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The Super Friends are back!  Whether they are battling space bounty hunters, alien mummies, Kryptonians, chemical monsters, or killer painters, the Super Friends can handle the danger.  Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Batman, Robin, Flash, the Atom, El Dorado, Apache Chief, Samurai, Black Vulcan, and the Wonder Twins are there to battle the danger…and protect the Earth from whatever might threaten it!

Super Friends!—Season 6 is a DC Comics superhero cartoon.  The season aired from September 26, 1981 to October 31, 1981 in six half-hour episodes composed of three stories each.  The season is also known as Super Friends—Season 6:  Legacy of Super Powers and followed Super Friends—Season 5:  A Dangerous Fate.

super friends season 6 episode 4 bazarowurld superman red kryptonite

Nothing is more terrifying than the Red Kryptonite Superman

Super Friends was appointment Saturday morning TV.  I was all in…I had the Underoos, knew the characters, and my friends and I would often play Super Friends at recess.  In trying to go back and watch Super Friends, it is one of the most confusing series to follow with all the name changes and the weird way that Warner Bros. released the show to DVD.  Though I enjoyed the show a lot as a kid, it sometimes is kind of difficult to watch simply due to basic nature of the show.

Every episode starts out with a seemingly unstoppable threat, but since there are three “episodes” a show, the threat generally isn’t that difficult to stop.  The season is a little less lesson based than some of the seasons that try to teach the kids a moral with the stories.  The Super Friends simply battle the villain and capture/stop them to restore order.

I do like that the season has a lot of variant in its heroes.  As a kid, I recognized the “big guns” like

super friends season 6 episode 6 the witchs arcade wonder twins wonder woman video game

Remember the time Wonder Woman essentially got trapped in Space Invaders?

Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, but I actually enjoyed the side characters more than some of the classic heroes.  Characters like the Wonder Twins, Apache Chief, Samurai, and even El Dorado are weird aberrations simply because they aren’t canon (which makes me want to watch them even more).

The biggest fault I have with this season is no Legion of Doom.  The season is pretty weak in villains.  Mxyzptlk shows up in one episode and Bizarro appears in another, but that is about it on the super villain threat.  Most of the villains are generic one-offs which aren’t as fun as classic villains.

In the ’70s and ’80s, super heroes weren’t as prevalent as they are today.  You took what you could get and you liked it.  Super Friends is a great example.  If you grew up with Super Friends!, revisiting it (in small doses) will be fun, but new viewers probably won’t like the saccharine sweet nature of the show.  With great shows popping up in the ‘’90s like Batman:  The Animated Series and X-Men, it is probably better to just stick with them…but for me the Super Friends endure!

Super Friends!—Season 6 Complete Episode Guide:

super friends season 6 episode 1 the outlaws of orion space bounty hunters

“The Outlaws of Orion”

super friends season 6 episode 1 three wishes wonder twins gleek

“Three Wishes”

super friends season 6 episode 1 scorpio bug monster


6.1       The Outlaws of Orion/Three Wishes/Scorpio Airdate:  09/26/81

The Outlaws of Orion—Bounty hunters who track heroes set out to capture the Super Friends.  Three Wishes—Zan and Jayna accidentally unleash a genie and discover that all wishes might have a price.  Scorpio—A mutated scorpion called Scorpio attempts to capture a growth chemical to allow insects to take over the Earth.

super friends season 6 episode 2 mxyzptlks flick

“Mxyzptlk’s Flick”

super friends season 6 episode 2 the sink hole robot snake

“The Sink Hole”

super friends season 6 episode 2 the alien mummy el dorado

“The Alien Mummy”

6.2       Mxyzptlk’s Flick/The Sink Hole/The Alien Mummy Airdate:  10/03/81

Mxyzptlk’s Flick—A trip to the movies for Batman, Robin, and the Wonder Twins has the Super Friends trapped in a movie by Mxyzptlk.  The Sink Hole—A sinkhole opens up in Dusty Ridge and Wonder Woman discovers that a man named Diamond Jack is creating the destruction by making diamonds with a robot snake.  The Alien Mummy—El Dorado finds himself battling a monster mummy released by aliens with the help of Superman and Wonder Woman

super friends season 6 episode 3 the evil from krypton zy-kree superman

“The Evil from Krypton”

super friends season 6 episode 3 the creature from the dump batman

“The Creature from the Dump”

super friends season 6 episode 3 the aircraft terror dragon

“The Aircraft Terror”

6.3       The Evil from Krypton/The Creature from the Dump/The Aircraft Terror Airdate:  10/10/81

The Evil from Krypton—A Kryptonian named Zy-Kree has taken over Superman’s Fortress of Solitude and turned it against the world.  It is up to Superman, Aqauaman, and Green Lantern to stop him! The Creature from the Dump—When kids accidentally unleash a chemical spill at the dump, Batman finds himself transformed into a monster.  The Aircraft Terror—A storm transforms an airplane into a dragon, and the Super Friends find they must stop the dragon to save the skies.

super friends season 6 episode 4 the lava men solderath

“The Lava Men”

super friends season 6 episode 4 bazarowurld bizarro superman


super friends season 6 episode 4 the warlords amulet samurai

“The Warlord’s Amulet”

6.4       The Lava Men/Bazarowurld/The Warlord’s Amulet Airdate:  10/17/81

The Lava Men—Solderath leads an army of Lava Men to invade the Earth’s surface and only the Super Friends can stop them! Bazarowurld—Bizarro brings Superman and Black Vulcan to his world and Superman fights effects of Red Kryptonite.  The Warlord’s Amulet—Samurai finds his home wracked by earthquakes and discovers an evil warrior has traveled to from the past to conquer the land.

super friends season 6 episode 5 the iron cyclops superman black vulcan atom

“The Iron Cyclops

super friends season 6 episode 5 pallettes peril el dorado

“Pallette’s Peril”

super friends season 6 episode 5 colossus vs apache chief


6.5       The Iron Cyclops/Palette’s Perils/Colossus Airdate:  10/24/81

The Iron Cyclops—An alien using a tractor beam threatens to take all of Metropolis unless Superman, the Atom, and Black Vulcan can stop him.  Palette’s Peril—El Dorado and Wonder Woman face an artist named Palette who can bring his paintings to life.  Colossus—A giant alien named Colossus has taken the Earth as his prisoner, but when he is reduced in size, Superman and Apache Chief must stop him.

super friends season 6 episode 6 the stowaways from space aliens

“The Stowaways from Space”

super friends season 6 episode 6 the saraghosta sea aquaman

“The Saraghosta Sea”

super friends season 6 episode 6 the witchs arcade wonder twins gleek

“The Witch’s Arcade”

6.6       The Stowaways from Space/The Saraghosta Sea/The Witch’s Arcade Airdate:  10/31/81

The Stowaways from Space—An alien that catches a ride back to Earth on a satellite has the Super Friends battling to stop it from destroying the Earth.  The Saraghosta Sea—The Super Friends find themselves in battle with supernatural pirates on the high seas.  The Witch’s Arcade—Zan and Jayna go to the arcade and find the arcade is run by a witch…and discover themselves pulled into the games with Wonder Woman.

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