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Solid comic book fun, decent cast

Not groundbreaking or very inventive

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Supergirl flies again!

Kara Zor-El (Melissa Benoist) was sent to Earth to protect her cousin Kal-El.  Unfortunately, an accident caused Kara to be lost as her cousin established himself on Earth as Superman.  Now, Kara is trying to find her own direction and build her own life.  Working for Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart) in National City, Kara is forced to reveal herself…and gives the world Supergirl!  Being Supergirl has given Kara the opportunity to help people, but Kara is finding out that it is easier said than done.

Supergirl—Season 1 aired from October 26, 2015 to April 18, 2016 on CBS.  The show was met fairly strong reviews, but struggled to find an audience.  The series was independent of the CW’s Arrowverse initially, but featured a crossover episode with The Flash—Season 2 in “Worlds Finest”.  Due to sagging rating, Supergirl left CBS and was picked up by the CW for Season 2.

supergirl season 1 episode 9 blood bonds kara melissa benoist

I don’t understand why they wouldn’t do this almost one a week to reinforce that she’s not Supergirl…

I always enjoyed Supergirl.  She had the moral compass of Superman but with less of the angst and weight of the world.  The Supergirl movie was bad (but almost so-bad-it-is-good), and she was also a fun addition to Smallville.  The idea of a return to Supergirl as a standalone series was very appealing.

The series basically takes the format of all the superhero shows…and it still works.  Most of these shows can owe their format to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Supergirl isn’t much different.  She occasionally faces creatures of the week and has her own team of allies (all with romantic struggles).  In addition to Buffy, Supergirl is able to freely borrow from the Superman mythos and this even means emulating the season of Smallville where Zod and the Kryptonians became the major threat.  Fortunately, the Supergirl personality wins over and provides the fun (though it is pretty doubtful that Superman wouldn’t have stepped in more with some of the crisis she faced).

supergirl season 1 episode 18 worlds finest silver banshee italia ricci

The best mid-to-low tier villains money can buy!

Melissa Benoist seems strong for the role of Supergirl.  She’s likeable and a decent enough actress to carry the series.  Calista Flockhart is a little over-the-top as Cat Grant, but she does get better as the series progresses.  The other members of the support team including Mehcad Brooks, Chyler Leigh, Jeremy Jordan, and David Harewood.  The fun thing Supergirl does (carried over from Smallville) is casting of other Superman actors.  You get Helen Slater (the “original” Supergirl) and Dean Cain (Lois & Clark) as her adopted parents and Smallville’s Supergirl Laura Vandervoort as Indigo among others.  It is a fun homage to those that came before.

supergirl season 1 episode 7 human for a day jemm

Jemm’s truly outrageous! Oh…wrong Jemm

Supergirl also demonstrates how far TV series have come over the decades.  While the effects aren’t as good as a movie, the TV show is still solid looking and the “weaknesses” in the effects almost gives it more of a comic book look…plus, you get fun comic book guest stars made up in their comic book outfits (something some TV series don’t really do).

Supergirl got a lot of flak when it was released and some criticism by people who thought it wasn’t very good.  I don’t see that.  It isn’t revolutionary and it isn’t groundbreaking, but it is fun, solid comic book TV.  Give Supergirl a chance and see her fly!

Supergirl—Season 1 Complete Episode Guide:

supergirl season 1 episode 1 pilot costume melissa benoist


1.1       Pilot Airdate:  10/26/15

Kara Zor-El (Melissa Benoist) is sent to Earth to protect her younger cousin Kal-El.  Knocked off course for over two decades, Kara arrives on Earth to find her cousin has aged and that she hasn’t.  Raised by the Danvers (Dean Cain and Helen Slater), Kara is trying to start her new life as an assistant to Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart).  When her adopted sister Alex (Chyler Leigh) is in danger, Kara is forced to reveal her true abilities and Supergirl is born!  Unfortunately, Supergirl’s birth brings out enemies and when a villain named Vartox (Owain Yeoman) attacks, Kara learns that Alex might have her own secret.

supergirl season 1 episode 2 stronger together astra laura benanti

“Stronger Together”

