Team 7 1: Fight Fire with Fire

team 7 volume 1 fight fire with fire trade paperback cover
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Story: 5/10
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Blending of DC and Wildstorm

Dull storytelling

Comic Info

Comic Name:  Team 7

Publisher:  DC Comics

Writer:  Justin Jordan/Tony Bedard

Artist:  Jesus Merino/Julius Gopez/Pascal Alixe/Marlo Alquiza/Gui Balbi/Juan Castro/Ron Frenz/Drew Geraci/Scott Hanna/Rob Hunter/Jose Marzan Jr./ Norm Rapmund/ Cliff Richards/Jimbo Salgado

# of Issues:  9

Release Date:  2013

team 7 #0 cover review ken lashley art

Team 7 #0

Reprints Team 7 #0-8 (November 2012-July 2013).  Before superheroes were everywhere, Team 7 assembled to fight the crimes against society.  Amanda Waller, Alex Fairchild, James Bronson, Cole Cash, Dinah Drake, Kurt Lance, and Slade Wilson are under the leadership of Lynch, but Lynch could have his own agenda.  With Kaizen Gamorra and his island nation rising again, Team 7 must stop Kaizen and his plans.

Written Justin Jordan and Tony Bedard, Team 7 Volume 1:  Fight Fire with Fire is part of the New 52 DC Universe relaunch.  The series was introduced as part of DC Comic’s Zero Month and features work of multiple artists.

Team 7 is one of those intriguing DC New 52 titles.  Image Comics was such a big part of the ’90s and altered the comic world (for better or worse) forever.  With a focus on art over writing and flash over substance, Image Comics weren’t always the most readable stories.  It has made the appearance of Image’s classic characters appearances in the New 52 rather interesting.

team 7 #8 cover gary fank art

Team 7 #8

Unfortunately, most of Image’s characters haven’t been treated well by the New 52.  Voodoo, Grifter, and now Team 7 have all faced stiff competition in the comic market and DC doesn’t seem to throw as much behind them as other DC titles (Stormwatch’s semi-long run would be the exception).  Team 7 has a potentially interesting story concept but misses the mark.

Team 7 really needed to be about the founding of the New 52 DC Universe.  The team is essentially one of the earliest “super teams”, but it also is a military book which seems to drag it down.  The story sets up a lot of concepts (some of which were revisited in Suicide Squad), but it feels like DC bailed on it quickly and it never fully developed.  The series ends in somewhat of a cliffhanger, but it really doesn’t feel fulfilling.

I believe DC really did try with the New 52.  It tried to streamline titles and integrate series and worlds into a cohesive story.  Unfortunately, this story just isn’t always interesting.  Team 7 is a great example of this despite the potential.  This title is a misnomer in that DC called it Volume 1, but the series was already cancelled when the collection was released, so a volume 2 cannot be expected anytime soon.  Team 7 like most of DC’s attempts to combine Wildstorm with the main universe failed…I hope that doesn’t mean that the characters will be gone forever.

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