The Fall (2006)

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Movie Name:  The Fall

Studio:  Radical Media

Genre(s):  Drama/Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Release Date(s):  September 9, 2006 (Toronto International Film Festival)/May 30, 2008 (US)

MPAA Rating:  R


Go get my pills, little girl!!!

It is 1915, and Roy Walker (Lee Pace) is a stuntman in the early days of film.  With a death wish, he finds himself confined to a hospital bed after a stunt and facing possible paralysis in his legs.  When he meets a young Russian immigrant named Alexandria (Catinca Untaru), Roy sees his chance to collects the pills he needs to end his life.  Weaving a tale of love lost, Roy begins to woo the little girl but doesn’t realize his impact on her life could have unforeseen consequences.

Written and directed by Tarsem Singh, The Fall used the Bulgarian 1981 film Yo Ho Ho as its basis.  The movie was shot over a number of years and multiple locations around the globe to give it scope and “presented” by Spike Jonze and David Fincher at the Toronto International Film Festival.


Awesome! The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is back!

I am not a Tarsem fan.  I think his videos look cool and he does have a vision, but most of his films lack the depth to the scope that he presents them in.  Thus far, The Fall is the only movie of Tarsem that I think has much merit and staying power.

The story for The Fall is rather flat in its basis, but aspects of the tale are much more clever than the whole story. When you are young and told a story, it is generally your perspective (and not the adult telling the story) that shapes your visions.  The story told in the movie is in general the view of a young Russian immigrant…when Walker talks about Native American Indians, she sees Indians from India and a demolition expert becomes a man from China because of her associations (and also she casts people she knows in the roles)…it is this perspective that gives the story depth because you also get to see Walker’s story told (as perceived by Anastasia) through his tale…unfortunately, the real story is rather dull and leaves you wanting the fantasy.


So, do you and your dove come here often?

The movie’s slight story problems are solved by the truly great connection between Lee Pace and the young Catinca Untaru.  Their interactions seem very genuine and sincere and Catinca Untaru in particular does a great job coming off as a kid…I’m guessing much of the dialogue was improvised because she really feels like she is talking as a child.

The two strong actor are surrounded by a lush environment.  In addition to the smartly shot basic stuff, Tarsem traveled the world to give Walker’s story to Anastasia more depth.  Anastasia’s fantasies drive the story and the story feels big like a child’s imagination.


Don’t stick out your tongue at this movie!

The reason The Fall stands out above Tarsem’s other stories is you can tell he really relished this film.  Unlike The Cell which had a weak story and poor acting, The Fall is blessed by strong acting, a decent story, and the signature visionary look that Tarsem gives his film.  The movie didn’t fare well in its limited run but has gained popularity since its release.  I’m not to deny that the film doesn’t have problems, but it is an interesting tale worth seeking out.

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