Sweet Tooth 3: Animal Armies

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8.5 Overall Score
Story: 9/10
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Good story, good art

Jeff Lemire's art and style is a bit of an acquired taste

Comic Info

Comic Name:  Sweet Tooth

Publisher:  DC Comics/Vertigo

Writer:  Jeff Lemire

Artist:  Jeff Lemire

# of Issues:  6

Release Date:  2011


Sweet Tooth #14

Reprints Sweet Tooth #12-17 (October 2010-March 2011).  Gus is a prisoner of Singh and must turn to the kindness of humans if he hopes to escape with his hybrid friends.  As Jepperd, Lucy, and Becky amass an army, Singh searches for clues to Gus’s past and explores the idea that Gus could be the cause of the plague that destroyed the world.

Written and illustrated by Jeff Lemire, Sweet Tooth 3:  Animal Armies is the third volume in the DC Comics series on their Vertigo imprint.  Following Sweet Tooth 2:  In Captivity, the issues collected in Sweet Tooth 3:  Animal Armies are also part of Sweet Tooth:  The Deluxe Edition—Book 2.

Jeff Lemire is a rather interesting writer and I like his art as well since he really makes the two flow together.  Solo work like Trillium and The Underwater Welder show that he is more than just a writer/artist and that he really as a way of crafting a good and an interesting story.  Sweet Tooth shows what he is capable of in a long-term story.


Sweet Tooth #16

Each volume of Sweet Tooth reveals more of the story and that is part of the strength of the writing.  Like something like Lost, the story teases readers by presenting just enough new clues to feel satisfied but doesn’t explain enough to keep them from wanting to return for more.  Be it Jepperd’s son and his shared dreams with Gus or the secret of Gus’s origin, you will want to read more Sweet Tooth when you finish this volume.

Lemire’s art is also on point.  The simplified style of the character works well with the story which honestly reads rather fast.  Sweet Tooth isn’t a very wordy comic and you find yourself able to absorb Lemire’s art and style more than many artist/writer combos that can’t find a happy balance between words and art.

Sweet Tooth is a weird series but it also sometimes feels like it is borrowing from other series.  I see a lot of Y:  The Last Man in Sweet Tooth and even a little of The Walking Dead.  That isn’t a bad thing because Sweet Tooth seems to get the best of both worlds.  Sweet Tooth 3:  Animal Armies is followed by Sweet Tooth 4:  Endangered Species.

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