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The Super Friends…SuperFriends…Superfriends? are here…

The Super Friends are back!  The world and the universe are in need of saving as Darkseid and his brood plot to destroy the Super Friends.  Fortunately the Super Friends are prepared and welcoming a new Super Friend in Firestorm.  With danger around every corner, the Super Friends must succeed!

Super Friends:  The Legendary Super Powers Show—The Complete Series collects what is actually the second to last of the long running Super Friends series which ran from 1973-1986.  Following Best of the Super Friends which mostly consisted of repackaged stories, Super Friends:  The Legendary Super Powers Show ran for eight episodes on ABC and was produced by Hanna Barbera.  It also had a toy tie in line called Super Powers Collection by Kenner.


Sadly I’d watch a detective show surrounding these four…

After the classic Super Friends, this new series felt new and different, but that necessarily isn’t a good thing.  The series just wasn’t the same as the bigger and better Super Friends series that preceded it.  The short half-hour shows were generally broken into halves and instead of featuring the Legion of Doom, the show mostly featured Darkseid and a scaled back Apokolips.

The series also served to introduce Firestorm to the cartoon and in a blunder, the producers scaled back the popular Wonder Twins who were created for The Super Friends.  The Wonder Twins still appear in this season, but Firestorm takes the lead of the “teen” sidekicks.  Firestorm was already established in the DC Universe having first appeared in 1978, but really didn’t get a chance to catch on here on Super Friends.


The Super Friends go all dinosaur!

Super Friends at this point seems to have an identity crisis.  The idea of a bigger and badder Super Friends is interesting but it doesn’t really live up to the title of Legendary Super PowersSuper Friends itself seems to have a bit of identity crisis because the makers can’t decide if it is Super Friends, SuperFriends, or Superfriends.  Despite being a classic of childhood, Super Friends:  The Legendary Super Powers Show is a bit of a letdown in comparison to current superhero shows.  Super Friends:  The Legendary Super Powers Show was followed by The Super Powers Team:  Galactic Guardians.

Super Friends:  The Legendary Super Powers Show—The Complete Series Episode Guide:


“The Bride of Darkseid”

8.1       The Bride of Darkseid Airdate:  09/08/84

A new superhero is on the scene when Firestorm begins to aid the Super Friends with dangers around the world.  When Darkseid targets Wonder Woman to be his bride, Firestorm might be the only one who can save the Super Friends.  As the Super Friends welcome Firestorm and learn his powers, DeSaad helps Darkseid and Kalibak plan a new attack.  Darkseid captures Wonder Woman and the Super Friends must journey to Apokolips to free her.


“The Wrath of Brainiac”


“Reflections in Crime”

8.2       The Wrath of Brainiac/Reflections in Crime Airdate:  09/15/84

The Wrath of Brainiac—Darkseid meets a transformed Brainiac and set-up an alliance to try to bring down the Super Friends. When the Super Friends are captured, Wonder Woman must make a sacrifice to save the Super Friends.  Reflections in the Crime—Mirror Master attacks a telescope installation and Superman and Samurai find themselves as pawns of Mirror Master’s plot.  Now trapped in the mirror dimension, Superman tries to warn the rest of the Super Friends.


“No Honor Among Thieves”


“Mr. Mxyzptlk and the Magic Lamp”

8.3       No Honor Among Thieves/Mr. Mxyzptlk and the Magic Lamp Airdate:  09/22/84

No Honor Among Thieves—El Dorado brings a rare meteor to Metropolis only to have it targeted by Lex Luthor.  With the F-9 meteorite in hand, Lex Luthor and Darkseid plot a means to steal the Super Friends’ powers.  Without powers, the Super Friends find themselves stranded on Apokolips as Luthor makes a power-play for Earth which could cost him his life.  Mr. Mxyzptlk and the Magic Lamp—Mxyzptlk is back and has decided to play with the Super Friends by posing as a genie for a small-time crook.  When the Super Friends question how a former bumbling crook became a criminal mastermind, Mxyzptlk and his ultimate goal are revealed.


“The Case of the Shrinking SuperFriends”


“The Mask of Mystery”

8.4       The Case of the Shrinking SuperFriends/The Mask of Mystery Airdate:  09/29/84

The Case of the Shrinking SuperFriends—When the Wonder Twins, Robin, and Firestorm are left behind to defend the Hall of Justice, they find themselves facing Lex Luthor and a shrinking ray.  Using the shrinking ray, Luthor makes off with the Hall of Justice and Robin, Firestorm, and the Wonder Twins must find a way to stop Luthor despite their size.  The Mask of Mystery—Captain Mystery tries to impress the Super Friends but makes himself a target of Lex Luthor and could endanger the Super Friends.


“Island of the Dinosoids”


“Uncle Mxyzptlk”

8.5       Island of the Dinosoids/Uncle Mxyzptlk Airdate:  09/29/84

Island of the Dinosoids—In route to a conference Batman and Dr. Stein crash on an island of dinosaurs.  When the Super Friends come to the rescue, a mad professor reveals he intends to use Professor Stein’s omnicaster to turn the world into humanoid dinosaurs.  Uncle Mxyzptlk—The Wonder Twins’ discovery of a piece of Red Kryptonite leads to Superman being turned into a boy.  When Mxyzptlk poses as the young Superman’s uncle, he spoils Superman to cause havoc.


“Darkseid’s Golden Trap”

8.6       Darkseid’s Golden Trap Airdate;  10/06/84

Darkseid targets Superman when an auction for a rare Gold Kryptonite goes up for auction.  Black Vulcan, Wonder Woman, and Firestorm must infiltrate the auction to stop Darkseid.  When Black Vulcan, Wonder Woman, and Firestorm are captured, Superman must find a way to rescue the Super Friends without exposing himself to the Gold Kryptonite.  Travelling to the Vega system, El Dorado, Batman, and Superman seek out Kalibak for the information.


“The Case of the Dreadful Dolls”


“The Royal Ruse”

8.7       The Case of the Dreadful Dolls/The Royal Ruse Airdate:  10/13/84

The Case of the Dreadful Dolls—The Dollmaker powerful dolls have the Super Friends under his control.  It is up to El Dorado to help free them and save the day.  The Royal Ruse—When an alien princess comes to Earth, she requests the Super Friends’ help in stopping Darkseid.  With aid from the Super Friends, Darkseid is stopped but the Super Friends are caught in a double-cross.


“The Village of Lost Souls”


“The Curator”

8.8       The Village of Lost Souls/The Curator Airdate:  10/20/84

The Village of Lost Souls—Apache Chief and the Wonder Twins discover a town under the control of a strange power.  When the villain is revealed to be Brainiac, Diana Prince must infiltrate the base to rescue the Wonder Twins.  The Curator—When the Hall of Justice and other items are stolen from Earth, Superman, Firestorm, and Samurai find an interplanetary museum that wants the Super Friends for its display.

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