Suicide Squad 1: Kicked in the Teeth

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8.0 Overall Score
Story: 7/10
Art: 9/10

Great art, fun characters

Wish Frederico Dallocchio did all the issues

Comic Info

Comic Name:  Suicide Squad (Volume 3)

Publisher:  DC Comics

Writer:  Adam Glass

Artist:  Frederico Dallocchio/Ransom Getty/Scott Hanna/Andrei Bressan/Cliff Richards/Clayton Henry/Ig Guara

# of Issues:  7

Release Date:   2012

suicide squad #6 cover harley quinn new 52

Suicide Squad (3) #6

Reprints Suicide Squad (3) #1-7 (November 2011-May 2012).  Amanda Waller has a secret team called Task Force X.  Made up of super-villains and called the Suicide Squad, Task Force X does the assignments that others won’t.  With internal bombs planted within them, Task Force X isn’t working for their country but their freedom and their lives.  First they are assigned to stop an outbreak of a virus and then to stop a prison riot at their base of Belle Reve.  The Suicide Squad’s third assignment might be the most difficult when they are forced to hunt one of their own.

Written by Adam Glass, Suicide Squad Volume 1:  Kicked in the Teeth was part of the DC Comics New 52 relaunch following Flashpoint.  The collection features art by Frederico Dallocchio, Ransom Getty, Scott Hanna, Andrei Bressan, Cliff Richards, Clayton Henry, and Ig Guara.  Suicide Squad #6-7 were also included in Harley Quinn:  A Celebration of 25 Years.

Suicide Squad is just a fun title.  It didn’t make my first cut but reading the collection of the first story arc, I kind of wish I had stuck with it past the second issue.  The writing isn’t the most spectacular or flashy writing, but Glass seems unapologetic about the violence and crassness of the characters…something that a book about villains and Suicide Squad needs.

suicide squad #7 cover harley quinn origin

Suicide Squad (3) #7

The characters seem to be a bit of a combination of previous Suicide Squads (with Waller and Deadshot) with almost a hodge-podge of characters.  It is the hodge-podge aspect that I like.  I love the weird characters, and despite always finding her annoying, I think Harley Quinn kind of works in this title.  The cliffhanger at the end of the collection does leave some question if she’ll continue.  I would like to see the Squad continue to shift with some few stable characters (though they could get rid of King Shark for a different strong man with more personality and I’d love to see former Suicide Squad member Captain Boomerang return as a full member (after his appearance in this volume).

The next aspect of Suicide Squad which makes it a winner is Frederico Dallocchio’s great art.  I love his style and he seems to have real fun with the series.  It is unfortunate that he is unable to illustrate the whole series, and I hope that he can keep up with the comic for the future (or shift him to another of my favorite titles because I do like his work).

Suicide Squad might deserve a second look if you only read the first issue during the relaunch.  Don’t expect a masterpiece, but expect fun character and good art.  The comic definitely deserves a chance and I hope in the competitive market it gets one.  Suicide Squad 1:  Kicked in the Teeth is followed by Suicide Squad 2:  Basilisk Rising.

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