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7.0 Overall Score
Story: 7/10
Acting: 8/10
Visuals: 7/10

Series grows on you, good voice actors

Short format of the series doesn’t give the characters enough development over the seasons

the batman season 5 episode 13 lost heroes part 2 final

Batman and Robin are back (and sometimes Batgirl shows up)

The Batman is back, and Gotham needs him!  With the world trying to recover from the Joining’s attack, Batman is trying to assemble the Justice League as Earth’s first round of protection.  While some heroes are eager to join, wooing Superman could mean Batman has to gain his trust first.  When Gotham is struck by villains of Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Hawkman, and Flash, he, Robin, and Batgirl might have to look for aid in dealing with the threats…but there might be a bigger danger lurking around the corner!

The Batman—Season 5 aired from September 22, 2007 to March 8, 2008 on the Kids’ WB.  It was the final season in the series and received Daytime Emmy nominations for Outstanding Sound Mixing—Live Action and Animation and Outstanding Sound Editing—Live Action and Animation.

the batman season 5 episode 10 the end of the batman wrath

I always love when they introduce “a new best friend” of Bruce we’ve never seen…and of course he’s the villain

The Batman was a series that had to grow on me.  The style and the art of the first season were rather jarring when compared to something like Batman:  The Animated Series and the style and acting of the characters likewise was a different direction.  Despite the acceptance curve for the series, The Batman ended up being a nice (though not better than Batman: The Animated Series) show.

One of the issues with The Batman is that the season are so short.  With Batman:  The Animated Series, the long-style format of the syndicated show gave the characters depth and direction and even if there weren’t a ton of continuing plotlines, you got a good grasp of Batman and his villains.  Here, the episodes are mostly one-offs as well, but there isn’t enough time to have as many “feature” episodes to highlight villains, the Bat Family, or Batman’s relationship with allies in the Justice League.  It was interesting that Batman was the force behind the Justice League when he normally is the more secretive member, but it feels like it never got to be fully explored.

the batman season 5 episode 7 ring toss green lantern

In the Darkest Night…or Knight?

The voice-work always seems to impress on the Warner Bros. TV series The core cast of Rino Romano (Batman), Evan Sabara (Robin), Danielle Judovits (Batgirl), and Alastair Duncan (Alfred) is what you need from voice actors.  They are joined by some nice guest-stars including Clancy Brown, Dana Delany, James Remar, Louis Gossett Jr., Chris Hardwick, John Larroquette, Kevin Michael Richardson, Mitch Pileggi, Miguel Ferrer, Dermot Mulroney, Patton Oswalt, Jerry O’Connell, Peter MacNicol, Ron Perlman, Dan Castellaneta, Robert Patrick, and even an early role by Chris Pratt.

As mentioned, the visuals of The Batman take a while to get used to.  I do feel that the series has soften a little from the early episodes and has managed to reach a nice stride.

I wish The Batman had morphed into another Justice League series set in the world of The Batman.  It feels like the defeat of the Joining (again) is a rather blasé way to end the series and that it should have created a bigger splash for future series.  The Batman in that sense is a “missable” cartoon series since it doesn’t seem to have the meat of some of the other shows.  If you are a Batman fan, it might take a while to get into, but it ends up being a worthy venture.

The Batman—Season 5 Complete Episode Guide:

the batman season 5 episode 1 the batman superman story part 1

“The Batman/Superman Story—Part 1”

5.1       The Batman/Superman Story—Part 1 (Episode 53) Airdate:  09/22/07

Gotham City and the world is trying to recover from attack of the Joining.  A charity event brings Superman to Gotham much to Batman’s dismay, but an attack by Metallo means Batman has to help.  Realizing Gotham can keep Superman occupied, Lex Luthor turns to Black Mask to help him orchestrate Lois Lane’s kidnapping.  Luthor has bigger plans but he didn’t count on the Batman!

the batman season 5 episode 2 the batman superman story part 2 fight

“The Batman/Superman Story—Part 2”

5.2       The Batman/Superman Story—Part 2 (Episode 54) Airdate:  09/29/07

Superman has been captured and controlled by Lex Luthor using a combination of Kryptonite and Poison Ivy’s toxins.  Batman and Robin battle to free Superman, and Lex realizes that it is the distraction he needs to launch his next major attack.

