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Decent set-up, good rapport between leads

Very creature-of-the-week this season

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The Winchester boys are on the prowl!

Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) lost their mother as children which forever changed their lives.  Sam rejected their father John (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and his demon hunting, but Sam finds himself thrust back to into the world he tried to escape when his fiancé Jessica (Adrianne Palicki) suffers the same fate as his mother.  Now Sam and Dean Winchester are out to stop the demon that destroyed their lives and stop the invading darkness.

Supernatural—Season 1 aired on the WB from September 13, 2005 to May 4, 2006.  The series gained a cult following over the years.  The season was nominated for Primetime Emmys for Outstanding Music Composition for a Series (Original Dramatic Score) (“Pilot”) and Outstanding Sound Editing for a Series (“Pilot”).

supernatural season 1 episode 1 pilot mary winchester death samantha smith

Mom always burns the brightest

I watched Supernatural—Season 1 when it was new.  It wasn’t bad, but it was primarily creature of the week and I questioned how the writers could sustain it very long…flash-forward fifteen years with the series still going strong…I decided to revisit Supernatural.

As mentioned above, most of the season is a monster series.  The main storyline plot involving the demon who killed Dean and Sam’s mother surfaces on occasion and becomes the thrust of the last few episodes.  The series really survives on the relationship of the brothers who are smartly different from each other while being similar.  It provides enough storylines and twists in the set-up to propel the stories forward.

supernatural seaosn 1 episode 18 something wicked this way comes demon

The Emperor has returned!!!

The leads Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles have a good kismet together on screen.  They are kind of pretty boys and very WB, but they are strong.  Jeffrey Dean Morgan is good as a supporting character, but most of the season involves one-off actors.  Nicki Aycox is a good “villain” for the season who has a nice twist in the end.

The series has decent visuals.  It is pretty basic TV special effects, but they are done well.  The creatures of the season aren’t the most visual, and the series basically takes an X-Files approach with less is more.

Supernatural sets nice roots at this point.  It owes a lot to The X-Files and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  The characters begin to develop and the potential of the series is there (even if it seems like the scope is somewhat limited).  Supernatural has a long run in front of it, and it will be interesting to see where the roads lead the Winchesters.

Supernatural—Season 1 Complete Episode Guide:

supernatural season 1 episode 1 pilot woman in white ghost


1.1       Pilot Airdate:  09/13/05

When their mother Mary (Samantha Smith) is killed when they are children, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) find their lives torn apart.  Sam’s attempt to go to law school is interrupted when Dean returns to report that their father John (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is missing.  Investigating a Woman in White, Sam and Dean try to track their father’s footsteps.

supernatural season 1 episode 2 wendigo monster


1.2       Wendigo Airdate:  09/20/05

The coordinates in their father’s journal lead Dean and Sam to Blackwater Ridge in Colorado.  The disappearance of campers at the location have Sam and Dean questioning what they are dealing with, but the sister (Gina Holden) of one of the missing campers could cause a problem.

supernatural season 1 episode 3 dead in the water ghost

“Dead in the Water”

1.3       Dead in the Water Airdate:  09/27/05

A drowning at a lake has the Winchesters investigating Lake Manitoc, Wisconsin.  When the murders all seem to circle around one man, Dean and Sam must discover what is killing people.

supernatural season 1 episode 4 phantom traveler plane jensen ackles jared padalecki

“Phantom Traveler”

1.4       Phantom Traveler Airdate:  10/04/05

A plane crashes forty minutes into a flight, and a demon could be responsible.  Sam and Dean discover that the survivors of the flight could be the next target and more people could die as a result.

supernatural season 1 episode 5 bloody mary

“Bloody Mary”

1.5       Bloody Mary Airdate:  10/11/05

The legend of Bloody Mary comes alive.  When people in Toledo, Ohio begin to die mysterious deaths, Dean and Sam must find a way to trap the killer…and Sam might have to face the death of Jessica (Adrianne Palicki).

supernatural season 1 episode 6 skin doppelganger jared padalecki jensen ackles


1.6       Skin Airdate:  10/18/05

Sam’s friend Rebecca Warren (Amy Grabow) learns her brother (Aleks Holtz) has been accused of murder.  Against Dean’s suggestions, Sam decides to investigate and discovers that a doppelganger could be the real killer.

supernatural season 1 episode 7 hook man

“Hook Man”

1.7       Hook Man Airdate:  10/25/05

The legend of the Hook Man comes alive and seems to be centered around the preacher’s daughter named Lori Sorenson (Jane McGregor).  Dean and Sam investigate the attacks, and Sam finds himself getting closer to Lori.

supernatural season 1 episode 8 bugs


1.8       Bugs Airdate:  11/08/05

A series of deaths strike a new development in Oklahoma.  Sam and Dean investigate and a young bug expert named Matt Pike (Tyler Johnston) could be the key to determine what is causing it.

