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Nice controls; story mode adds a nice twist to standard fighting game

Despite 40 different characters feels repetative

Game Info

Game Name:  Tekken 6

Developer(s):  Namco Bandai

Publisher(s):  Namco Bandai

Platform(s):  Xbox 360/PS3/PSP/PSVita

Genre(s):  Fighting/Action/Adventure

Release Date(s):  October 27, 2009 (Xbox 360/PS3)/November 24, 2009 (PSP)/March 19, 2013 (PSVita)

ESRB Rating:  T



Mishima Zaibatsu is controlling the world.  Lars Alexandersson and his agents are fighting to stop the organization.  When Lars suffers amnesia during an attack, he finds himself teamed with a young girl named Alisa Bosconovitch.  As Lars and Alisa  battle through the waves of enemies, the ultimate goal is to stop the G Corporation and Mishima Zaibatsu as Jin Kazama announces the King of the Iron Fist Tournament 6.

Tekken 6 continues the popular Tekken fighting series produced by Namco Bandai.  The game was released on multiple platforms and received positive reviews.  The fighting game features forty characters with different moves and also had an update called Tekken:  Bloodline Rebellion.


So, what’s going on in the campaign mode?

This actually was my first introduction to the Tekken series.  I had always been a Street Fighter player, but in general, I feel that fighting games are often the basest games.  Much like Atari’s original Outlaw, facing off in a one-on-one fight never has been my favorite style of gaming.  It is fun once in a while, but in general, once I scratch that fighting itch, it is scratched for a long time.

The fact there was a “scenario” story without a one-on-one fight basis rather intrigued me.  I found the actual set-up of the story rather overly complex, but the fighting in it was rather entertaining.  Much like Final Fight or even the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade Game, you move through somewhat 3D environment fighting waves of enemies.  Here, you have the benefit of the superhuman abilities of the characters that you are teamed with.  It can be fun, though the campaign isn’t that long since most don’t come to Tekken to play a “game” (and the story is confusing as hell…at least for a newcomer).


Everybody was kung fu fighting

Despite a campaign mode, Tekken is a fighting game.  I do have to say I like the controls of Tekken which despite having button pressing patterns forces the players to relay a bit more on fighting skills than special moves.  The game has forty characters with different moves and here is a complete list of the fighters available.  The new characters are Alisa Bosconovitch, Bob Lars Alexandersson, Leo, Miguel Caballero Rojo, Zafina, Azazel, and NANCY-MI847J and returning characters are Anna Williams, Armor King, Asuka Kazama, Baek Doo San, Bruce Irvin, Bryan Fury, Christie Monteiro, Craig Marduk, Jack-6, Devil Jin, Eddy Gordo, Feng Wei, Ganryu, Heihachi Mishima, Hwoarang, Jin Kazama, Julia Chang, Kazuya Mishima, King, Kuma Jr., Lee Chaolan, Lei Wulong, Lili, Ling Xiaoyu, Marshall Law, Mokujin, Nina Williams, Panda, Paul Phoenix, Raven, Roger Jr. Sergeir Dragunov, Steve Fox, Wang Jinrei, and Yoshimitsu.


I still don’t get why all the women are dressed like sex toys or extremely butch, but ok…

The game has multiple play modes as you’d expect from a fighting game including online ranked matches and online player matches, and offline arcade battles, ghost battles, time attacks, survival battles, and team battles.  Once you’ve played through the campaign, you also have access to the extremely difficult survival fights called Nightmare Train, Subterranian Pavilion, and Kigan Island.  These are fun bonus challenge stages that combine the best of the campaign and fighting tournaments.

Tekken 6 is a good fighting game…if you are into fighting games.  I did find the addition of a campaign fight that wasn’t simply a line of one-on-one battles kind of fun and a throwback to older video games.  Generally, the game can be found at a low price and if you do find it, it is worth picking up for a quick play.

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