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Welcome to a new world of Star Wars

The galaxy is full of stories.  A town is menaced by a Sith warrior while a less defined hero could rise.  A Padawan survivor of Order 66 finds a new tightknit family in a band.  The choice between the Light and the Dark could create a wedge between twins.  A Jedi could be the only thing standing between a village and bandits threatening a young couple.  The future of the Jedi could rest in the hands of a young girl.  A robot hopes to carry on his creator’s work.  A disturbance in the Force leads a Padawan and his master into a dangerous trap.  The safety of the Empire could divide a family.  A Jedi plagued with visions of the future fears they are unstoppable.

Star Wars:  Visions—Season 1 is a Disney+ animated Star Wars stand-alone anthology series.  The series was released on Disney+ on September 22, 2021 and received positive reviews.

star wars visions season 1 episode 2 tatooine rhapsody anime boba fett

Aaw… Now I want a anime Boba Fett series

Star Wars has untapped potential…this is something that Disney has always recognized.  The problem with tapping into potential like this is that something that was once tightly controlled is threatened to be spread too thin.  Star Wars:  Visions fortunately dodges that bullet by providing a completely new and different take on Star Wars which explores the future of the world and returns into its origins.

Star Wars:  Visions is isn’t technically canon, but ideas explored in it could help Star Wars in general.  There is a lot of exploration of kyber crystals, the future of the Empire and the Jedi, and how the actions of the films have affected those around the galaxy.  Through new stories and new ideas, it can provide a blueprint for some of the canon series…and this could turn something like Star Wars:  Visions into a series of predictive stories instead of just tangential ones.

star wars visions season 1 episode 7 the elder

This guy raises some mysteries…

Star Wars originally was based in a lot of Eastern philosophy and derived a lot from films like those of Akira Kurosawa (Star Wars basic framework was based on Kurosawa’s The Hidden Fortress).  It feels really natural to return this idea to the fold.  Sometimes this is very direct (like with “The Duel”) and sometimes it is a little more obtuse.  The style and storytelling of all the entries bring their own ideas, and it is fun to see some of these pop-up in the world of Star Wars.

Visually, the series is rather stunning.  I particularly like the art of the first entry “The Duel” and I’m not as big of fan of the more traditional anime look of something like “Tatooine Rhapsody” or “T0-B1”.  I feel some of the stories push the art farther, and I feel that the coming together of art and story is an important part of the concept of Star Wars:  Visions…it needs to be edgy and try new things that Star Wars hasn’t tried.  There have been multiple incarnations of Star Wars, and now it is time for something new.

star wars visions season 1 episode 4 the village bride jedi f

What does the future hold for Star Wars: Visions?

Star Wars:  Visions—Season 1 is a good potential start to a long run of mini-movies.  Most of the stories worked and even the ones that weren’t tip-top provided some value.  Some of the movies from this season could be starting points for something more while others completely stand alone.  I was a big fan of Dark Horse Comics’ Star Wars Tales which took a similar approach to the anthology, and I’m glad to see a more explorative Star Wars series here.  I do hope that a second season is planned, and I would like to see Star Wars explore more genres in the format…like horror and comedy.  Star Wars:  Visions is a blank slate and it can do it without offending traditionalists or angering people who feel Star Wars needs to advance.  Long live Star Wars in all its formats!

Star Wars:  Visions—Season 1 Complete Episode Guide:

star wars visions season 1 episode 1 the duel ronin sith

“The Duel”

1.1       The Duel (Dyueru or デュエル) Release Date:  09/22/21

A Sith warrior attacks a farming village, but finds herself in battle with a Ronin wielding a red lightsaber.  Is the Ronin ally or enemy?

star wars visions season 1 episode 2 tatooine rhapsody jay gee

“Tatooine Rhapsody”

1.2       Tatooine Rhapsody (Tatuīn Rapusodi or タトゥイーン・ラプソディ) Release Date:  09/22/21

A band called Star Waver finds their performance interrupted by Boba Fett and agents for Jabba the Hutt.  Star Waver’s young lead singer Jay remembers escaping Order 66 and decides it is time to take a stand to rescue Gee.

star wars vision season 1 episode 3 the twins karre am

“The Twins”

1.3       The Twins (Tsuinzu or ツインズ) Release Date:  09/22/21

Master Am and Master Karre are poised to change the face of the Empire forever as members of the Empire.  When Karre reveals he is a light side and not one with the dark side, he finds himself in conflict with Am to prevent a dangerous weapon to fall into Imperial hands.

star wars visions season 1 episode 4 the village bride haru asu

“The Village Bride”

1.4       The Village Bride (Mura no Hanayome or 村の花嫁) Release Date:  09/22/21

Separatists have ravaged a planet and bandits are using the old droids to subject the people.  A Jedi named F is summoned to the planet by Valco, and F questions if she must step in to save Haru and Asu from giving in to the bandits or help Haru’s sister Saku lead a rebellion.

star wars visions season 1 episode 5 the ninth jedi kara juro

“The Ninth Jedi”

1.5       The Ninth Jedi (Kyūninme no Jedai or  九人目のジェダイ) Release Date:  09/22/21

A potential Jedi are summoned to a planet by a mysterious man named Juro who claims to have access to kyber crystals which would allow the Jedi to make lightsabers.  With the dangers of a potential Sith trap, the Jedi question if Juro’s offer can be trusted while a young girl named Kara tries to reach the group with the lightsabers they desperately need.

star wars visions season 1 episode 6 t0 b1


1.6       T0-B1 (T0-B1) Release Date:  09/22/21

Professor Mitaka has made a robot named T0-B1, and T0-B1 has dreams of being a Jedi.  T0-B1’s dreams could make himself and Professor Mitaka a target of the Empire.

star wars visions season 1 episode 7 the elder tajin

“The Elder”

1.7       The Elder (Erudā or エルダー) Release Date:  09/22/21

Tajin and his Padawan Dan set out on a mission of exploration in the Outer Rim.  When Tajin senses a disturbance in the Force, Dan and Tajin discover an ancient evil on the planet surface that could lead to new mysteries.

star wars visions season 1 episode 8 lop and ocho family sword

“Lop and Ochō”

1.8       Lop and Ochō (Norausa Roppu to Hiō Ochō or のらうさロップと緋桜お蝶) Release Date:  09/22/21

An orphaned alien child named Lop is adopted into the home of Yasaburo and his daughter Ochō.  As a rift develops between Ochō and her father over ties to the Empire, Ochō and Lop could be headed toward a showdown that could change both of their lives.

star wars visions season 1 episode 9 akakiri tsubaki


1.9       Akakiri (赤霧) Release Date:  09/22/21

Tsubaki is a Jedi plagued with visions.  Reuniting with his love Misa, Tsubaki learns that the world has changed with Misa’s aunt Masago ruling the area.  Tsubaki fears the visions could come true and his actions could doom both himself and Misa.

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