Star Wars 6: Out Among the Stars

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Comic Info

Comic Name: Star Wars (Marvel Volume 2)

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writer: Jason Aaron/Dash Aaron/Jason Latour

Artist: Salvador Larroca/Andrea Sorrentino/Michael Walsh

# of Issues: 6

Release Date: 2017

star wars #35 cover hutt han chewbacca

Star Wars (2) #33

Reprints Star Wars (2) #33-37 and Annual #3 (September 2017-December 2017).  After the battle at the Citadel, the Rebel forces are scattered.  Luke and Leia discover themselves fighting for life on a planet while hoping for rescue.  Sana goes to Lando Calrissian with a deal he can’t turn down.  Han and Chewbacca are assigned an unlikely transport on the Millennium Falcon.  R2-D2 seeks out a plan to rescue C-3PO from Darth Vader…but the Rebels’ biggest threat could come from the Scar Squadron who are plotting all-out war.

Written by Jason Aaron, Dash Aaron, and Jason Latour, Star Wars Volume 6:  Out Among the Stars is a Marvel Comics collection.  Following Star Wars Volume 5:  Yoda’s Secret War and Star Wars:  Screaming Citadel, the collection features art by Salvador Larroca, Andrea Sorrentino, and Michael Walsh.  The issues in the collection were also included as part of Star Wars—Volume 3.

Star Wars stories can be inventive, they can be fun, and they can sometimes get bogged down.  Star Wars 6:  Out Among the Stars is a series of loosely connected Star Wars stories that primarily feel like filler between bigger storylines, but in their own means are fun.

Most of the stand-alone issues are clever.  You get some downtime from fighting and star battles in the collection which is always nice and a reminder that a lot of Star Wars comes from the camaraderie between the characters.  Luke and Leia being stranded on a desert island is still a bit weird since Luke is still in his crush phase with Leia in the movies at this point and it could threaten to turn into a creepy rehash of The Blue Lagoon if they were being realistic.  I always like a good Han and Hutt story, and R2-D2 on the offensive is also good.  It was nice to see Lando and get a better feel for Sana in her stand-alone story.  The Stormtrooper storyline feels a little less tied to this collection because it feels more like a set-up for the next story.

star wars annual #3 cover

Star Wars (2) Annual #3

Also included in this collection is the Star Wars Annual (and another Obi-Wan journals story which was a back-up for Star Wars #37).  Annuals are always the bane of my existence and I often think they are too long and simply spread out a story to fit in the extra pages.  This is the case for this annual which feels a lot like every Star Wars story and doesn’t feel like it necessitates any extra storytelling.  It isn’t a bad story, but it also is just a typical story.

Star Wars 6:  Out Among the Stars doesn’t have a big sweeping storyline that some might hope for, but for me, it is a nice break from the bigger stories that have been running since Star Wars kicked off again at Marvel.  I have enjoyed the new batch of Star Wars stories (more than the Dark Horse years), but I also worry about decisions on direction and storytelling in the future.  I will however always be on the side of Star WarsStar Wars 6:  Out Among the Stars was followed by Star Wars 7:  The Ashes of Jedha.

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