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The Crypt Keeper is one cool cat!

The Crypt Keeper is back and bringing new ghoulish tales of scares and horror.  From jealous lovers to killer puppets, the crypt is opening up once again to deliver scares and horrors.  The Crypt Keeper has a whole new batch of bad puns to entertain and chill.

Tales from the Crypt—Season 4 continues HBO’s early foray into scripted television and aired from June 27, 1992 to September 16, 1992 (which would make up episodes #39-52).  The episodes, along with the other episodes of the series, were later reworked into episodes to air on network TV.  The season did not receive any Emmy award nominations but did do well at the CableACE Awards.


This house….is crazy!

This was a fun season loaded with good episodes.  The weirder the episode, generally the better, but this season has a bit more restraint than others.  Many of the episodes dealt with jealous, murderous lovers, and as with all Tales from the Crypt episodes, it is all about the twist ending which you generally see coming a mile away.  Even though you know how they are going to end, it is always about the ride.

Two of the features in this season of Tales from the Crypt were actually repurposed from a TV movie that never happened.  The Brad Pitt episode “King of the Road” and the gunfighter episode “Showdown” along with Season 3’s “Yellow” were actually meant for the film Two-Fisted Tales (they came from that comic).  It would have been interesting if Two-Fisted Tales had spun off another series.


Always proving that puppets are creepy!

Tales from the Crypt is always loaded with directors and stars…some big, some character actors, some before they were stars…but always fun.  This season sees Tom Hanks, Henry Gibson, Treat Williams, Sugar Ray Leonard, Dylan McDermott, Cleavon Little, Tia Carrera, Kathy Moriarty, John Vernon, Mimi Rogers, Kathy Ireland, Christopher Reeve, Meat Loaf, Judd Nelson, David Warner, Zelda Rubinstein, Twiggy, David Morse, Brad Pitt, Blythe Danner, Joe Pesci, Burt Young, Donald O’Connor, Zach Galligan, Timothy Dalton, Beverly D’Angelo, Dennis Faria, Kevin McCarthy, Margot Kidder, and more.  Tom Hanks also steps in to direct “None But the Lonely” for his first directing credit (and had a horrible hand show up in a shot with Sugar Ray Leonard…bad editing) .  William Friedkin directed “On a Deadman’s Chest”, Richard Donner did “Showdown”, John Frankenheimer directed “Maniac at Large”, and Joel Silver directed “Split Personality”…oddly enough, I generally like the non-celebrity directed episodes better.

Tales from the Crypt was a fun anthology series.  It often was bloody but I don’t think it took full advantage of its cable airing most of the time.  If you were too young to watch it, just missed it when it was on, or only saw the edited episodes, check out a fun early show that helped make HBO a must for cable owners.

Tales from the Crypt—Season 4 Complete Episode Guide:


“None but the Lonely Heart”

4.1       None But the Lonely Heart Airdate:  06/27/92

A con man named Howard Prince (Treat Williams) who marries and murders older women for their money finds himself having to make his final score.  Using the dating service of Baxter (Tom Hanks), Howard finds Effie Gluckman (Frances Sternhagen) and her nosy butler Stanhope (Henry Gibson)…but may Effie may be more than he can handle when his past comes back.  Adapts Tales from the Crypt #33.


“This’ll Kill Ya”

4.2       This’ll Kill Ya Airdate:  06/27/92

A reckless medical promoter named George Gatlin (Dylan McDermott) who likes the spotlight finds himself feuding with his researcher Packer Brightman (Cleavon Little) while sleeping with his other researcher Sophie Wagner (Sonia Braga).  When George is accidentally injected with the experimental drug, George decides to make his last hours count.  Adapts Crime SuspenStories #23.


“On a Deadman’s Chest”

4.3       On a Deadman’s Chest Airdate:  06/27/92

The front man for the hit band Exorcist Danny Darwin (Yul Vazquez) and his band mates have a tumultuous relationship.  When Vendetta (Sherrie Rose) convinces him to get a tattoo, Danny gets more than he bargained for from a Haitian named Farouche (Heavy D), and a tattoo that might reflect his future.  Adapts Haunt of Fear #12.



