Tales from the Crypt—Season 6

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Fun stories, fun casting

Does have the intentional cheesy thing sometimes going against it


Life is like a box of bloody chocolates…

The Crypt Keeper is back for a whole new series of tales.  Cheating lovers, murder plots, and monsters abound and the Crypt Keeper is bringing to them all into your home.  Look out, there is danger in the crypt, and the horror continues!

Tales from the Crypt—Season 6 is the penultimate season of the long running HBO horror anthology series.  It aired from October 31, 1994 to January 25, 1995 and continued to garner praise from critics.

Tales from the Crypt continues its strong run this season.  Opposed to many series that sees a downgrade as the run continues, Tales from Crypt maintained a high standard.  This season doesn’t possess many of the flashiest or most memorable episodes, but it is still fun.


Wouldn’t have it been ironic if Slash was a slasher?

Part of the fun of Tales from the Crypt are the fun guest stars and directors.  The series often gets people right before they were stars, on the verge of stardom, or a little past their prime.  If an episode doesn’t have a star, it often has good character actors.  This season sees visits from Catherine O’Hara, Peter MacNicol, Rita Rudner, Richard Lewis, Anthony Zerbe, Issac Hayes, Terry O’Quinn, Benicio del Toro, Wyane Newton, Corey Feldman, Shelley Hack, D.B. Sweeney, R. Lee Ermey, Slash, Wendi Malick, Miguel Ferrer, Jake Busey, Hank Azaria, Travis Tritt, Ben Stein, Michael Ironside, Susan Tyrrell, Vivian Wu, Bruce Davison, John Lithgow, Sherilyn Fenn, and Isabella Rossellini also has a ghostly appearance of Humphrey Bogart in “You, Murderer” which creatively utilizes clips from old movies (way before this was a common event).  Directors stop by include Robert Zemeckis and Mick Garris.


Hang your stocking with care…sans feet

The show has some built in faults which cannot be prevented however.  It is generally pretty obvious what the comic book based twists are going to be.  It is typical comic book plotting from that period of horror comics, but though you see them coming, the stories do provide a good ride through their creative presentation and casting.

I love anthology shows because if you don’t like one episode, you’ll like the next one.  I first saw the Tales from the Crypt episodes that were cut down for syndication.  I highly recommend seeking out the original, unedited titles for a series that is a bit dated, but still tons of fun.

Tales from the Crypt—Season 6 Complete Episode Guide:


“Let the Punishment Fit the Crime”

6.1       Let the Punishment Fit the Crime Airdate:  10/31/94

An ambulance chasing lawyer named Geraldine Ferrett (Catherine O’Hara) finds herself under arrest in a small town for her license plate.  With an inept court appointed attorney named Austin Haggard (Peter MacNicol) and a judge (Joseph Maher) known for harsh punishment, Ferrett finds herself in big legal trouble.  Adapts Vault of Horror #33.


“Only Skin Deep”

6.2       Only Skin Deep Airdate:  10/31/94

A costume party leads to anonymous sex between Carl Schlag (Peter Onorati) and a mysterious woman (Sherrie Rose).  When decides he needs more, the masks will come off…or will they?  Adapts Tales from the Crypt #38.



6.3       Whirlpool Airdate:  10/31/94

A Tales from the Crypt comic book writer (Rita Rudner) struggling for story ideas finds herself contemplating murdering her boss (Richard Lewis) as the day keep repeating.  Adapts Vault of Horror #32.


“Operation Friendship”

6.4       Operation Friendship Airdate:  11/09/94

An introverted man named Nelson (Tate Donovan) is plagued by his imaginary friend Eddie (Peter Dobson).  When he meets his new neighbor Jane (Michelle Burke), Eddie gets jealous.  Adapts Tales from the Crypt #41.


“Revenge Is the Nuts”

6.5       Revenge Is the Nuts Airdate:  11/16/94

A blind girl named Sheila (Teri Polo) is assigned to the blind institution of Arnie Grunwald (Anthony Zerbe).  As Grunwald abuses his power against the inmates, the inmates plot an escape.  Adapts Vault of Horror #20.