the batman season 5 episode 3 vertigo green arrow


5.3       Vertigo (Episode 55) Airdate:  10/06/07

When Green Arrow raids one of Bruce Wayne’s factories, Batman learns Green Arrow thinks he is working with a villain named Vertigo.  Teaming up, Green Arrow, Batman, and Robin find that Vertigo’s powers could be deadly.

the batman season 5 episode 4 white heat phosphorus firefly

“White Heat”

5.4       White Heat (Episode 56) Airdate:  10/13/07

Firefly and his girlfriend Dr. Jane Blaisedale steal a radioactive isotope in the hopes of making a big sell.  When Firefly is accidentally exposed to the radiation, he begins to emit heat…Firefly is dead, and Phosphorus lives!

the batman season 5 episode 5 a mirror darkly mirror master john larroquette

“A Mirror Darkly”

5.5       A Mirror Darkly (Episode 57) Airdate:  11/03/07

Duplicates are popping up around Gotham, and Batman can’t figure out why.  When Flash arrives in Gotham City, Batman learns that Mirror Master is on the move, and Flash and Batman must stop him before he enacts his plan for Gotham.

the batman season 5 episode 6 joker express batgirl

“Joker Express”

5.6       Joker Express (Episode 58) Airdate:  11/10/07

The Joker has managed to hypnotize unsuspecting people all over the city.  When Batgirl is one of the victims of the hypnosis, Batman must find out how Joker is reaching people and shut him down.

the batman season 5 episode 7 ring toss sinestro green lantern

“Ring Toss”

5.7       Ring Toss (Episode 59) Airdate:  12/08/07

Sinestro has escaped the Green Lantern Corps and is headed for Earth and Hal Jordon.  Green Lantern goes to Batman for help, but when Sinestro jumps Green Lantern, the Penguin accidentally ends up with the Green Lantern’s ring.  Sinestro wants Hal’s ring and will stop at nothing to get it.

the batman season 5 episode 8 the metal face of comedy joker harley quinn

“The Metal Face of Comedy”

5.8       The Metal Face of Comedy (Episode 60) Airdate:  12/15/07

Joker’s hacker henchman helps create a game to allow Joker to steal money online.  When a digital version of the Joker gains form due to nanobots, Batman and Robin find they are dealing with two Jokers.

the batman season 5 episode 9 attack of the terrible trio chris pratt

“Attack of the Terrible Trio”

5.9       Attack of the Terrible Trio (Episode 61) Airdate:  12/15/07

Humanoid animal are torturing a local college, and Batman realizes that Kirk Langstrom might be involved.  When the animal-people decide to transform everyone into creatures, Batman and Batgirl must stop them before it is too late.

the batman season 5 episode 10 wrath scorn

“The End of the Batman”

5.10     The End of the Batman (Episode 62) Airdate:  02/09/08

A duo called Wrath and Scorn are helping Gotham’s villains to spite Batman.  When Batman realizes that Wrath and Scorn seem a bit too familiar to him, Wrath and Scorn could threaten to expose Batman and Robin’s identities to the world!

the batman season 5 episode 11 what goes up hawkman

“What Goes Up…”

5.11     What Goes Up… (Episode 63) Airdate:  02/16/08

When Black Mask teams up with Shadow Thief, Hawkman comes to Gotham to help Batman even the odds.  Shadow Thief and Black Mask are targeting a meteor of Nth Metal, and they have plans for the supply.

the batman season 5 episode 12 lost heroes justice league

“Lost Heroes—Part 1”

5.12     Lost Heroes—Part 1 (Episode 64) Airdate:  03/08/08

Someone is targeting the Justice League’s most powerful heroes.  Green Arrow and Batman are out to solve a mystery and find out who is behind the kidnapping…but they discover it could be a greater enemy than they ever expected!

the batman season 5 episode 13 lost heroes part 2 final

“Lost Heroes—Part 2”

5.13     Lost Heroes—Part 2 (Episode 65) Airdate:  03/08/08

The Joining is back and with Hugo Strange, they have stolen the Justice League’s powers and placed them in androids.  The Justice League is running out of time as the invasion fleet heads toward Earth.

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