1.2       Stronger Together Airdate:  11/02/15

Supergirl finds herself under attack after a misuse of her powers and learns that her sister Alex wants to help to train how to be a real fighter.  With Jimmy Olsen (Mehcad Brooks) and Winn Schott (Jeremy Jordan) knowing her secret identity, Kara finds she must build her reputation…but the arrival of a Hellgrammite (Justice Leak) and her aunt Astra (Laura Benanti) could mean Supergirl will have to test her abilities again.  Cat demands an interview with Supergirl and tries to leverage Jimmy’s friendship with Superman as a bartering point.  Hank Henshaw (David Harewood) reveals he might be hiding his own secrets as well within the D.E.O.

supergirl season 1 episode 3 fight or flight reactron chris browning

“Fight or Flight”

1.3       Fight or Flight Airdate:  11/09/15

Supergirl’s interview with Cat has gone public and the world knows that she’s Superman’s cousin.  When Reactron (Chris Browning) comes to National City in an attempt to settle his score with Superman, Maxwell Lord (Peter Facinelli) finds himself as bait to lure Supergirl into Reactron’s trap.  Supergirl finds her motions to make a name for herself derailed when her cousin comes to her aid…at Jimmy’s request.

supergirl season 1 episode 4 how does she do it maxwell lord peter facinelli alex chyler leigh melissa benoist

“How Does She Do It?”

1.4       How Does She Do It? Airdate:  11/23/15

Jimmy deals with the arrival of his old girlfriend Lucy Lane (Jenna Dewan), and Kara finds herself in competition with Lucy for Jimmy’s attention.  A bomber named Ethan Knox (Scott Michael Campbell) begins target Maxwell Lord as Supergirl tries to protect him…while Kara deals with watching Cat’s son Carter (Levi Miller) who could accidentally become a target himself.

supergirl season 1 episode 5 livewire brit morgan


1.5       Livewire Airdate:  11/16/15

Shock jock Leslie Willis (Brit Morgan) is demoted by Cat after attacking Supergirl and caught in an accident during a lightning storm when Supergirl tries to save her.  Alex and Kara deal with a holiday visit by their mother Eliza forcing Alex to reveal the truth about her work for the DEO.  Leslie discovers she’s gained new powers from the accident, and as Livewire, she sets out to even the score with Cat.

supergirl season 1 episode 6 red faced tornado

“Red Faced”

1.6       Red Faced Airdate:  11/30/15

Lucy’s father General Sam Lane (Glenn Morshower) is in town and it has both Supergirl and Jimmy on edge.  Kara deals with anger issues involving her life while Cat deals with a visit from her mother (Joan Juliet Buck).  Supergirl is tasked with testing General Lane’s robot Red Tornado created by T. O. Morrow (Iddo Goldberg), but when Red Tornado goes rogue, National City could be in danger.

supergirl season 1 episode 7 human for a day jonn jonzz

“Human for a Day”

1.7       Human for a Day Airdate:  12/07/15

Kara finds her powers knocked out by her battle with Red Tornado at the worst moment.  An earthquake has struck National City and the city needs heroes!  Cat faces off against Maxwell when Maxwell attacks Supergirl.  Alex finds herself trapped in the DEO headquarters with an escaped alien named Jemm (Charles Halford), but Alex worries her real danger could be Hank Henshaw.  Even if Supergirl gets her powers back, a new danger could be lurking.

supergirl season 1 episode 8 hostile takeover non kryptonians chris vance

“Hostile Takeover”

1.8       Hostile Takeover Airdate:  12/14/15

Astra is back and she has a secret about Supergirl’s past.  Kara, Jimmy, and Winn are recruited by Cat to find out who has hacked her and threatens to expose all her secret…including a secret from her past that no one knows.  As Astra’s husband Non (Chris Vance) also continues to cause problems, Kara could discover that Cat knows a secret about her as well.

supergirl season 1 episode 9 blood bonds non hank chris vance david harewood

“Blood Bonds

1.9       Blood Bonds Airdate:  01/04/16

Non has taken Hank as his prisoner as Kara deals with Cat believing that she is Supergirl.  With a request for a prisoner exchange for Astra, Alex and Supergirl must find a way to get Hank back while evading the DEO’s acting commander:  General Sam Lane.  Meanwhile, Jimmy and Winn try to determine what Maxwell Lord is up to at his company.

supergirl season 1 episode 10 childish things toyman doll

“Childish Things”

1.10     Childish Things Airdate:  01/18/16

Winn’s past is coming back to haunt him when his father Winslow “The Toyman” Schott (Henry Czerny) breaks free from prison.  With Winn as his tool, Winslow targets the man he blames for his imprisonment, but Winn’s actions with Kara could change everything between them.  Maxwell Lord has another surprise for Supergirl and Alex.

