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Great to see some favorite characters getting to expand their roles

Directionless, the Mandalorian improves the season but hijacks it

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Star Wars Big Baddie gets his own series!

Boba Fett (Temuera Morrison) is reestablishing himself in the criminal world…and taking over Jabba the Hutt’s trade on Tatooine could be the first step.  Teamed with Fennec Shand (Ming-Na Wen), Fett finds the crime world of Tatooine is more dangerous than he expected and defeating the criminal opposition will take work…and he’ll need allies.

The Book of Boba Fett is a Star Wars action-adventure limited series.  The series was released weekly on Disney+ from December 29, 2021 to February 9, 2022.  The series was met with mixed reviews.  The series received a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Visual Effects in a Season or a Movie with nominations for Outstanding Stunt Coordination for a Drama Series, Limited Series or Anthology Series or Movie, Outstanding Sound Editing for a One Hour Comedy or Drama Series (“From the Desert Comes a Stranger”), and Outstanding Fantasy/Sci-Fi Costumes (“Stranger in a Strange Land”).

book of boba fett chapter 2 the tribe of tatooine hutts twins

Still better than Ziro the Hutt from Clone Wars…

If you had told me as a kid that not only would we get eight more Star Wars big screen movies and a number of TV series, I would have been in heaven.  It felt like Star Wars was so tight and controlled that the original trilogy was all that we’d have (and some bad TV stuff).  Disney and streaming changed all of that and now Star Wars has become a bit tired…and I can’t believe I’m saying that.

The series finally gives Boba Fett his due.  He gets to be a character and not just a lurking figure…but the fact he wasn’t just a lurking figure didn’t sit well with everyone.  Part of it makes sense, you take the mystique out of a character, and the character becomes like everyone else, but the other part of complaints doesn’t make sense.  The series is a redemption story that shows Boba Fett has a conscience.  The unspoken Boba Fett who first appeared in a cartoon, then Star Wars:  The Empire Strikes Back, followed by Star Wars:  Return of the Jedi and then fleshed out more in Star Wars:  Attack of the Clones was one dimensional, and basing an entire show off of him doesn’t make sense you don’t give him any dimension…aka a personality or at least a code of ethics.

book of boba fett chapter 3 the streets of mos espa black krrsantan wookie

Can we just get a straight up live action bounty hunter series now?

The problem with the series is that it feels unbalanced and directionless.  The first part of the story is mixed with flashbacks of how Boba escaped the sarlac pit and befriended Sand People and the second half is the battle for Mos Espa against the Pykes.  This was an opportunity to showcase Boba Fett, but instead the show gets hijacked by the series The Mandalorian when the main character shows up…it improves The Book of Boba Fett, but it just feels like a means to set-up The Mandalorian—Season 3 instead of its own series (especially if Boba Fett’s redemption quest doesn’t continue in another season).

Temuera Morrison is a great supporting actor, but since Boba Fett feels almost sidelined much of the season, he never feels like he gets past it.  Instead, Ming-Na Wen also gets a better role as Boba’s muscle Fennec Shand.  Pedro Pascal is solid as “Mando” aka the Mandalorian aka Din Djarin, but I’m still not sold upon the CGI Luke Skywalker.  The series features a lot of guest stars from The Mandalorian including Amy Sedaris (Peli Motto), Rosario Dawson (Ahsoka Tano), Timothy Olyphant (Cobb Vanth), but the series also features appearances of Jennifer Beals, Danny Trejo, Stephen Root, Emily Swallow, W. Earl Brown, and voice work by Robert Rodriguez and Mark Hamill.

book of boba fett chapter 5 return of the mandalorian pedro pascal dark sabre

Boba? This is my show now!!!

The series continues to look good, and Tatooine has always been a favorite planet of mine since I loved the original Star Wars so much growing up…there might not be much variety, but it is the lack of variety that keeps it feeling like a nice warm memory.  People objected to the look and characters of the “Power Rangers” bike gang, but like a lot of the series, I just they weren’t as visually problematic as underwritten.

