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Movie Name:  The Dead 2

Studio:  Program Store

Genre(s):  Horror

Release Date(s):  August 23, 2013 (Fright4 FrightFest)/September 16, 2014

MPAA Rating:  R


Zombies always ruin a nice walk across India

Nicholas Burton (Joseph Millson) is a man trying to get back together with his girlfriend Ishani Sharma (Meenu Mishra) who is pregnant with his child.  Unfortunately, Nicholas is in India, and India is being overrun by a zombie outbreak.  Teaming with a young boy named Javed (Anand Krishna Goyal), Nicholas must travel the dangerous land to Mumbai in the hopes of getting Ishani and getting out before it is too late!

Written and directed by the Ford Brothers (Howard J. Ford and Jonathan Ford), The Dead 2 (sometimes referred to as The Dead 2:  India) is a follow-up to the sleeper hit The Dead of 2010.  The movie premiered the Film4 FrightFest in the UK and various other festivals in 2013 with a DVD release in the U.S. in 2014.


Please turn into a Bollywood production, please start singing and dancing!

The Dead was a kind of interesting movie.  It was very much like a Night of the Living Dead style horror film and low budget.  It was rather good looking for its budget but also sufferred from a plot that wasn’t very compelling or different from other zombie films…just in its location.

Like The Dead, The Dead 2 gives up a different type of zombie outbreak by having it occur in India.  The “get to the girl” plot is pretty typical from movies from Shaun of the Dead to comics like Y:  The Last Man.  It is as old as The Odyssey (probably older) and is a compelling story, but the movie should have focused more on what a zombie outbreak in a congested country like India would be like.


A zombie’s got to eat!

India is always shown to have a great poverty divide and Meenu Mishra’s character is supposed to be in the slums of the city.  With so many people packed together in a small area, I think that it should have really been the story…not a sappy love story with a controlling father who always seems to pick up the phone at the wrong time.

I do like how some of the film looks and the movie seems to be a bit bigger than the previous entry.  It does use some great imagery at points, but still could utilize the location even better.  In addition to that the white eyed zombies are some of the least threatening zombie which make you feel that if you happened to get caught by them, you were a pretty slow individual.  I wish that the movie pushed it further…it would have made it a better picture.

The Dead 2 is like The Dead…an underachiever.  Neither film is a bad film, and neither movie excels.  I could see The Dead becoming a franchise with each film featuring a different country…but if they follow this trend, I would like a final film involving a more inclusive story.  The Dead 2 sets up a potential story that could still develop into something in the future.

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