, but the amusement park doesn’t meet their expectations.  When Fred and Barney record a record at the amusement park, it becomes a smash hit…making Fred and unlikely teen idol Hi-Fye.

flintstones season 1 episode 16 arthur quarrys dance class fred barney fire fighters

“Arthur Quarry’s Dance Class”

1.16     Arthur Quarry’s Dance Class Airdate: 01/13/61

Wilma gets four free tickets to an expensive dance, but Fred and Barney realize they can’t dance.  When their attempts to learn fail, Fred and Barney try to secretly take lessons at the Arthur Quarry Dance School.

flintstones season 1 episode 17 the big bank robbery fred barney money

“The Big Bank Robbery”

1.17     The Big Bank Robbery Airdate: 01/20/61

When the loot from a robbery ends up hitting Fred in the head while Fred is at Barney’s, Fred and Barney argue over who it belongs to, but they find themselves on the run when the police think they are responsible for the robbery.

flinstones season 1 episode 18 the snorkasaurus hunter original dino

“The Snorkasaurus Hunter”

1.18     The Snorkasaurus Hunter Airdate: 01/27/61

In an attempt to save money on meat at the market, Fred and Barney decide to combine their vacation with a hunting trip which could mean a new pet for the Flintstones.

flintstones season 1 episode 19 the hot piano fred police

“The Hot Piano”

1.19     The Hot Piano Airdate: 02/03/61

It is Fred and Wilma’s anniversary, and Fred actually remembered it.  Fred buys Wilma a piano but getting it home could be a challenge.

flintstones season 1 episode 20 the hypnotist barney dog pound

“The Hypnotist”

1.20     The Hypnotist Airdate: 02/10/61

In an attempt to hypnotize Wilma to prove a bet, Fred accidentally hypnotizes Barney into believing he’s a dog.  Unfortunately, Fred doesn’t know how to break the hypnosis of Barney.

flintstones season 1 episode 21 love letters on the rocks barney wilma

“Love Letters on the Rocks”

1.21     Love Letters on the Rocks Airdate: 02/17/61

Fred discovers an old love poem and thinks Wilma is having an affair.  As Fred questions how to confront Wilma, Wilma hides that she’s getting Fred’s watch inscribed.

flintstones season 1 episode 22 the tycoon jl gotrocks fred

“The Tycoon”

1.22     The Tycoon Airdate: 02/24/61

Fred Flinstone finds he has a double in J.L. Gotrocks.  Gotrocks’ decision to quit his empire could mean disaster for Fred when Fred is pulled in to be J.L.’s replacement.

flintstones season 1 episode 25 the astra nuts spaceship fred barney

“The Astra’ Nuts”

1.23     The Astra’ Nuts Airdate: 03/04/61

Due to a mix-up by Betty and Wilma, Fred and Barney accidentally join the army for a three year stint, but an option of a space mission could get Fred and Barney free.

flintstones season 1 episode 24 the long long weekend fishing dinosaur

“The Long, Long Weekend”

1.24     The Long, Long Weekend Airdate: 03/10/61

Fred’s friend Gus Gravel invites Fred, Barney, Wilma, and Betty to stay at his resort…but Gus’ might have other plans for the Flintstones and the Rubbles (which includes staffing the resort).

flintstones season 1 episode 25 in the dough baking contest fred barney drag

“In the Dough”

1.25     In the Dough Airdate: 03/17/61

Wilma and Betty’s recipe Upside Down Flint-Rubble Cake is nominated for the Tasty Pastry contest and up for a $10,000 prize if they can win the on-air cooking contest. When measles strikes Betty and Wilma, Fred and Barney decide to impersonate Betty and Wilma to win the contest.

flintstones season 1 episode 26 the good scout boy scouts

“The Good Scout”

1.26     The Good Scout Airdate: 03/24/61

Fred and Barney become scout leaders of the Tiger Patrol.  When Fred, Barney, and the scouts are washed away in a flood, the troop must make it back to civilization.

flintstones season 1 episode 27 rooms for rent fred barney musicians

“Rooms for Rent”

1.27     Rooms for Rent Airdate: 03/31/61

The Flintstones and the Rubbles find they are having money problems.  When both Fred and Wilma both decide to take in a boarder, Fred learns that Wilma and Betty already have boarders in mind…who unfortunately have no money either.

flintstones season 1 episode 28 fred flintstone before and after diet episode

“Fred Flintstone: Before and After”

1.28     Fred Flintstone: Before and After Airdate: 04/07/61

Fred is shown as a “before” picture in a diet advertisement and decides he has to go on a diet to stop the criticism…and win $1,000.

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