Star Wars 10: The Escape

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Comic Name:  Star Wars (Volume 2)

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writer: Kieron Gillen

Artist:  Andrea Broccardo/Angel Unzueta

# of Issues:  6

Release Date:  2019

star wars #57 cover american gothic princess leia han solo

Star Wars (2) #57

Reprints Star Wars (2) #56-61 (January 2019-April 2019).  Following their betrayal by Queen Trios and their defeat by the Empire, the Rebels are scattered, and Luke, Leia, and Han are trying to find their way back to the Rebellion.  Forced to hide on a moon called Hubin, Han, Luke, and Leia question if they can trust the people who are housing them…or could they fall into another Empire trap?

Written by Kieron Gillen, Star Wars Volume 10:  The Escape is a Marvel Comics Star Wars spin-off title.  Following Star Wars Volume 9:  Hope Dies, the collection features art by Andrea Broccardo and Angel Unzueta.

Star Wars relaunch by Marvel has been a wild ride.  While I loved Star Wars, I rarely read Dark Horse’s expanded universe because it quickly became too expansive and layered to easily follow.  Marvel’s Star Wars title provided a fresh start, a promise of canon storylines, and a challenge for writers to write within the confines of the new series…and the new material being released.  Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t.

Star Wars 9:  Hope Dies was a balancing out title.  When The Empire Strikes Back rolls around, the Rebels are in a pretty poor state…and this wasn’t being reflected in the comic book.  With a big hit, this volume is essentially a mini-Empire Strikes Back with the Rebels on the run and questioning who they can trust.  In that sense, it feels redundant.  It feels like the Rebels are always landing on a planet and deciding if they are going to be befriended or betrayed.

star wars #59 cover han solo

Star Wars (2) #59

The slight twist in this storyline is that it is the planet that is judging the Rebels.  The people of Hubin have the opportunity to pick a side, and they are silently judging Han, Luke, and Leia and their morals.  It isn’t enough of a twist on the format to be that great of a change in storytelling, but it is a break from the normal path of some of these Star Wars stories.

The problem becomes what happens after this storyline.  The character of Tula is developed rather well, and she was a nice addition to the plot (plus creates a romantic interest for Luke).  Unfortunately, you know that she’s not in any of the Star Wars films so she has to be written out.  With all the Marvel content picking up on Disney+, it is possible we’ll see a live action Tula someday.

Overall, this is an average entry in the Star Wars comic book series.  The story feels a bit long for the six issues and could be tightened to lose one of the issues.  I also wish there had been more involving the Scar Squadron since they are a fun little edition to the Star Wars Universe…and this volume promises that they’ll be back.  Star Wars 10:  The Escape is followed by Star Wars 11:  The Scourging of Shu-Torun.

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