supernatural season 1 episode 9 home fire


1.9       Home Airdate:  11/15/05

When Sam has visions of their childhood home, the Winchesters are forced to return to Kansas to help a mother named Jenny (Kristin Richardson) living in the home.  Teamed with a psychic named Missouri Moseley (Loretta Devine), Sam and Dean could get clues to their past and the demon that is pursuing them.

supernatural season 1 episode 10 asylum sam winchester jared padalecki


1.10     Asylum Airdate:  11/22/05

Sam and Dean investigate an abandoned asylum in Illinois where a violent incident claimed the lives of many of the patients and staff.

supernatural season 1 episode 11 scarecrow


1.11     Scarecrow Airdate:  01/10/06

When Sam and Dean receive contact from their father, Sam decides to seek out his dad in California while Dean decides he must investigate the case in Indiana that his father assigned.  Sam meets a hitchhiker named Meg Masters (Nicki Aycox) who could be more tied to Sam and Dean’s quest that he ever expected.

supernatural season 1 episode 12 faith reaper monster


1.12     Faith Airdate:  01/17/06

Dean receives a heart injury that is killing him during a job, and Sam refuses to give up on him.  When Sam takes Dean to a faith healer named Reverand Roy Le Grange (Kevin McNulty), Dean is cured, but Dean suspects the cure might have a cost…but stopping Le Grange could mean costing the life of a cancer victim named Layla Rourke (Julie Benz).

supernatural season 1 episode 13 route 666 monster truck

“Route 666”

1.13     Route 666 Airdate:  01/31/06

Dean gets a call from an old girlfriend named Cassie Robinson (Megalyn Echikunwoke) and learns that her father was killed in mysterious ways after other deaths.  Sam and Dean investigate the deaths and learn a giant spirit truck could be responsible.

supernatural season 1 episode 14 nightmares brendan fletcher jared padalecki


1.14     Nightmare Airdate:  02/07/06

Sam is sees a vision of a death in Michigan, but he questions what his tie to the murder is.  As the deaths and visions increase, Dean and Sam question if they are tied to a young man named Max Miller (Brendan Fletcher).

supernatural season 1 episode 15 the benders dean jensen ackles

“The Benders”

1.15     The Benders Airdate:  02/14/06

While investigating disappearances, Sam is taken…and Dean must team up with an officer named Officer Kathleen (Jessica Steen) to find him.

supernatural season 1 episode 16 shadow meg masters nicki aycox


1.16     Shadow Airdate:  02/28/06

A “chance” run in with Meg Masters in Chicago has Sam and Dean potentially tracking the demon that killed their mother and Jessica.  The Winchesters find their battle could be at an end…and a surprise return could change their goals.

supernatural season 1 episode 17 hell house monster

“Hell House”

1.17     Hell House Airdate:  03/30/06

The legend of Hell House brings Dean and Sam to Texas to investigate deaths surrounding a potentially urban myth killer named Mordechai Murdoch.  Finding themselves in competition with a supernatural website duo named Ed Zeddmore (A.J. Buckley) and Harry Spangler (Travis Wester), they must stop the deaths.  Plus, Dean and Sam find themselves in a competition to prank each other.

supernatural seaosn 1 episode 18 something wicked this way comes demon jared padalecki

“Something Wicked this Way Comes”

1.18     Something Wicked this Way Comes Airdate:  04/06/06

A plague of sickly children has Dean remembering his father taking on the creature before.  As Dean and Sam seek the truth, Dean could reveal why the mission is so important and how it ties to their past.

supernatural season 1 episode 19 provenance cursed painting


1.19     Provenance Airdate:  04/13/06

A cursed photograph has Dean and Sam travelling to Chicago.  Sam finds a potential love interest in Sarah Blake (Taylor Cole), but the curse of the image could cause Sam and Sarah’s romance to be short lived.

supernatural season 1 episode 20 dead mans blood vampires jeffrey dean morgan

“Dead Man’s Blood”

1.20     Dead Man’s Blood Airdate:  04/20/06

The death of another hunter leads Sam and Dean to Colorado…and a reunion with their father as they face vampires.  Sam and his father face off about their past, and John reveals a revolver could be the key to stopping the demon forever.

supernatural season 1 episode 21 salvation demon


1.21     Salvation Airdate:  04/27/06

The Winchesters have the revolver with the power to kill anything and they have teamed up with their father to stop the demon that changed their life forever…and they are headed to Salvation, Iowa to stop it.

supernatural season 1 episode 22 devils trap jeffrey dean morgan

“Devil’s Trap”

1.22     Devil’s Trap Airdate:  05/04/06

John has been taken by Meg and the other demons.  With John as their prisoner, Meg sets out to retrieve the revolver…but finds herself caught in a trap.  It could be the final showdown between the Winchesters and the demon and not everyone may make it out alive!

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