4.4       Séance Airdate:  07/044/92

Con-artists Alison Peters (Cathy Moriarty) and Benjamin Polosky (Ben Cross) find their target Mr. Chalmers (John Vernon) accidentally killed before they can get their money.  When they learn Mrs. Chalmers (Ellen Crawford) is blind, they decide to use a séance to get their money.  Adapts Vault of Horror #25.


“Beauty Rest”

4.5       Beauty Rest Airdate:  07/11/92

A model named Helen (Mimi Rogers) finds herself always losing parts to her roommate Joyce (Kathy Ireland).  When Helen accidentally kills Joyce, Helen finds herself getting into even deeper trouble by replacing Helen in a “sure-thing” beauty contest.  Adapts Vault of Horror #35.


“What’s Cookin’?”

4.6       What’s Cookin’ Airdate:  07/22/92

Fred (Christopher Reeve) and his wife Erma (Bess Armstrong) can’t get their squid restaurant off the ground and are threatened to be evicted by their landlord Chumley (Meat Loaf).  When a drifter shows up with new ideas of how to serve people, Fred and Erma find business booming…but where has Chumley gone?  Adapts Haunt of Fear #12.


“The New Arrival”

4.7       The New Arrival Airdate:  07/25/92

A radio child psychologist talk show host named Dr. Alan Gertz (David Warner) is at risk of losing his show.  When challenged by the ultimate bad mother (Zelda Rubinstein), Dr. Gertz decides to make a home radio house call with his producer Bonnie (Twiggy) and radio manager Rona (Joan Severance) to save a child named Felicity (Laura Dash).  Adapts Haunt of Fear #25.



4.8       Showdown  Airdate:  08/01/92

An outlaw named Billy Quintaine (Neil Giuntoli) is on the run.  Drifting into a dusty town, he meets a peddler named Cornelius Bosch (Roderick Cook) and tries his special potion which promises results…the results however are visions of Billy’s victims.  Adapts Two-Fisted Tales #37.


“King of the Road”

4.9       King of the Road Airdate:  08/08/92

An up-and-coming street racer named Billy (Brad Pitt) is out to get the title of best driver and seeks to challenge the Iceman Joe Garrett (Raymond J. Barry) who has gone straight as a police officer.  When the Iceman refuses to race, Billy goes after his daughter (Michelle Bronson) to push the issue and the Iceman might have to get behind the wheel again.



4.10     Maniac at Large Airdate:  08/19/92

A killer is stalking the streets, and a clerk at the library named Margaret (Blythe Danner) is forced to work late by her strong willed boss Mrs. Pritchard (Salome Jens).  As the night wears on, Margaret fears that the killer might be in the library.  Adapts Crime SuspenStories #27


“Split Personality”

4.11     Split Personality Airdate:  08/26/92

Jack (Joe Pesci) is a conman.  When he meets the Blair twins (Jacqueline Alexandra Citron and Kristen Amber Citron) that are heirs to a fortune, Vic sets out to get the whole fortune by creating a twin and marrying them both…when the twins find the truth, the con is over.  Adapts Vault of Horror #30.



4.12     Strung Along Airdate:  09/02/92

An elderly puppeteer named Joseph Renfield (Donald O’Connor) worries that his younger wife Ellen (Patricia Charbonneau) is cheating on him.  When Joseph is invited to a pioneers of television special with his puppet Coco, a young puppeteer named David (Zach Galligan) is invited to help modernize his show…but reveals the truth about his wife!  Adapts Vault of Horror #33.


“Werewolf Concerto”

4.13     Werewolf Concerto Airdate:  09/09/92

A werewolf is hunting the guests of a hotel.  Among the guests is a werewolf hunter.  Now, as the werewolf hunts, the hunter and the hunted must determine who is the prey.  Adapts Vault of Horror #16.


“Curiosity Killed”

4.14     Curiosity Killed Airdate:  09/16/92

A man (Kevin McCarthy) finds himself plagued by a nagging wife (Margot Kidder).  Going on a camping trip, the wife learns that he and his friends’ plan might include murder!  Adapts Tales from the Crypt #36.

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