The Book of Boba Fett has an identity crisis.  Is it a simple standalone story?  Is it a redemption quest?  Is it just filler until The Mandalorian–Season 3 and a means to jumpstart the story in the season (aka restore the status quo with the return of Grogu)?  It feels like it is all of these, but it doesn’t do any of these things great…just average.  I admire the attempt, but I think that the series needs more finessing.  As it ends, The Book of Boba Fett needs a second season to decide what it is.  I would watch it, but I might not be that interested.

Star Wars:  The Book of Boba Fett Complete Episode Guide:

star wars the book of boba fett episode 1 stranger in a strange land jabba palace

“Stranger in a Strange Land”

Chapter 1:  Stranger in a Strange Land Release Date:  12/29/21

Boba Fett (Temuera Morrison) finds himself in a role of power taking over Jabba’s palace with Fennec Shand (Ming-Na Wen) as his guide, but not everyone is happy about Fett’s arrival.  As he tries to establish himself on Tatooine, he finds himself remembering his escape from the Sarlac Pit and his encounter with the Sand People.

star wars the book of boba fett chapter 2 the tribe of tatooine sand people

“The Tribe of Tatooine”

Chapter 2:  The Tribe of Tatooine Release Date:  01/05/22

Boba Fett’s claim over Jabba the Hutt’s territory puts him in conflict with the twin cousins of Jabba the Hutt.  Boba Fett remembers discovering the battle of the Sandpeople against settlers and teaching them how to prepare to fight back…and finding himself on his own vision quest.

star wars the book of boba fett chapter 3 the streets of mos espa drash sophie thatcher

“The Streets of Mos Espa”

Chapter 3:  The Streets of Mos Espa Release Date:  01/12/22

Boba Fett learns the power vacuum in Mos Epsa has led crime to rise and that a street gang has risen in city.  Boba Fett recalls trying to establish the Sand People as their own gang and facing a mortal set-back.  Black Krrsantan comes to settle the Hutts’ debts with Boba Fett…which could lead to an understanding and a new ally.

book of boba fett chapter 4 the gathering storm slave i fennec shand ming na wen temuera morrison

“The Gathering Storm”

Chapter 4:  The Gathering Storm Release Date:  01/19/22

As Boba Fett seeks allies with the crime lords and prepares for war with the Pyke Syndicate, he remembers saving the life of Shand and reclaiming Slave-I.  With Shand, Boba Fett recalls tracks down the sarlacc…but retrieving his missing armor might not be easy.

star wars the book of boba fett chapter 5 return of the mandalorian pedro pascal armor

“Return of the Mandalorian”

Chapter 5:  Return of the Mandalorian Release Date:  01/26/22

The Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal) has met with his people and learns more of the Dark Sabre and its past.  Called back to Tatooine by Peli Motto (Amy Sedaris), the Mandalorian tests out a new ship and finds Fennec Shand has an offer for him.

star wars the book of boba fett chapter 6 from the desert comes a stranger cad bane

“From the Desert Comes a Stranger”

Chapter 6:  From the Desert Comes a Stranger Release Date:  02/02/22

The Mandalorian checks in on Grogu and Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) but learns from Ahsoka Tano (Rosario Dawson) that interrupting the training could be difficult.  Boba Fett prepares for war with the Pyke Syndicate and the Mandalorian tries to recruit Cobb Vanth (Timothy Olyphant) at Freetown to fight…but the arrival of Cad Bane (Corey Burton) might cause a problem.

book of boba fett chapter 7 in the name of honor mandalorian pedro pascal temuera morrison

“In the Name of Honor”

Chapter 7:  In The Name of Honor Release Date:  02/09/22

The war is ramping up, and the Pyke Syndicate is doing what it can to protect its spice trade.  Grogu has decided to forgo his Jedi training and seeks out the Mandalorian.  Cad Bane goes to Boba Fett and tells him the Syndicate’s demands…and reveals the truth about the massacre of the Tusken Raiders.  When the Pyke Syndicate goes on the offensive by breaking the truce, Boba Fett’s advantage could be lost.

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