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Movie Name:  The Blair Witch Project

Studio:  Haxan Films

Genre(s):  Horror

Release Date(s):  July 30, 1999

MPAA Rating:  R


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Three young adults, Heather (Heather Donahue), Michael (Michael C. Williams), and Josh (Joshua Leonard), entered woods near Burkettsville, Maryland to shoot a documentary about a local legend known as the Blair Witch in 1994. They were never heard from again. The film footage from their project was found in the forest. This is the story of what happened on the trip, and the evil that came for them.

Directed by Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez, The Blair Witch Project was a found footage horror film.  The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and benefited from strong word of mouth and a viral marketing campaign that indicated that story and the footage in the film were real.  The low-budget film became one of the all time theatrical blockbusters.

I can remember people talking about The Blair Witch Project and the buzz surrounding it.  Everyone was talking about the horror film and how scary it was.  While you can debate the merits of the film, the effect The Blair Witch had on horror is unmistakable.


The scene forever parodied…thanks Blair Witch…thanks a lot.

The movie in reality, isn’t that good. Yes the concept was smart, yes the advertising was awesome, but the film didn’t live up to hype. The acting is terrible. The only part that works is the interview of people of the town at the beginning of the film. They were plants on the street that the director had the actors find. The stories they tell are interesting, but also do not establish a clear line of information on the Blair Witch. Once you are trapped in the the least threatening woods with Heather, Michael, and Josh, you want the Blair Witch to kill them…violently. They are very obnoxious. The “I kicked the map in the river” part shows their weakness as actors…it was so unbelievable (along with the fact Heather claimed to be a hiker and couldn’t get them out of the woods…at least firmly establish that they are being held magically).


Is this because I kicked the map in the river…I know it was a dick move.

The movie doesn’t establish any clear narrative on what the Blair Witch really is. It provides a muddled story of a witch, some dead bodies at a creek, some cemetery, and a guy killing kids…with no connection between anything. Is the witch possessing people? Does she roam the woods or is it her “people”. Once they are in the woods, it was obvious that the director didn’t know what to do to make the story scary. Muffled screams in the night (the sound is awful…you can never hear anything that the characters say “did you hear that” about). The house, the bundle of sticks, the cairns, the stickmen…nothing is established. I couldn’t even tell it was teeth in the stick bundle. I just had to assume. It is like a bad fun house made by kids.


Clever marketing campaign

The movie was often shot by the actual actors, and it shows. Yes, that allows some authenticity, but it doesn’t help for watching purposes. Many viewers found themselves sick by the jerky camera movements. Watching it now, it isn’t as bad because there are many movies shot like The Blair Witch Project now. It is easier to stomach.

Found footage stories just don’t have what is needed to keep themselves interesting. You know you are headed for a bad ending. The movie’s ending shots are actually decent. I don’t have much of a problem with the last images, but still I wanted more payout in this movie since I had to sit through almost an hour and a half of whiny by the main characters.

The Blair Witch Project is not the best, but it is far better than many similar genre films).  I do admire the sense of style that the producers used to bring it to the screen. I don’t know how people could have watched the movie and believed it was real. It didn’t help that I was from the Midwest and Heather Donahue was in Steak ’N Shake commercials at the time. I can’t recommend this movie to most, but I do think it is important for understand where horror has gone since its release. The Blair Witch Project was followed by Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 in 2000.

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