“The Bribe”

6.6       The Bribe Airdate:  11/23/94

A new fire marshal is in town and Martin Zeller (Terry O’Quinn) hopes to shut down the strip club where his daughter (Kimberly Williams-Paisley) worked.  When his daughter loses her scholarship, Martin is forced to go on the payroll of the club owner…but has plans to get himself free and get the money.  Adapts Shock SuspenStories #7.


“The Pit”

6.7       The Pit Airdate:  11/30/94

Two martial arts fighters Felix Johnson (Mark Dacascos) and Aaron Scott (Stoney Jackson) find themselves and their wives Andrea Johnson (Marjean Holden) and Aubrey Scott (Debbe Dunning) caught up in a battle over a big Hollywood role.  When a ruthless promoter named Wink Barnum (Wayne Newton) steps in to capitalize on the battle, the ultimate cage match is set up with Felix and Aaron with Andrea and Aubrey pushing harder and harder.  Adapts Vault of Horror #40.


“The Assassin”

6.8       The Assassin Airdate:  12/07/94

Janet McKay (Shelley Hack) finds her home invaded by three people (Chelsea Field, Jonathan Banks, Corey Feldman) claiming to be assassins after her husband who changed his identity.  With a big dinner meal to prepare, Janet must stop the killers first…and Janet has secrets of her own.  Plus, the Crypt Keeper gets a visit from the Grim Reaper (William Sadler).  Adapts Shock SuspenStories #17.


“Staired in Horror”

6.9       Staired in Horror Airdate:  12/14/94

A runaway killer named Clyde (D.B. Sweeney) hides out with an old woman named Charbonnet (Rachel Ticotin) when the woman reveals upstairs she is cursed to be young upstairs and anyone who comes up to see her will be old.  When an officer (R. Lee Ermey) comes looking for him, Clyde goes the only place he can think to escape.  Adapts Vault of Horror #23.


“In the Groove”

6.10     In the Groove Airdate:  12/21/94

A shock jock named Gary (Miguel Ferrer) finds a new cohost named Valerie (Linda Doucett) whose ability for phone sex is beyond compare.  When Valerie demands Gary talk about another subject, Gary finds him tapping into his past…against the orders of his sister Rita (Wendie Malick) who is also his producer.  Adapts Crime SuspenStories #21.


“Surprise Party”

6.11     Surprise Party Airdate:  12/28/94

A son named Ray Wells (Adam Storke) who has been disowned by his father learns that the property that he was meant to inherit will never go to him.  Despite warnings from his father that the land is cursed, the son goes to investigate reports that people are living on his land.  Adapts Vault of Horror #37.


“Doctor of Horror”

6.12     Doctor of Horror Airdate:  01/04/95

Richard (Hank Azaria) and Charlie (Travis Tritt) are workers at a morgue.  When they catch a body snatcher named Orloff (Austin Pendleton), they disobey the orders of the boss (Ben Stein) and agree to help him…as he seeks the keys to the souls of the dead.  Adapts Vault of Horror #13.


“Comes the Dawn”

6.13     Comes the Dawn Airdate:  01/11/95
Burrows (Michael Ironside) and Parker (Bruce Payne) have headed to the frozen north to poach and find more than they are expecting when they encounter a horde of vampires.  Adapts Haunt of Fear #26.


“99 & 44/100% Pure Horror”

6.14     99 & 44/100% Pure Horror Airdate:  01/18/95

A cheating artist wife named Willa (Cristi Conaway) learns her husband Luden (Bruce Davison) is dropping her as his beauty products’ artist designer…and seeks revenge.  Adapts Vault of Horror #23.


“You, Murderer”

6.15     You, Murderer Airdate:  01/25/95

A man tries to escape his past by getting plastic surgery leaving him a dead ringer for Humphrey Bogart.  When his ex-wife (Isabella Rossellini) and his plastic surgeon (John Lithgow) plot against him, Lou’s only chance may be his new lover (Sherilyn Fenn).  Adapts Shock SuspenStories #14.

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