Star Wars 1: Skywalker Strikes

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Comic Name:  Star Wars (Volume 2)

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writer:   Jason Aaron

Artist:  John Cassaday

# of Issues:  6

Release Date:  2015

star wars #1 cover variant

Star Wars (2) #1 Variant

Reprints Star Wars (2) #1-6 (March 2015-August 2015).  The Rebels have struck a powerful blow to the Empire and destroyed the Empire’s Death Star.  Now with strength at their back, the Rebellion must take their next step…but the Empire is attacking hard.  Darth Vader has taken on a new obsession in discovering the boy who destroyed the Death Star.  As Luke questions his future as a Jedi, Darth Vader might learn the shocking secret of his identity.

Written by Jason Aaron, Star Wars Volume 1:  Skywalker Strikes is part of Marvel’s relaunch of the Star Wars series after reclaiming the licensing from Dark Horse Comics and features art by John Cassaday.  The new series relaunches the “expanded universe” created by Dark Horse and ignores the stories that appeared in the past.  The series runs in tandem with Star Wars:  Darth Vader Volume 1:  Vader.

I love Star Wars but Star Wars comics have always been a been a bit of a disappointment.  They never capture the spirit and the feel of the movies.  The Star Wars comics were too “original” and felt like they were telling stories with all new characters despite using the names of the characters created in the movies.  Dark Horse Comics felt more in tune with the characters but often presented dull stories.  Here, Marvel seeks to find a balance.

star wars #2 cover sergio aragones

Star Wars #2 Variant

The story is divided into serialized stories like the movies and this is the beginning book of a bigger adventure.  The trick for the writer is that they have to stay true to what is told in the movies and with things like Rogue One:  A Star Wars Story being released after this comic, it threatens to upend stories written by Marvel.  Here, we get a Boba Fett appearance and the quest of how Vader knows Luke’s name in Empire Strikes Back.  It (so far) doesn’t contradict the stories from the Star Wars films.

John Cassaday also is in a tricky place.  He has to try to capture real actors (as they appeared around the time of the movie’s release) in a story and have the function in a world that is like the world’s created by the movie.  He does a good job doing it, and it does help it feel like a “real” Star Wars story.

Star Wars 1:  Skywalker Strikes is good, but it is dangerous as well.  With limited time to tell the story (aka the period between Star Wars and Star Wars:  The Empire Strikes Back), Marvel runs the risk of making it dull and drawn out.  I hope with all the Star Wars titles Marvel has planned that they have an actual plan how to continue the story without diminishing the movies or the comics by just creating filler.  Star Wars 1:  Skywalker Strikes is followed by Star Wars 2:  Showdown on the Smuggler’s Moon.

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