supergirl season 1 episode 11 strange visitor from another planet white martian

“Strange Visitor from Another Planet”

1.11     Strange Visitor from Another Planet Airdate:  01/25/16

A bigoted senator named Miranda Crane (Tawny Cypress) has come to National City, but the arrival of a White Martian could mean even bigger troubles.  J’onn learns that his past has returned and that he might have to make a decision to cross the line he swore to uphold.  When Kara oversteps her bounds, Cat finds her son Adam (Blake Jenner) has come to      .

supergirl season 1 episode 12 bizarro


1.12     Bizarro Airdate:  02/01/16

Maxwell Lord’s experiment nicknamed “Bizarro” (Hope Lauren) has been unleashed on the city, and Bizarro has it in for Supergirl.  While Kara tries to start a relationship with Adam, Lord’s knowledge of her secret identity could make everyone in her life a target.

supergirl season 1 episode 13 for the girl who has everything black mercy melissa benoist

“For the Girl Who Has Everything”

1.13     For the Girl Who Has Everything Airdate:  02/08/16

The Kryptonians are making their next move and have sent Kara into a fantasy world created by the Black Mercy.  As Alex tries to find a way to free Kara, Hank goes undercover as Kara to assist Cat.  Non has a plan, and the results could be fatal.

supergirl season 1 episode 14 truth justice adn the american way master jailer

“Truth, Justice, and the American Way”

1.14     Truth, Justice and the American Way Airdate:  02/22/16

Max Lord’s missing, and Cat Grant is insistent on finding him…creating a bigger rift between Jimmy and Lucy.  Kara finds Cat has replaced her with a new assistant named Siobhan Smythe (Italia Ricci) who is trying to take her place.  Kara is challenged about the indefinite imprisoning of people by the D.E.O. as an alien named the Master Jailer is picking off criminals from Fort Rozz.

supergirl season 1 episode 15 solitude indigo laura vandervoort melissa benoist


1.15     Solitude Airdate:  02/29/16

Alex deals with having killed Astra and Hank taking the blame for it…leading Supergirl to leave the D.E.O.  When a hacker begins attacking the city, her real identity as Indigo (Laura Vandervoort) could mean more danger for Supergirl and humanity.  Supergirl’s trip to the Fortress of Solitude with Jimmy leads to a confrontation between Jimmy and Lucy.

supergirl season 1 episode 16 falling red kryptonite melissa benoist


1.16     Falling Airdate:  03/14/16

When Supergirl is accidentally exposed to a synthetic Red Kryptonite, her whole personality begins to change.  Turning against Cat and aggressively pursuing Jimmy, Kara has become a danger to the city she loves…forcing Hank to make a big decision.

supergirl season 1 episode 17 jonn jonzz david harewood


1.17     Manhunter Airdate:  03/21/16

Hank has been exposed as J’onn J’onzz and now he finds himself defending himself from Colonel James Harper (Eddie McClintock) and Lucy Lane.  J’onn experiences on Earth are revealed as he is questioned but Cadmus has plans for J’onn.  J’onn makes an amazing discovery about Cadmus’s secrets.

supergirl season 1 episode 18 worlds finest flash grant gustin melissa benoist

“Worlds Finest”

1.18     Worlds Finest Airdate:  03/28/16

Siobhan finds she has her own powers and abilities and they could be the key to destroying Kara.  Teaming with Livewire, the “Silver Banshee” sets out for revenge…but Kara has a secret ally in a new arrival to Central City in the form of the Flash (Grant Gustin)!

supergirl season 1 episode 19 myriad indigo non laura vandervoort chris vance1.19     Myriad Airdate:  04/11/16

Myriad has been activated, and Supergirl finds that everyone in National City is under its control…including her cousin!  As the danger grows, Supergirl, Cat, and Maxwell must come up with a plan…but J’onn and Alex have their own danger in Indigo.

supergirl season 1 episode 20 better angels fort rozz melissa benoist

“Better Angels”

1.20     Better Angels Airdate:  04/18/16

Supergirl has averted the danger of Myriad, but a new threat develops from the system that could destroy all of Earth.  A race against time begins with J’onn to stop Non and Indigo, but Supergirl might need to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the planet.

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