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Standing for Truth, Justice, and Rainbows!

Meet the Super Friends!  Batman, Robin, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman make up the Justice League…the most powerful team in the world!  With their heroes in training Wendy, Marvin, and Wonder Dog, the Super Friends are out to protect the world from any threats!

Super Friends—Season 1 (also sometimes written as Superfriends) was the premiere of the long running animated series which ran from 1973 to 1986.  The season was composed of sixteen hour long episodes airing on ABC beginning on September 8, 1973.  The season has been collected in two DVD volumes.


Why are these kids hanging out with the Super Friends? You’ll have to read DC’s Super Friends comic to know!

This first incarnation of Super Friends! is pretty rocky.  As a kid, I was more familiar with the Wonder Twin seasons (which began with the next season) and always would be thrown when Wendy, Marvin, and Wonder Dog appeared.

The ironic thing about Wendy, Marvin, and Wonder Dog was that rather than being the people who “got it wrong” when trying to solve a mystery, the trio often was the first to solve the crime…and the Justice League wouldn’t listen to them.  It is almost a bit frustrating and the Super Friends come off as a bit jerky and as horrible detectives.  I was unaware until I watched the first episode that Wendy and Marvin are supposed to be super-heroes in training.  Marvin demonstrates the ability to fly, but it never comes up again (and as far as I can tell Wendy’s just smart).


You just want to take little Green Arrow and hug him!

The small core group of the Super Friends is also a bit limiting.  Most of the characters (and the actors performing them) had appeared in other cartoons or solo shows before this series.  There are guest appearances by Plastic Man, the Flash, and Green Arrow, but alas no Green Lantern (who was always a personal favorite).  The guest appearance episodes were always the best in that it jostled up the often stale standard format of the show…I just wish they had utilized real villains instead of generic nameless enemies.


Yeah…this is the actual poor animation

Super Friends! changed its name each season.  This season was simply called Super Friends and aired until 1974 when it was replaced with the superior The All-New Super Friends Hour (often also called Season 1…despite actually being the second season).

Only check out this series for memories and completist fans.  The shows are slow and trudge along with pretty poor art at points.  There are a few good episodes in the batch but they are few and far between.  The villains in general aren’t that villainous (and often are just hurting while trying to help the world).  Just start with The All-New Super Friends Hour if you really want to relive childhood.

Super Friends!—Season 1 Complete Episode Guide:


“The Power Pirate”

1.1       The Power Pirate Airdate:  09/08/73

The Super Friends find that something is stealing power from the devices around the world.  As the Super Friends try to stop the energy thefts, they seek out clues to who is responsible.  A Scotland Yard detective named Sir Cedric Cedric might by the clue to uncovering the Power Pirate.


“The Baffles Puzzle”

1.2       The Baffles Puzzle Airdate:  09/15/73

Professor Baffles announces his plans to steal priceless items and manages to slip out the goods right from under the noses of the Super Friends.  When the Justice League finds themselves unable to stop the crimes, the faith in the group begins to fail…only Wonder Dog’s allergy to almonds could stop the criminal from getting away.


“Professor Goodfellow’s G.E.E.C.”

1.3       Professor Goodfellow’s G.E.E.C. Airdate:  09/22/73

Machines all over the world are going crazy and operating themselves.  Professor Goodfellow reveals that his machine the G.E.E.C. allows people to get all their work and activities done from home…when the Justice League and the government reject the G.E.E.C., the Super Friends find that G.E.E.C. could cause a worldwide crisis when a mouse gets in the system.


“The Weather Maker”

1.4       The Weather Maker Airdate:  09/29/73

When the weather of the world begins to go crazy, the Super Friends must find out who is affecting the changes in the weather.  Using the ocean as his weapon, the Justice League sets out to find the Weather Maker.


“Dr. Palagian’s War”

1.5       Dr. Palagian’s War Airdate:  10/06/73

When industrialists are attacked by a scientist named Dr. Palagian, the Justice League sets out to bring the industrialists to an understanding that they are destroying the environment while stopping Dr. Palagian.


“The Shamon U”

1.6       The Shamon U Airdate:  10/13/73

Wendy and Marvin encounter a strange U on Mystery Mountain and discover Dr. Shamon pulling gold from space.  When the experiment results in strange red and green mists falling on Earth, the mist creates animals to grow and shrink to massive sizes.


“Too Hot to Handle”

1.7       Too Hot to Handle Airdate: 10/20/73

A heat wave is heating the Earth when the Earth drifts out of orbit.  As the Earth continues to drift closer to the sun, the Super Friends must call on Flash to help with the aliens involved.


“The Androids”

1.8       The Androids Airdate:  10/27/73

Dr. Rebos is sabotaging the space program.  When Rebos makes a Wonder Dog android, Wendy and Marvin must prove Wonder Dog innocent while the Justice League stops Rebos’ new attempts at sabotage with androids.


“The Balloon People”

1.9       The Balloon People Airdate:  11/03/73

An alien race called the Balloonians arrive on Earth.  While the world embraces the Balloon People, Noah Tall targets them for his own plans.


“The Fantastic FRERPs”

1.10     The Fantastic FRERPs Airdate:  11/10/73

King Plasto and his assistant Styro are stealing plastic to create his FRERP land made of plastic called FRERP (Fiber Re-enforced Epoxy Resin Plastic).  When the Justice League is informed, they must stop King Plasto and FRERP creations.


“The Ultra Beam”

1.11     The Ultra Beam Airdate:  11/17/73

Scientists out to destroy gold to stop greed accidentally cause instability on Earth.  The Super Friends set out to stop the scientists before more danger strikes!


“Menace of the White Dwarf”

1.12     Menace of the White Dwarf Airdate:  11/24/73

Things are disappearing from Earth and the Super Friends discover that a white dwarf star is being used to pull off the feats.  A criminal named Raven who was put away by Superman is discovered to be the villain, and Raven intends to make Superman pay!


“The Mysterious Moles”

1.13     The Mysterious Moles Airdate:  12/01/73

Someone is stealing air conditioners.  When Wendy and Marvin encounter a man and woman named Max and Minnie Mole, the Super Friends uncover that the Moles have uncovered a hidden world beneath the earth where even the trees and rocks can walk.


“Gulliver’s Giant Goof”

1.14     Gulliver’s Giant Goof Airdate:  12/08/73

The Super Friends discover themselves facing a mad scientist named Dr. Gulliver who has discovered a shrinking ray.  As Gulliver plans to use the shrinking ray to save the world from the population boom, the Super Friends are shrunk to miniature form…and need help from their ally Green Arrow to escape!


“The Planet Splitter”

1.15     The Planet Splitter Airdate:  12/15/73

A thief is stealing and replacing rare diamonds.  As the Super Friends track the thefts, Wendy and Marvin discover plans to use the diamonds to split a planet…which could destroy the Earth!


“The Watermen”

1.16     The Watermen Airdate:  12/22/73

A strange red tide is threatening the ocean and the Super Friends are called in to investigate.  An underwater alien culture seeking silicone is discovered living beneath the surface as the Super Friends set to save the wildlife from the red tide.

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