The Demon: From the Darkness

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7.0 Overall Score
Story: 6/10
Art: 8/10

Nice art, interesting take on the character

Makes some real jumps in storytelling

Comic Info

Comic Name: The Demon (Mini-Series)/The Demon (Volume 2)

Publisher: DC Comics

Writer: Matt Wagner

Artist: Matt Wagner

# of Issues: 5

Release Date: 2013

the demon #1 cover matt wagner

The Demon #1 (Mini-Series)

Reprints The Demon (Mini-Series) #1-4 and The Demon (2) #22 (January 1987-April 1992). Jason Blood and Etrigan the Demon have shared a body since the time of King Arthur…but all things must end. When Jason’s friend and ally Glenda realizes that Etrigan has a tie to the demon Belial, she realizes that it could be the key to determining the nature behind Etrigan and Jason’s bond. Jason has had hope in separating himself from Etrigan before, but the opportunity could be at hand…and a supernatural showdown could be in order.

Written and illustrated by Matt Wagner, The Demon: From the Darkness is a reprint of the DC Comics limited series which ran from January 1987 to April 1987. The collection also features The Demon (2) #22 (April 1992) which featured Matt Wagner’s return to the character.

The Demon is one of those comic creations that I always want to like more than I do. I think Etrigan looks cool, and the artwork from Kirby to present day has been fun. Wagner’s take on the character is an interesting ride, but it also leaves something to be desired.

The core mini-series is a pretty significant in the development in the character. It explores Etrigan, his background, and finally provides a means for Jason Blood to escape the curse of the Demon. It is the telling of the story that is problematic. It seems to take some logic jumps at times, and it had me going back over passages to see if I missed aspects. It feels like the story could have been tightened up in the middle and expanded at the end for a better, rounded story.

the demon #4 cover matt wagner dc comics

The Demon #4 (Mini-Series)

The back-up story from The Demon #22 has a bit of the same problems, but I found it a rather fun, quick, stand-alone story. The Demon has always almost worked better as a supporting character to the story rather than the lead (hence Jason Blood’s role in the series), and here, the Demon is just mostly along for the ride. Reading the Demon series as a whole is sometimes tough, but he is good in small doses.

What can’t be argued with is Wagner’s art style which feels in line with Kirby’s original creation. With smart inking by Art Nichols, the art is rich but also simplistic. The Demon faces problems in that his enemies are often rather generic, and “another demon” just pales in comparison to “The Demon”.

The Demon: From the Darkness is a must for those who are fans of the character. After the separation of Etrigan and his host, the characters were of course remerged during Cosmic Odyssey which eventually led into the second Demon series. The Demon will continue to pop-up and the balance of the character will still always be difficult…someday, maybe someone will completely nail it (but this is a close shot).

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