Superman—Action Comics 3: At the End of Days

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Comic Name:  Action Comics (Volume 2)

Publisher:  DC Comics

Writer:  Grant Morrison/Sholly Fisch

Artist:  Rags Morales/Brad Walker/Travel Foreman/Chris Sprouse/Andrew Hennessy/Mark Propst/Karl Story/Cam Smith

# of Issues:  6

Release Date:  2013


Action Comics (2) #15

Reprints Action Comics (2) #13-18 (December 2012-May 2013).  Something has been haunting Clark Kent all his life.  As Superman makes his mark in Metropolis, Clark finds the danger is getting closer and closer.  The threat of something called the Multitude that his father pushed back on Krypton has come to claim him and more potentially world ending dangers are appearing.  With Superman in the greatest fight of his life, a villain named Vyndktvx could be Superman’s greatest threat ever!

Written by Grant Morrison, Superman—Action Comics Volume 3:  At the End of Days is Grant Morrison’s final volume in the New 52 relaunch.  Following Superman—Action Comics Volume 2:  Bulletproof, this collection also contains back-up stories written by Sholly Fisch.

Action Comics was one of the most exciting titles of the New 52.  Grant Morrison is one of my favorite comic book writers, and I loved his take of Superman in All-Star Superman.  The series started out with promise, but also was big conflict in the New 52…proving that Morrison writing is often an out-of-the-park hit or a miss.


Action Comics (2) #16dc

Unfortunately, I find this is a bit of miss.  Morrison sometimes makes storylines too complex and it stops being fun.  This is true of this run on Action Comics.  I like a lot of stuff that he does with the characters, but part of the New 52’s concept was making a streamlined DC Universe where the titles worked together.  Morrison’s Superman “origin” story doesn’t seem to fit in well with the story being told in the other titles in style or character.

The series also struggles in that Morrison’s All-Star Superman is superior on most of the fronts.  He gets more time to develop the story here, but I think his Superman characterization is much better in All-Star.  I find myself almost wishing that Morrison had taken the route of his JLA series and simply told a solid “comic book” style story instead of a stylized tale.

Action Comics was an interesting experiment in the New 52 that just doesn’t quite work.  I have never been that big of a Batman fan, but I found myself liking the Batman stories far more than the Superman stories…and that is too bad.  Superman—Action Comics 3:  At the End of Days was followed by Action Comics 4:  Hybrid with the new team of Andy Diggle and Tony S. Daniel.

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