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Let’s add Robin to the mix!

Batman once again finds himself teamed with a new partner.  When Dick Grayson’s family is murdered, Bruce takes Dick as a ward.  Dick uncovers Bruce’s secret, and Robin is born!  Now, Batman, Batgirl, and Robin are patrolling Gotham and the enemies keep coming…be it the Joker, the Riddler, or new enemies like Harley Quinn or Rumor, Batman finds the challenge is great…but an alien invasion called the Joining could mean the end of the world!

The Batman—Season 4 aired on Kids’ WB from September 23, 2006 to May 5, 2007.  The series received Daytime Emmys for Outstanding Sound Mixing—Live Action and Animation and Outstanding Sound Editing—Live Action and Animation with nominations for Outstanding Special Class Animated Program, and Outstanding Performer in an Animated Program (Kevin Michael Richardson for the Joker).

the batman season 4 episode 5 strange new world zombie batgirl

Even The Batman gets into the zombie craze

The Batman is a series that has grown on me.  The first season was pretty rough in that it was stylistically a lot different than the previous Batman animated series before it.  The series also seemed very hyperactive at the onset…something which has also calmed in later seasons.  The Batman—Season 4 shows a nice balance between the first few seasons of The Batman and Batman:  The Animated Series.

The series really did benefit from the addition of Batgirl and now the addition of Robin.  Batman is a “heavy” and the early season tried to make him slightly lighter, but it works better to have the lighter aspects be Batgirl and Robin.  While Batman can continue to be heavy handed, there is an opening for humor and levity.

the batman season 4 episode 13 the joining part 2 robin batgirl

Same Bat-Time…Same Bat Channel!

The animation for the series also becomes more level.  Character designs like the Joker and Riddler were hard to take, but by this season, you are acclimated to the series.  The art and style also seems to feel like more of a throwback to Batman:  The Animated Series.  The style of the series gets better with age.

The Batman is improving, and in those improvements, it is hard to watch because I know it is ending.  Watching the series after it has aired makes it hard to get excited since I know that The Batman—Season 5 is the final season.  With the introduction of J’onn J’onzz and the Justice League at the end of this season, The Batman has reached a high point…and will abruptly end.  This is the curse of cartoon and animated series where the target audience grows up and moves on, but now with DVD, older audiences, and replay opportunity, I wish more series would develop more shows (and proper conclusions)…hopefully, The Batman will provide this in The Batman—Season 5.

The Batman—Season 4 Review and Complete Episode Guide:

the batman season 4 episode 1 a matter of family robin

“A Matter of Family”

4.1       A Matter of Family (Episode 40) Airdate:  09/23/06

The Flying Graysons come to Gotham to perform but meet opposition in the form of gangster Tony Zucco and his thugs.  When the Graysons refuse to play Tony’s game, tragedy strikes, and Batman finds a new partner in Robin.

the batman season 4 episode 2 team penguin

“Team Penguin”

4.2       Team Penguin (Episode 41) Airdate:  09/30/06

Batgirl learns that Batman has taken on another partner in Robin.  As Batgirl and Robin via for Batman’s attention, the Penguin has his own team made up of Killer Croc, Ragdoll, Firefly, and Killer Moth.

the batman season 4 episode 3 clayfaces


4.3       Clayfaces (Episode 42) Airdate:  09/3

Ethan Bennett has avenged himself and captured the Joker for transforming him into Clayface.  When Basil Karlo learns that Bruce Wayne has isolated the Clayface formula and is working on a cure, he decides that the Clayface formula might be the perfect solution for a down-and-out actor.

the batman season 4 episode 4 the everywhere man

“The Everywhere Man”

4.4       The Everywhere Man (Episode 43) Airdate:  11/04/06

Art collector John Marlowe seems to have a new attitude.  When Bruce Wayne discovers that someone is targeting art calling himself the Everywhere Man, Bruce worries his friend John might be the thief.

the batman season 4 episode 5 strange new world zombies

“Strange New World”

4.5       Strange New World (Episode 44) Airdate:  11/18/06

Gotham has been turned into a zombie filled wasteland, and Batman and Robin are facing dangers.  With Hugo Strange holding the antidote, Batman must find a way to save the city.

the batman season 4 episode 6 the breakout black mask

“The Breakout”

4.6       The Breakout (Episode 45) Airdate:  11/11/06

Black Mask has created a shockwave generator that could destroy Gotham City, but Black Mask’s capture means Batman must find it before his men activate it.  When Batman is captured, Batgirl and Robin find they must keep Black Mask in prison as his men raid the precinct.

the batman season 4 episode 7 artifacts


4.7       Artifacts (Episode 46) Airdate:  02/03/07

Agents in the future discover the Batcave and hope that it could hold the keys to save New Gotham.  To find the answers, they must dive into Batman’s past!

the batman season 4 episode 8 two of a kind joker harley quinn

“Two of a Kind”

4.8       Two of a Kind (Episode 47) Airdate:  02/24/07

Pop psychologist Harleen Quinzel loses her TV show, but her biggest fan the Joker has other plans for “Harley Quinn”.

the batman season 4 episode 9 seconds francis grey


4.9       Seconds (Episode 48) Airdate:  02/10/07

Francis Grey can anticipate Batman’s every move.  By reversing time, Grey can replay events until get it right…and Batman, Robin, and Batgirl might have the fight of their life.

the batman season 4 episode 10 riddlers revenge

“Riddler’s Revenge”

4.10     Riddler’s Revenge (Episode 49) Airdate:  02/17/07

The Riddler seeks revenge on an old enemy, but the attack leaves the Riddler and Batman trapped in a flooding container at the bottom of Gotham Bay.  Riddler reveals his origin and learns that the riddles in it might not be as obvious as he thought.

the batman season 4 episode 11 rumors


4.11     Rumors (Episode 50) Airdate:  03/03/07

Someone is hunting down the criminals in Gotham City, and Batman and Robin must determine who the Rumor is…and what is his goal?

the batman season 4 episode 12 the joining part 1 martian manhunter jonn jonzz

“The Joining—Part 1”

4.12     The Joining—Part 1 (Episode 51) Airdate:  04/28/07

When a detective named John Jones arrives in Gotham, Batman discovers there is something about him.  When J’onn is revealed to be a Martian, Batman learns that something called the Joining is coming to Gotham but the whole Earth might be at risk.

the batman season 4 episode 13 the joining part 2 justice league

“The Joining—Part 2”

4.13     The Joining—Part 2 (Episode 52) Airdate:  05/05/07

The Joining have invaded Earth, and Batman and J’onn question how to stop them.  Earth’s final day might have arrived, but Batman learns there could be a new future that he never expected.

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