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Comic Name: Stray Dogs

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Writer

Artist: Artist

# of Issues: 5

Release Date: 2021

stray dogs #1 cover silence of the lambs variant

Stray Dogs #1 Variant

Reprints Stray Dogs #1-5 (February 2021-June 2021).  Sophie is a little dog who finds herself in a new home and surrounded by other dogs.  Sophie senses something is wrong.  She feels she had another lady before her new master and no one seems to believe her.  When Sophie uncovers the truth, she must convince the other dogs that their master isn’t what he seems…before it is too late.

Written by Tony Fleecs, Stray Dogs is an Image Comics limited series.  Featuring art by Trish Forstner, the comic was released to positive reviews.

I am not generally a covers guy, but sometimes you see covers that you just fall in love with.  Stray Dogs released multiple versions of each issue and paid honor to famous horror movie posters.  While some posters were obvious choices, the comic also dove a bit deeper…and like the covers, Stray Dogs is more than it seems.

The comic takes its visual cues from Disney movies like Lady and the Tramp and Oliver & Company with a hearty dose of Don Bluth’s All Dogs Go to Heaven (with ironically some of the same dark tones of that movie).  The shiny and happy art lights up each page and creates characters that every kid could love from the spunky Sophia, the loyal Earl, the disabled Victor, and the heroic dog Rusty…but you don’t want a kid reading Stray Dogs.

stray dogs #5 cover friday the 13th variant

Stray Dogs #5 Variant

The fluffy animated art of the story is a contrast to a story of dark, dark nature.  You have serial killer murdering pet owners, co-opting their pets, and turning on the pets if they show a hint of ingratitude.  It is quite ruthless at times and the art and nature of the comic make it even crueler when the characters get cut down.

The story also dives into the fleeting nature of pets.  While a pet can remember some things long term (reunions between animals and their owners after years demonstrate that), pets often adapt.  They would probably accept a person that killed their owner if the person treated them kindly.  It is in dog’s nature to “forgive” but in this case that means forgetting.  It isn’t their fault, but it is a reminder that sometimes we put too much loyalty onto pets that they can’t possibly live up to.

Stray Dogs is a fun ride and a quick read.  The series is a short five issues and reads even faster than most.  You can finish the series in a quick sitting.  Fans of horror and fans of Disney (even if it was only a childhood fans) should seek out Stray Dogs.  You might not look at your dog the same.

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