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Movie Name:  Teen Wolf Too

Studio:  Atlantic Releasing Corporation

Genre(s):  Comedy

Release Date(s):  November 20, 1987

MPAA Rating:  PG


That’s right! I’m a werewolf that boxes and has fun!

Todd Howard (Jason Bateman) is starting his new life at Hamilton University under an unexplained athletic scholarship.  With his cousin’s friends Stiles (Stuart Frank) and Chubby (Mark Holton) guiding him, Todd learns that he is expected to box…because Coach Finstock (Paul Sand) suspects he might have his family trait of being werewolf.  When Todd finds he is indeed a werewolf, he lets the wolf take over…and it turns his life upside down!

Directed by Christopher Leitch, Teen Wolf Too is a sequel to popular ‘80s comedy Teen Wolf of 1985.  The movie received even worst reviews from critics and did not fare well at the box office.

Teen Wolf was a bad but entertaining movie.  The film didn’t take itself seriously and became a box office smash as a result of the rising stardom of Michael J. Fox.  Teen Wolf Too tried to use the star power of Jason Bateman…and virtually used the format of the first film again.


What we demanded from Teen Wolf…more singing (and not so fly Fly Girls)!

The story is very close to Teen Wolf, but boxing replaces basketball.  The character of Todd is much more unlikable than Scott who seems more real.  Todd doesn’t have dueling girlfriends like Scott but the romance between Todd and Nikki (Estee Chandler) just isn’t as fun.  I also find it kind of a cheat that Todd might not become a werewolf in the final bout, but he does tap into that strength to keep from being knocked out…Todd’s a cheat!

Bateman might have been a child star on Little House on the Prairie and was developing into a teen star on The Hogan Family, but at the time, he didn’t have the comedic timing that Fox had (Fox didn’t want to go through the make-up of the film again).  Much of the cast was replaced for this film but James Hampton returned as Todd’s father, and Mark Holton returns as Chubby.  Kim Darby plays the university professor with a secret, and John Astin is the heavy as the school’s dean.


Uncle Howard…it might have been clever when you did it to Scott but I’ve seen your dog trick before!

The movie looks like it got a little more in the budget, but it still looks cheap.  This movie even skips the dramatic werewolf transformation of the first film and skips to the boxing and high life by Bateman’s character…at least the setting is nice (the movie was shot on the campus of Pomona College in Claremont, California).

Teen Wolf Too is a rather dull sequel to a movie that isn’t that great (but the original was watchable).  Teen Wolf is a movie that kids might enjoy, but Teen Wolf Too might not be palpable for even the fans of the first film.  Teen Wolf however has decided not to die.  The concept was revived in 2011  as an MTV series.

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