Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles—Season 9

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Dregg and Carter


I think we used to be painted turtles…now we’re evil snapping turtles!

The Turtles are back, but going through some changes.  When they discover the mutagen in their body is unstable, the Turtles find themselves transformed into hulking powerhouses.  The TMNT try to maintain their form but are joined by a young trainee named Carter who has also been exposed to the mutagen.  As an alien named Dregg turns the world against them, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles must fight back to clear their names, fix their mutation, and stop Dregg.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles—Season 9 and contains episodes #178 to 185.  The season was the penult mum season of the long running cartoon series and aired on CBS on Saturday mornings from September 16, 1995 to November 4, 1995.


You can wave your fist as much as you’d like Dregg…you’re no Shredder…

This season does start to really change things up for the Turtles…and not in a good way.  The tired formula of the Turtles versus Shredder has ended but a new, very generic alien named Dregg has become the bad guy.  In a format almost like the X-Men, the Turtles find themselves (sometimes) on the run from society.

I can’t help but question if the X-Men’s popularity didn’t affect this season.  The Turtles keep undergoing secondary mutations which cause them to Hulk-out.  Combine this with the “on-the-run” theme, and it does resemble the X-Men cartoon which was gaining popularity.


Remember your favorite TMNT Carter? Yeah, neither do I…

I do like that the cartoon does have a running plot…something earlier seasons lack.  I just find Dregg quite dull.  I also hate the addition of the annoying kid sidekick Carter.  With such a rich history over the cartoon’s years, it would have been good if they had brought one of the past supporting characters instead of this “hip” kid who a computer whiz…it feels like Cousin Oliver from The Brady Bunch.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were a phenomenon for the time and you can feel its time winding down with this season.  The attempts to revive the lagging show and the dwindling Saturday morning cartoon content probably didn’t help this season much.  The final season of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles aired the following year.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles—Season 9 Complete Episode Guide:


“The Unknown Ninja”

9.1       The Unknown Ninja (Episode #178) Airdate:  09/16/95

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles study tapes of their battles using the Turtle Cam and learn that a mysterious ninja is following them.  Lord Dregg targets Earth and plans to conquer it for its gold.  Donatello studies the mutagen that caused their initial mutation and learns that they still could be mutating.  When the ninja reveals himself to be Carter, Carter reveals he wants the training of Hamato Yoshi.  A series of police robots called the Intimidators go crazy, and the Turtles find that Carter wants to join the fight despite his lack of training…but an encounter with the mutagen could change everything.


“Dregg of the Earth”

9.2       Dregg of the Earth (Episode #179) Airdate:  09/23/95

Dregg’s men capture a proton accelerator and the Turtles try to stop him.  When Carter interferes with the plan, the Turtles criticize his lack of teamwork.  When Dregg makes a public appearance with promises of help for humanity, the TMNT must expose his lies.  When Carter goes to Dregg, Dregg tells Carter to give him the Turtles in exchange for the planet’s safety.  When Carter appears to betray the Turtles, the Turtles learn Carter’s secret.


“The Wrath of Medusa”

9.3       The Wrath of Medusa (Episode #180) Airdate:  09/30/95

As the Turtles try to prove that Dregg is a traitor to Earth, Carter decides he’s too dangerous since he can’t control his mutation.  The Turtles are faced by a new enemy named Medusa who captures Leonardo.  In battle with Medusa, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo undergo a temporary secondary mutation.  Medusa captures the virtual reality projector from Carter to lead the Turtles into a trap.  Dregg takes over a satellite space station and uses it to take over all the world’s weapons systems.


“The Next Mutation”

9.4       The Next Mutation (Episode #181) Airdate:  10/07/95

Dregg has turned the world against the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  When the Turtles go into their second mutation, Dregg accuses them of being monsters.  As the Turtles try to adjust to their new abilities while raiding Dregg’s base, Carter finds his mutation is acting up as he battles a mutated slug.


“The Showdown”

9.5       The Showdown (Episode #182) Airdate:  10/14/95

The Turtles continue to work to thwart Dregg’s plans and learn that Carter’s enemy Jet has armed himself with Carter’s exo-suit.  Leonardo, Carter, Michelangelo, and Jet are kidnapped by Dregg’s agents and forced to compete in space arena games as Donatello and Raphael works to get them home.  Dregg tries to study the Turtles’ mutation to make the Techno-Gang invincible.


“Split Second”

9.6       Split Second (Episode #183) Airdate:  10/21/95

Dregg seems to have stopped clocks from function around the world.  When the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles get the clocks running again, the Turtles learn that someone used the distraction to break into the time museum.  When the Turtles track down the robber, they discover an enemy named Chronos who claims to have battled them before.  As the TMNT and Carter search for Chronos, Chronos goes after Splinter.


“Carter, the Enforcer”

9.7       Carter, the Enforcer (Episode #184) Airdate:  10/28/95

Dregg plans a star shield that he claims will protect the planet from aliens.  As April O’Neill, Carter, and the TMNT search for evidence of Dregg’s real plans, Dregg seeks to stop them.  When April manages to record Dregg revealing his plans, the Turtles try to get the tape broadcasts.  When Carter is controlled by Dregg, the Turtles are aided by Landor and Merrick who reveal that they are from the future…where Carter is the enemy and Dregg has won.



9.8       Doomquest (Episode #185) Airdate:  11/04/95

Dregg continues to push for the capture of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as the Turtles deal with continuing problems form their changing mutations.  When Dregg brings the Vortex Crystal to Earth, Dregg’s enemy Doomquest comes to Earth to reclaim it.  As the Vortex Crystal begins to cause havoc across the city, the Turtles learn that the Vortex Crystal could be the key to stopping their mutations.

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